Age of heroes and gods Chapter 157

Age of heroes and gods Chapter 157

Soon after, Tian Yishan led Jiang Chen to a manor. The manor wasn't huge, but there was a historical feeling to it.

In the quiet cave, only the sounds of the crackling fire could be heard inside as the light constantly flickered.

Aside from Heaven Splitter, Jian Chen had also discovered a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method. Although it was Heaven Tiered, cultivation methods were mediocre in comparison to battle skills. Both the Changyang clan and Kargath Academy each had one. Despite that, Jian Chen didn't ignore it, since a powerful clan definitely wouldn't have just one type of cultivation method.Chapter 467: Meeting Elders Feng and Yun Once More

It had been with a grim face that Jian Chen stared at the battle skill. The third elder's usage of the Heaven's Execution Blade had been several times stronger than when the other three Heaven Saint Masters had used it. This was a fact that caused Jian Chen to feel even more somber than before. Up against such a powerful battle skill, his movements were limited once more and meant that there was no room nor time to dodge. His only remaining option was to endure this fourth battle skill.

The most miserable thing in this world must be this monster. If it could still stand up and say something, it would definitely both its eyes woukd tear up. No, it would its single eye would tear and cry, "Oh heavens and earth, what have I done wrong to deserve this?"

"Chen'er, you have broken through to the Qi Hai realm?"

"But we still do not know where the patriarch is located if he is still alive." Bi Yuntian spoke with concern.

"I sense no danger from the white fog in front of us. Once we cross this white fog, we might enter another universe."

"Headmaster, how do you plan to handle Tie Ta?" Bai En asked.

"Chief Yan, stay aside. This is between me and the Heavenly Sword Sect, and it has nothing to do with your Yan family! No one from the Yan family is allowed to get mixed up in this!"

Ge Qiu had already taken the chance to lunge for Nubis. With Nubis obstructed, Situ Qing and Bi Hai were free to chase down Jian Chen to try and kill him together.

Besides, what Zhang Wei said was correct. If it wasn't for Jiang Chen, there wouldn't just be a dozen of mummified corpses right now, the entire town might have gone down in hell's flames, and become a ghost town by now.

Towards the edge of the border, there was a bustling first class city. At that very moment in the distance, there was a young man in light-blue robes who travelled unhurriedly towards the city on a Class 4 Magical Beast.

Opening up the box, Jian Chen could see the silver Space Ring tucked away inside. With the other Space Ring still in his hand, he took that other Space Ring and threw it into the second one along with the box and left.

The leader quickly begged for forgiveness, and all the other men were nodding their heads nonstop. They thought Jiang Chen was dead, and that's why they had attacked Tian Yishan and his group. But, not only was Jiang Chen not dead, he was standing right in front of them. This was their fate.

After saying that, Jiang Chen locked down on the Divine Continent's direction, then started progressing together with Big Yellow.

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