Blue Star Cultivator Chapter 1519

Blue Star Cultivator Chapter 1519

The young man let out a cold humph, as he was about to take off his hat the man behind him stopped the young man.

Big Yellow's words were clearly heard by the three old men behind him. They almost threw up some blood. All of them were real Divine Core warrior, but this dog described them as clumsy. This was something they couldn't bear at all.

"I cannot be blamed for that. It was your disciple that decided to offend me first. It could only be blamed on his lack of skill that he was killed by my own sword." Jian Chen's lips opened and closed gently as the words came flowing out from his mouth.

"What the fuck, such a small world, why do enemies often cross each other's path?"

"Jian Chen!"

Just as the two glows of Sword Qi appeared, a strange incorporeal amount of Sword Qi filled the air, causing everyone to feel a sudden chill that made their hearts quake in fear.

"Little Chen!"

Jiang Chen explained. After leaving the Island of Ice, he hadn't paid any attention to this bronze plate, and had nearly forgotten about it. However, when he mentioned the Teleport Formation just now, it instantly emerged into his mind.

"Oh heavens! A warbeast was killed, and this warbeast was even at the Class 4 level in strength££."

Jiang Chen jumped out from the void while holding an arm; Ling Yi's arm. As Ling Yi was running away in panic, he had lost his sense of direction. Jiang Chen would never let this golden opportunity slip away, so at the final moment, he sliced off one of Ling Yi's arms with his Heavenly Saint Sword. However, no matter what, Ling Yi was a genius at the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, and that allowed him to eventually run away. If not for the fact that Ling Yi was greatly frightened by the monk and had placed all his attention on running away, there was no way the current Jiang Chen could hurt him.Chapter 508 ÿ I'll Take Revenge for You

"Does that mean if I want to reach Class 7, I must go to the Holy Empire and then borrow the saint artifact?" Jian Chen said.

"Jiang Cheng, why are all of you here?"

After saying that, Jiang Chen just walked away. Only he himself knew why he wanted to build a mansion in the desolate area.

"Ha!" Tian Zhou shouted. With a heavy swing, his giant sword came raining down on Jian Chen.

Mao Sheng asked with a loud voice.

"That's right. With this, you'll be able to absorb the source essence of this energy vein, and it will be much stronger than cultivation in the Black Sect. The energy vein underneath the Black Sect has been distributed to so many places, the energy you get there is definitely weaker than here."

Many of the mercenaries began to cry out loud in anger. If they found the guy who cried wolf, then he wouldn't be let off easily.

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