Tales of the Legendary Scholar Chapter 2163

Tales of the Legendary Scholar Chapter 2163

Why did it seem so difficult to bear when he was about to lose it? He felt as if he was abandoned and looked at Yiye Jiange in a daze.

Mind spinning with rage, he cried, "Aunt Junwan, ever since Nightcrypt came to Middle Peak, he's caused one disaster after another. All the disciples here hate his guts because of how he's screwed them over. I actually suspect that he's a spy, sent to sow chaos in the Blood Stream Sect! Aunt Junwan, please make an example of him and expel him from the sect!!"

Qing Shui looked at the charming women, her expression was full of joy. He gently hugged her, "I've missed you too!"

His physical strength was at 40 stars... As expected of the expert phase of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. The Seventh Heavenly Layer was a critical phase where the Dantian would solidify and form a pellet.

"Yes, thank you for treating my wounds last time!" Qing Shui replied, unknowing of any other formalities.

"1,000,000?" His jaw dropped.

Tan Yang spoke with disdain. At his full power, his strength could reach up to twelve countries, and in Sword Tower, he was only a tad weaker than the Old Ancestor. Decades later, Sword Tower would be his and he would also be one of the best martial arts practitioner in the Greencloud Continent.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun also understood that he needed to work with the Saint-Emperor, and try to reach the Sovereign Realm. That was their only hope.

He couldn't move his body, and his cultivation base was completely stagnant. The injuries to his fleshly body were severe. However, he didn't want to die. He wanted to live! There were so many things he had yet to do in life, and to accomplish them, he needed to live forever!!

Finally, Qing Shui looked that the absolute beauty carrying him, he took out a pair of earrings stained with his blood, it was the Silver Moon Wolf Earrings.

There were more than twenty of them and each of them had brought their own utensils. Qing Shui was the last in the line and he finished up a huge serving of fish, prawns and other food.

"Skysword Immortal!" The four of them exclaimed in shock.

Despite feeling nervous and a bit guilty, Bai Xiaochun shouted, "Listen to me, everyone. I, Bai Hao, guarantee that I will get you the explanation you deserve!"

They could only blame themselves for being under Yan Zhongfeng's lineage and blame himself for being the grandson of Yan Haozhengˇ­...

Bai Xiaochun actually had it better off than many of the other soldiers. Some of them were being affected by some sort of gravitational force that sucked away at their life force, turning their hair white.

Acupuncture Point Clearing Technique!

Qing Shui spent the entire afternoon and forged two more jagged swords. This time round, the enhancement of attributes could be comparable to the Bluebronze sword he forged earlier. Not only that, the first sword was slightly better - +30 to strength, +20 to endurance! The second jagged sword shared identical enhancement with his bluebronze sword but Qing Shui was already very satisfied. He lost himself in his fantasy - if he could somehow caused the enhancement of attributes to go up to hundreds, or even thousands, especially for speed, how great would that be?

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