Naruto: The Severing Spirit Chapter 2205

Naruto: The Severing Spirit Chapter 2205

Then, Cross' eyes landed on the nearby Flame Mercenaries. His heart thumped for a second before he immediately tossed the cub over to where they stood.

Lord Nether kept croaking. When the green spot finally expanded to a decent size, it simply cracked from the middle, and then suddenly!

No one were able to remain calm. The number one genius of the outer circle, Wang Yuan, had just been instantly killed by a single strike, and it happened right after Elder Yuan finished speaking. This didn't mean Wang Yuan was weak, as the title of number one genius of the outer circle wasn't just for show. It only meant that Zhang Yang was too strong!

"Honorable Sir, we are sorry! We didn't know you were here. Please forgive us for disturbing you, Honorable Sir! My name is Lee Shan Yue, chief of the Lee family in Red city. I sincerely invite Honorable Sir to come cultivate near our family! I will definitely provide the best possible conditions for Honorable Sir! Fragrant Sky city is too small for someone like you, it doesn't fit your status."

Without slowing down, Jian Chen swept past the two dead bodies and charged at the hindmost mercenaries in the blink of an eye; these were the weakest of the group and thus were Jian Chen's first targets. Although there were around 20 mercenaries total, the majority of them were only Saints and Great Saints. Only the first middle aged man and one other were Saint Masters.

Hearing the sounds coming from behind, Jian Chen's face changed slightly. Based on the voice, he could determine how strong the person was, and this was someone he couldn't afford to fight against.

Crack crack!

Staring at Jiang Chen who was disappearing into the dark sky, Daoist Black and Guo Shan couldn't move their gazes away.

Many people started discussing amongst themselves.Most of them had seen how Jiang Chen behaved a few days ago££He even dared to insult the Mu Rong family's leader, and he was just a young man!

Han Yan threw his glance at the shark. With just a cold hump, the shark instantly trembled with fear, then it dived back into the ocean and disappeared.

This disciple was used to interfere in everything within the Black Sect, he simply didn't have good judgment. Poking his nose into Jiang Chen's business right now would only end badly.

"The old woman swept her gaze across the manor. She seemed to be able to see through the walls, observing everything clearly within the manor. She sighed gently in her heart and thought, "Just who did this Jian Chen offend to actually have several Saint Rulers to move against his parents and do such despicable things? Sigh, this time, Ling'er didn't hold back and even got the old man to help guard the Flame Mercenaries. Looks like Jian Chen's status in Ling'er's heart is greater than normal. However, my Tianmu clan has helped Jian Chen greatly this time, and I don't think Jian Chen'll forget. The matter about the tungsten alloy mine should be easier to handle now."

Right at the front gates, several loud echoes could be heard as another dozen Earth Saint Masters were sent flying. They flew away from Jian Chen, blood spurting from their mouths. Slamming into the nearby buildings, they flew through the walls, creating holes.

The Clap of Thunder combat skill by itself was a vigorous combat skill. When it was used by Jiang Chen, it even portrayed an imposing aura that could flatten a mountain.

"Do you have a better idea?"

Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow's head, causing it to produce a loud sound resembling metals colliding.

After Wu Cong jumped into the magma pool, the other Combat Soul warriors immediately followed him. The Magma's Heart was a rare opportunity for everyone, no one would let go of such a great opportunity.

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