ELECTUS Chapter 885

ELECTUS Chapter 885

"Why? Are you scared?"

Inside another room in the same mansion sat Katata and Katafei. Seated at a table, the two of them were discussing with one another over a bottle of wine.

"You're right! This square is really big, it's so huge!"

With a flash, Jian Chen slipped into the ground. The Light Wind Sword turned into a silver light that flashed through the air as it pierced through the throats of the enemies. Against these Saint Master experts, Jian Chen's absolute strength would spare no one.

The emperor released the letter and watched it drop to the table, "Servant, call the Armored Forces commander Bi Dao to come quickly."

Jiang Chen was indeed immersed in the scene of what happened 100 years ago, and couldn't escape. His entire heart was filled with unreconciled emotions, and fury.

"Of course. Class 3 Monster Cores can be sold for more than 100 Amethyst coins. I joined this academy 4 years ago, but I have never been able to use a Class 3 Monster Core; the highest I've used was a Class 2 core that cost me 50 Amethyst coins." Changyang Hu's face started to show signs of heartache after saying that.

"Of course! Back in Inferno Hell, Little Chen and I saved Wu Jiu's life. Without us, he would be dead meat back in that Poisonous Miasma Space. Since Little Chen is now in trouble, he has to stand out and save him."

The two men turned into two separate trails of light and flew off into two different directions. Right at this point of time, there was nothing more important than keeping their lives.

Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor's bodies both shook at the same time. They were actually evenly matched for their first attack. Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, so not only was his body incredibly strong, it also allowed him to recover quickly. Within a very short amount of time, he had once again been restored to his peak condition. In this aspect, he had more advantages than the Imperial Emperor.

Clenching his teeth, he gave up the idea of resting and continued to try and withstand the circulation of the Chaotic Force through his body.

Big Yellow said. The Earth Devil was actually using the energies from the entire devil cave to fight the blood lights, and no one knew how long this would last. The doorway to the outside world was soon going to open, and there wasn't much time left.

Xu Neng cleared his throat and continued, "I've mentioned it just now; the Nine Solar Holy Water was entrusted to us by a friend. He doesn't want any Mortal Restoration Pills, nor Earth Restoration Pills. Even if you have Heavenly Restoration Pills, he doesn't want them either. He told us, here are three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water, anyone who has 3 Nine Soul Sizing Pills will be able to exchange those for this precious treasure."

"Vice Captain Liu, what are you saying, could it be these are the Boundless Bandits?"

Lee family!

Nearly all living beings were killed in the gigantic mountain range, and the cruel and ferocious Dimensional Creatures didn't stop there. After taking care of Mount Origin, they continued pushing toward the Red City's region.

Jiang Chen said while throwing three pills towards the trio.The trio took the pills and examined them carefully before dramatically turning their heads to look at each other.

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