Trial of the Demon Chapter 2983

Trial of the Demon Chapter 2983

All in all, Qing Shui's attacking repertoire consisted of the Basic Sword Techniques, Nine Waves Golden Buddha Palms, Tiger Form, and Taiji Fist. Of course, there were also his hidden weapons technique and his golden needles!

There was no time for thought or planning. Without any hesitation, he pulled out his turtle wok, his eyes flashing with both madness and determination. It was only a legend that twenty-one-colored flame could push someone into the Deva Realm, and it was something that no one had ever done.

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Taking a step forward, he transformed into a series of afterimages that shot toward Daoist Heavenspan

The little turtle was too stunned at Bai Xiaochun's response to say anything. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun shook his head and began to move forward, keeping the Giant Ghost King gripped in his hand.


Qing Shui started to temper it but before he did, he instinctively looked at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

"Congratulations, Elder Brother Bai!"

Over time, the north bank disciples gradually went mad. Each battle beast that went missing would return with a strange expression on its face, somehow prideful, as if it were the king of the world. It would act manic, murderous, intoxicated, and seemed to constantly be thinking about the past. Furthermore, no matter how the masters of such beasts tried to pry information out of them, it did no good.

"Yes sir, please wait a moment!"

The formation of an Alchemy Recipe originally required thousands or millions of experiments before succeeding. The innate gift of a demon-leveled character like Yuan Su was rarely seen. Even out of millions of people, it would be hard to find one.

Even so, Qing Shui was driven a couple of steps back from the impact. His body's endurance had reached its limits and at the same time, he was also certain that this Three-Headed Dark Cloud Armor Beast was a demonic beast at the peak of Martial Saint Grade One.


The grey Primordial Flame¡­ Qing Shui felt that Primordial Flame that had just gotten a few times stronger managed to collide with the edge of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal before disappearing into the air.

Qing Shui smiled and knelt down, looking at the two fellows: "Zun`er, Yin`er, do you remember daddy?"

"Alright, Cui Hao, Cui Dang, let's go on our way." Long Lingyun interrupted the two brothers who wanted to continue.

Qing Yi, who was standing beside him was bewildered by the sudden change in expression of Qing Shui, while she suddenly felt a strong urge rising to kick her son.

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