SImp Chapter 2957

SImp Chapter 2957

Yan Meng stopped Jiang Chen.

It was understandable for Wu Jiu to respond like this. This mission could only be accomplished by a Combat King warrior. Without mastering the Dimensional Laws, there was no way for Jiang Chen to fix the dimensional crack. If he got too close to it, the dimensional crack would certainly pull him into a dimensional void. Even if he was lucky enough to survive the turbulence, he would be trapped in there forever.

"N-no, that can't be!" The elder muttered. He hadn't thought that a single tiger ÿ even if it were a Class 6 Magical Beast ÿ would be able to kill a dozen Earth Saint Masters at once. Maybe Great Saint Masters, but not anyone higher.

"Kid, what kind of movement skill was that?! How did you manage to catch up to my wing's speed with your blood wings?!"

Rosco looked to Jian Chen, "Little brother, let me introduce you to everyone. This man right here is Fang Yungang, the man here is Cheng Liran, and the one there is called Qiu Chujie.


The Tian Yuan Continent was a cruel place where disputes and murders ran rampant. So murder was a common thing that everyone was used to. Even though a murder had happened within the restaurant, the other customers wouldn't care. As long as they weren't involved, they would treat it as a good show to watch, without it having any affect on their appetites.

On the other side, Jiang Chen was smiling, and his facial expression said that everything was under his control. Yes, he took two steps back just now, but he knew that Mu Rong Zhan felt worse than him.

Accompanied by a miserable scream, Lord Nether's 30 meter tall body was blasted into pieces by Jiang Chen's foot; causing a huge amount of blood and flesh to pour down from the sky. With just a single strike, the formidable Lord Nether was left with nothing but a head. However, he had yet to die, and he was miserably crying out.

Someone exclaimed. A huge golden sword was speeding toward them from the distance, causing towering waves as high as the sky to rise wherever it passed. It was a huge sword, it was over 50 meters long. A group of men lined up on the sword, each of them wore prideful expressions on their faces.

Sensing the hostility in their owners, the four Hemophilic Apes immediately identified Jian Chen as an enemy. One by one, they let out a roar that shook the heavens as a bloodthirsty light entered their fist-sized pupils.

Manager Liu's face twitched violently. At this very moment, he knew that this monk wasn't any genius from the Great Leiyin Temple, and perhaps he might be a fake monk. How could a Buddhist Monk say such lustful words and touch a girl like this? This was something only a hooligan would do!

"Jian Chen, return the Duanyun Sword and we will leave your body intact." The Jiede clan elder barked.

The once chaotic and noisy battlefield was no dead silent. Everyone were looking at the young man dressed in white. There were only three Pirate Lords left, and it was easy to imagine that their ending would be no better than that of the others.

"Send my order, nobody is allowed to get close to the courtyard! Do not disturb Jiang Chen's cultivation!"


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