King of Gods Chapter 2073

King of Gods Chapter 2073

Bai Xiaochun's face went pale, and he let out another plaintive scream.

Upon realizing all of these things, Gu Tianjun's eyes narrowed, and he looked at Bai Xiaochun for a long moment. He had to admit that Bai Xiaochun's methods were very effective.

It was at about this point that two beams of light whistled through the air from off in the distance. It was none other than Li Qinghou, followed by an emaciated old man. The old man had swarthy skin, but his eyes shone brightly, and he seemed like a very strict person.

Gongsun Yun's eyes flickered scornfully as he turned to leave. The black bugs receded like tidewaters, landing on Gongsun Yun and crawling up into his sleeves.

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Now that he knew how to resurrect Bai Hao, he made a new decision!

The arch-patriarch quickly set up a spell formation seal, then looked over at Bai Xiaochun, his expression very serious as he said, "Xiaochun, do you know where our Blood Ancestor came from?"

Qing Shui remained silent, as he allowed Mu Qing to pull him into her building instead of his room.

Qing Shui had some expectations in his heart. After all, for such a miraculous pellet, the ingredients needed shouldn't be too common right?

Very quickly Qing Shui arrived at Lingxiao Treasure Hall. Everytime Qing Shui saw the four words, there would be a mysterious force in him, probably influenced by the feeling of the subconscious in his heart. Passing through the main hall of Lingxiao Treasure Hall and walking across the square, Qing Shui thought, it was his first time leaving Starmoon Hall after so such a long time in Heavenly Palace.

For example, when Bai Xiaochun looked at the Outer Sect disciples drilling in their spell formations, he could easily see the similarities between their formations and the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art and Heavenspan Elephant Control Art. Clearly, anyone who cultivated either of those two techniques would have no problem participating in the spell formation.

Since it was a gift, he might as well give the whole set. Qing Shui handed Huoyun Liu-Li the Strength-Enhancing Fruit, the Agility-Enhancing Fruit, and the two Small Revitalizing Pills!

"How could you be this violent!" Jiang BieYing yelled with a pale face. His drooping right arm was missing a hand.


"Young Miss, you have returned." One of the youths among the guards greeted respectfully.

"Everyone says that Bai Xiaochun from the Spirit Stream Sect is breathtaking and peerless with his Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment," she said. "However, from what I can see, Nightcrypt from the Blood Stream Sect, with a mere Mortal-Dao Foundation Establishment cultivation base, seems a complete match. Regardless of whether it's his shrewdness, his cultivation base, or his latent talent, he seems just as stunning as Bai Xiaochun. What a pity that Bai Xiaochun is in secluded meditation, otherwise they could have a bit of a competition to see who is more spectacular."

"Grandfather, I will. Don't worry." Yu He clenched her teeth and said.

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