The journey of Yin and Yang Chapter 158

The journey of Yin and Yang Chapter 158

It had yet to turn dark, but the light stones had started to light up. It was very bright both in the Duanmu Clan and along the streets outside. There were many people outside Duanmu Clan and the restaurants across the street from the Duanmu Clan were all filled with people.

When Zhou Xinqi's beautiful eyes fell upon Bai Xiaochun, she smiled and said, "Hard at work, I see, Junior Brother Bai."

"I have to hang in there!!"

"I have never seen this side of you. It is cute. You look just a shy guy¡­" Canghai Mingyue explained as she blinked her dark, deep, and beautiful eyes adorably.?

Qing Shui gave the Canghai Couple three pellets because he knew that they would probably have a mount. It was the same amount of pellets he had given to Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li.

In sharp contrast, Bai Xiaochun felt more blessed than ever. As he continued to practice cultivation in the wind valleys, his place in the late Deva Realm grew very stable. Sadly, the winds were also beginning to weaken, until one day, they vanished.

"The north is my home¡­. Back when it was a flourishing place, the frigid qi here was the best thing in the world for me.

"Noooo!!" Blood erupted from his mouth like a waterfall as he was flung backward head over heels. He could no longer maintain his transformed form, and he shrank back down and then split apart into two people, both of whom continued to tumble backward, blood spraying out of their mouths¡­.

The sun was up. It sprinkled millions of golden light beams upon the land. Qing Shui's body resembled that of a golden body under the sun. Qing Shui who had both his eyes closed at the moment seemed to be at peace. It felt as if he had cut off every presence from the mortal world, at the same time, it also felt like a type of peace he gained after going through numerous dangers.

Qing Shui walked towards Millennium Medicine and saw from a distance, an old man looking around. It was around noon, and the old man must have been waiting for a long time.

Heart bursting with excitement, he didn't delay for even a moment. After making all the necessary arrangements, he headed toward the teleportation portal.

"If I hold out for long enough," he thought, "father will definitely come save me!!"?

"Damn, what an incredible speed, such a sinister old man."

AST 0058 - The secret of Situ Luan

Even as his left hand maintained its grip on the axe, his right hand flared with black light, and simultaneously shot out toward the middle-aged man.

A deafening boom could be heard as his fist smashed into the countless heavenly bodies, sending all of them spinning away!

"Beautiful girls are there to be cherished!"

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