Harvest Factory, A Farmer Life Chapter 967

Harvest Factory, A Farmer Life Chapter 967

Just now, Bai Xiaochun had only used about fifty percent of his full power. He couldn't even imagine how powerful and terrifying the secret magic would be if he unleashed its full power.

"Whack butt!" Little Yuchang grinned and called out.

The final group dressed in Daoist robes that were black and white. That group contained both male and female cultivators, and radiated a feeling that made them seem as if they had transcended the mortal world. Despite that lofty air, they also looked completely disdainful.

In a tent not too far away, Dong Yan and Sun Yan was sitting down on the ground, drinking wine. However, they would also occasionally glance toward the entrance of the Sky Penetrating Mountains.

Taking a deep breath, he relaxed, then sent some divine sense into the two magical symbols carved onto the bamboo slip. Instantly, the powerful aura of death once again appeared. Then, when his divine sense reached the second magical symbol, a sensation of flourishing vitality also came into being.

"This isn't good. He was a dark inquisitor back in Giant Ghost City! Don't tell me he's going to go rifling for secrets among the prisoners in the Grand AsylumĄ­?"

Overall, the product was symmetrically smooth. The size was just enough for the slender feet of a woman. The scales of the Golden Ring Snake King shone with a gentle gloss, with soft golden light reflecting off the vibrant green of the snakeskin. The snakeskin was further decorated by the golden patterns of the snake king, appearing akin to extremely luxurious goods. The finished product was beautiful, really beautiful. The only complaint that Qing Shui had was that it was obviously for woman. Why would guys need to wear such a beautiful pair of boots? On the contrary, if guys wore it, it's beauty would surely diminish, not bringing justice to boots at all.

"You really won't be able to see anything if you covered your eyes?" Yiye Jiange asked Qing Shui while she looked at him with her graceful and gorgeous eyes.

"It's going to force me down a one-way path that I'll never be able to come back from, but I have to protect my poor little life!! Time to go all out!!"?

Qing Shui's hand that was holding onto her hand grabbed her tightly. He had no choice, he was afraid of a mistake. The consequences would be terrible.

He suspected that it was because he was inadequate in his Ancient Art of Forging.?

"Did I change to look better?"

Zhou Xinqi had come because first, she had already heard about the change to the ranking list on the second stone stele, and second, she had another matter to attend to. After glancing around, she easily guessed what had caused the standoff. She looked over at the eight fans, her eyes flickering with displeasure and even disgust.

Since he was learning a new Heavenly Talisman, there was no way he'd be able to instantly draw a Grade Five talisman. Then again, his realm of drawing had already reached the level of drawing bones. This meant that if he drew again now, he'd be able to get double the results with half the effort.

His vision swam, and when it grew clear, he looked around and instantly began to tremble. In fact, he couldn't even breathe.

He could only hope that Bai Xiaochun would succeed. After all, if the final bloodline sealing strip was destroyed, thenĄ­ it would mean the end of the Eternal Immortal Domains.

There was a hint of suppressed anger in his voice.?

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