The Beautiful Time With You Chapter 2910

The Beautiful Time With You Chapter 2910

Immediately, a middle aged man grabbed the young master by the shoulders before bringing him out of the way of the collapsing restaurant. Everyone else followed closely behind.

All of the elders and guards of the Changyang clan and the Black Armor soldiers protecting the king had the same expression on their faces as well. Each one stared at the five Imperial Advisors greeting Jian Chen with stupefied looks.

"The Carnage Mercenaries are far more secretive than we thought. If they were like the other powers in this city, then they would have kept their doorfront far cleaner than this." Ming Dong replied in amazement.

At the top of the mountain peak, there was a single lonely house that was established there. Enduring the howling winds for years on end, this house seemed quite lonely and desolate to Jian Chen.

A furious shout as loud as a clap of thunder suddenly sounded out. Within a split second, Shangguan Chong, like a wild tiger, dashed toward Jiang Chen.

With a icy glare of his own, the elder took out his own Saint Weapon to block Ye Ming.

Not far from here was a valley. On top of this valley were layers of fog that were floating around. The valley was quiet, and with a scan of his Divine Sense, he discovered nothing unusual. Of course, Jiang Chen's Divine Sense was still weak, and the amount he can send out was still limited. There was no way for him to scan the whole valley right now.

He said, laughing with a feeling of gratitude.In Jiang Zhen Hai's eyes, Jiang Chen was rapidly improving with each passing day, and he really admired this.

"This££This, is a 70%effectiveness pill!"

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. Following that, a sharp cry suddenly resounded throughout the city.

"Listen up! DO NOT PROVOKE ME!"

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice. He had looked forward to fighting Nanbei Chao for a long time. Although there was still 6 more months until their fight, judging from the current situation, there was no way they could wait any longer.

No one were able to remain calm, and all spectators were struck with astonishment, especially those geniuses from the Invincible Clan, Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace. Each and every single one of them were focusing on Jiang Chen. A Combat Soul warrior who was capable of instantly killing a Demon King, and was followed by another powerful Demon King. How could a young man like this not be known by anyone?

"Quiet down, senior disciple Jiang must have his own reasons, we need to have confidence in him!"


While the venom within a Silver Striped Golden Snake's fang was the most dangerous part, the Silver Striped Golden Snake that Jian Chen had killed was still quite weak so the venom within it was not at its most potent stage. Jian Chen's heart couldn't help but worry, wondering whether or not this venom would work on Earth Saint Masters, he didn't know.

Taking a look at the map, the Imperial Advisors found the location and swiftly began to manipulate the Space Gate. In a flash, the space within the Space Gate began to clear up to form an image of a large range of mountains.

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