OCCULT: A Cryptic Love Chapter 2765

OCCULT: A Cryptic Love Chapter 2765

Nanbei Chao was deeply shaken by this. He was incredibly shocked, and couldn't accept this reality. In his mind, he was the most talented person in this world, he was the number one genius whom surpassed the ancestor and dazzled the contemporaries. But now, he was facing a man with greater talent than himself. This really disturbed his mind.

With the revelation of Jiede Tai's strength, everyone began to beg and implore him, clutching at the straws to life. The concern they felt for Jian Chen had already reached a breaking point. They didn't believe Jian Chen had the strength to fight a Saint Ruler. The initial burst of energy had traumatized them senseless. They feared that the might of the Saint Ruler had already left Jian Chen in perilous straits.

"Quite heavy. At least 200 casualties have been reported so far while the wounded are still being accounted for. There are still many guards and servants whose bodies have been buried under the rubble. It will take us some time to excavate them. All of our buildings have been destroyed." Chang Wuji sighed.

After saying that, the monk unleashed a beam toward Ruan Xiong; a golden beam that carried numerous symbols. In just the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of Ruan Xiong.

"Who did this?!"

Big Yellow threw his glance into the distance. The four men looked where he was looking, and saw a few large golden clouds formed from extremely powerful energies flying toward the Black Sect. With the clouds were at least five peak Late Combat Soul warriors. In the Eastern Continent, only the Martial Saint Dynasty had such a frightening force.

"What, could brother Qin Xiao be participating in the Gathering of the Mercenaries as well?" Jian Chen asked surprised.

The old man stopped his attack and asked loudly.

The man continued to sneer, "You only dare to say that in front of me. If the great king was here, would you really dare to say it?"

Not even a few steps after beginning to chase Jian Chen, a good amount of the soldiers suddenly bent over with a painful grimace. Blood streamed down from their lips as their faces began to grow even more pale.

Jiang Chen roared out. He turned into a trail of light as he short toward Lord Nether. Wu Ningzhu and the others unleashed their powerful energies and flew toward the army of demons. All of these people were extremely strong; they were all frightening existences.

Big Yellow held a jade wine glass with his paws. He drank the fine wine as he held his head up high.

"Stop there, Big Yellow, where are you going?"

Hearing Ming Dong talk, the elder couldn't help but laugh, "Just what type of person do you think the lord is? The lord possess an unbelievable amount of power, just how could he make such a tiny mistake? There is no need to ask anymore questions, please wait for the lord, he will naturally answer them for you. The rest of your questions I have no rights to answer them."

"Ah, look over there, isn't that Changyang Xiang Tian?"

"Alright, we'll do as brother Shangguan said. Let's kill Jiang Chen and split all his belongings, what do you guys think?"

Someone suddenly shouted. Someone had to stop Shangguan Hui from going further, otherwise, he would die in an instant. With that, the Shangguan Clan would blame them for not telling them about this weird rule, and they might kill them all out of fury. Everyone knew this would happen.

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