Total Adaptation - War And Evolution Chapter 2538

Total Adaptation - War And Evolution Chapter 2538

It was at this point that the seven demigod cultivators closed in like seven shooting stars. In the blink of an eye, they were right on top of Bai Xiaochun and the Giant Ghost King.

"Hmph! With my mask, you fools might as well stop dreaming of trying to catch me!" Snorting coldly, he continued to accelerate. More than two hours passed, after which Bai Xiaochun couldn't hear anyone chasing him. At that point, he settled down on top of one of the mountains in the area and consumed another Heavencleaving Good Fortune Pill. Finally, his cultivation base was no longer being weakened, and was starting to recover. After consuming another of the pills, he was completely back at his peak. Then he thought back to everything that had happened so far, and felt unsurpassable bitterness in his heart.

The blood masters were the face of the Blood Stream Sect, and embodied the might of the mountain peaks. In the coming war, they would be very important figures to the sect as a whole.


The Diamond Demonic Boar was happily chomping on the black fish by the pond. Qing Shui was shocked when he caught a glimpse of its round tummy.

"Didn't Yun Feiyang eliminate a supreme aristocratic clan all by himself a thousand years ago? And three thousand years ago, Yiye Wuxin eliminated a few supreme sects," someone retorted in an instant.

"Qing Shui greets Uncle Jun." Qing Shui naturally wouldn't let off such a good opportunity since he just arrived in Central Continent. From the moment he met this middle-aged man, he could already tell that Qianyu Clan was an aristocratic clan. If there had been a Seven Star system in the Xing Hai Country as well, the Qianyu Clan should be able to make it into such a list.

Di Chen clenched her teeth tightly with her eyes closed. She looked really embarrassed. Qing Shui, on the other hand, slightly sucked on her lips while grabbing and gently stroking her waist.

Despite that knowledge, there was little the other two dynasties could do about the situation. In his fear, the Saint-Emperor chose to try to maintain the best relations possible with Bai Xiaochun, whereas the Vile-Emperor went into secluded meditation.

It sounded like thunder from the heavens, causing everything to shake violently. Bai Xiaochun's eardrums were on the verge of popping, and with a miserable shriek, he shot onward with increased speed.

Qing Shui opened the quaint little ?porcelain vase and realized that there was only one grape-sized gray pill in it. It somehow had the color of the primordial flames, as shiny and transparent, but just contained a bit of gray.

"Grandfather, Qing Shui is not mine. On our way here, Qing shui was even hugging Sister Mingyue, not even avoiding me at all while they were behaving intimately." Huoyun Liu-Li did not give way, pushing the problem to Mingyue.

The woman from Feng Clan was only a bargain exchange between him and Feng Clan. But after everything with Feng Clan, Qing Shui wished he could forget about her sometime soon.

Romantic relationships were the hardest to fathom and so intangible. They would suddenly befall a person, like a miracle. Then, when it was gone, one could not obtain it even if they tried their hardest.

Qing Shui's moved his body slowly. He wanted to get used to the explosive increase in his body's powers. After such a tremendous breakthrough, he could not accurately use his powers. There was a need for some time to familiarize himself with this newfound power.

"Otherwise, how could I possibly remain safe in the Wildlands?" At this point, his heart began to pound a bit harder. When all was said and done, he was still tied to the River-Defying Sect. Although there were some people in the Wildlands that he would miss dearly, there were even more people in the River-Defying Sect. Whether it was Li Qinghou, Hou Xiaomei, Song Junwan, Big Fatty Zhang¡­ all of them were faces that popped up in his thoughts constantly.

Not to mention that some gigantic demonic beasts were a hundred meters long. If it was a battle between two aristocratic clans, they would feel cramped even if they were in the Seven Stars Arena.

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