History is Number 1 Founder Chapter 369

History is Number 1 Founder Chapter 369


"So stingy!" he muttered to himself. However, he didn't dare to defy the patriarchs, and immediately restrained himself. Everyone else bowed their heads, and soon, the allotted deadline approached.

Bai Xiaochun was very pleased with the look in Master God-Diviner's eyes. At this point, he finally felt he could leave the Wildlands without any regret in his heart.

Soon after that, his Dantian was agitated, and the whole body felt like it was being blown up. Then a mighty power poured in from the Baihui Acupoint on the head, directly toward his Dantian.

The population included the hundreds of thousands of cultivators who had formerly been living in the Greatsword of the North, as well as the original population of the immortal domain, whom the Vile-Emperor had treated with such ruthless coldness. With all of those people present, things were in a constant state of change for the people of the dynasty!

As soon as he neared the group of fatties, Big Fatty Zhang grabbed him and pulled him over to stand among them. Almost immediately, Bai Xiaochun caught a whiff of some unique aroma, something that instantly caused a warm feeling to spread throughout his body.

He found it unexpectedly easy to spread it apart. Qing Shui felt a wave of boundless energy rising from his dantian. The Demonic Diamond Boar in front of him was shining in gold. Its entire body appeared to be more metallic, looking extremely dazzling in gold.

"Miasma Burial!" Eyes flashing with killing intent, Ghostmother performed a sealing gesture, causing the bone miasma to turn corporeal, becoming like soil that rushed forth to bury Bai Xiaochun!

However, just when Patriarch Droughtflame was about to fly into motion, a cold snort echoed through the air.

The true soul was still missing! Clearly the ghost face was a profound schemer, and although he had been somewhat moved by the bait the Celestial had cast out, he had still decided to rely on a secret magic to split off part of himself in the form of a soulclone, just to be safe.

"Who's there?!" Bai Xiaochun said, looking around. His divine sense had been restricted as soon as he was thrown into his cell, but his ordinary senses had not. However, during the past three days, he hadn't detected any signs of life anywhere nearby.

"Brat, we are here to send you to hell today. How dare you snatch the woman that my clan master has set his eyes on?" The man who said this was the same man, with the reddened eyes, from earlier.

At the sound of that voice, Qing Shui turned his head. This familiar voice belonged to Qing Yang. They had not met since their last meeting, back when Qing Shui first entered the Qing Clan's practice yard, and all the way to when Qing Yang broke through to the 6th Grade of Martial Warrior. Qing Yang was unlike those youngsters of the other big clans in the Qing Village who looked down and sneered at Qing Shui back in the past.

Previously, it had seemed an impossibility to do anything with the technique after he had fully mastered it. But right now, his fleshly body power was actually rising!

The Old Ancestor was at the strength of six countries and he was already considered one of the few at the apex of the pyramid in the Greencloud Continent.?

"Oh, also, I have refined some medicinal pills from the recipes you gave me last time. I got lucky, so I kept some of them for you." Qing Shui took out three types of medicinal pills he had saved for Yuan Su previously and displayed them on the stone table.

"Just what kind of ghost are we dealing with...?" he thought. "When is that deva Chen Hetian going to get back...?"

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