Reincarnated as a Footballer Chapter 2890

Reincarnated as a Footballer Chapter 2890

It was Han Yan who attacked him just now, as this Combat Soul warrior was his target.

"Sense of crisis? I suppose it is related to Nanbei Chao?"

The next morning, after running for a long time, the trio had crossed the grassland and the desolate hills. They had completely left the desolate area. While they could do this in such a short period of time, it would be impossible for any other ordinary Mortal Core warrior to achieve this.


The Nine Solar Energies combat skill was created by Jiang Chen himself; the Six Solar Fingers was just a part of this skill. Although Jiang Chen was currently just a Mid Qi Hai warrior, with the help of the Single Solar Finger, he had managed to attack with the shadow of the Double Solar Finger.

Time quickly passed. In the blink of an eye, a year had already passed. Within this year, the commotion that Jian Chen had caused in the outside world had gradually settled. Wake City had long since recovered to its original ways. There wasn't that big of a difference between now and a year ago. The only difference was that the Wake City's Tianxiong clan had died out.

"Correct. The Harido clan is a clan we should fear at all costs. Even the Blue Wind Kingdom as a whole is not too far above the Harido clan. They too would have to fear the Harido clan."

Seeing how Jian Chen and Ming Dong were both young but had calm look on their faces as if they knew something, the three men instantly guessed that Jian Chen was no ordinary man and didn't strike at them just yet.

Although Tie Ta appeared to be thick-headed, he clearly understood that this was not the time to spar against Cheng Mingxiang, so he could only angrily glare at Cheng Mingxiang's back. Eventually, he managed to suppress his strong desire to fight Cheng Mingxiang.

Secretly, Jiang Chen circulated the Great Soul Derivation skill and sent out his soul energy. Soundless and undetectable, it covered the entire Greenlotus Mountain. From the feedback of the soul energy, Jiang Chen noticed two monk standing face to face at the peak of the mountain. One of them was Great Master Ran Feng, while the other was a monk wearing a golden kasaya; decorous in appearance, portraying a distinguished image. He also looked to be about as old as Great Master Ran Feng, and his cultivation base was also the same. One could tell he was an eminent monk with just one look.

"Fine, a toast from me, Han Yan to Big Yellow!"

But Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn't move at all. With their judgment, they easily found out the cultivation level of this monster; it was only a Mid Heavenly Core monster. Although it was considered pretty strong, it couldn't pose any threat to either of them.

This was definitely the most dangerous encounter that Jian Chen had experienced since he had first entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. It was to the point where he was unsure if he would be able to leave the place alive.

"When compared to the two of you, I'm still super gentle!"

Qingsuo's words had caused Jian Chen to think back to when he had originally died. It was after that moment that he was born in such an unfamiliar world, "That's right, I can still remember when I died. Was it because of you two that I was reincarnated into this world?"

"The last one is the Pangolin Emperor and the biggest headache. Its attack strength isn't as strong as the other three, but the most annoying trait about it is that it is especially fast. In a single moment, it can drill deep into the earth to evade our attacks and then strike out from underneath. It is completely silent when it is in the earth and leaves behind no trace. It can attack from underneath one's foot at anytime, and while it is the weakest in terms of attacks, it's attacks are generally unblockable."

Afterward, Jian Chen and the others traveled toward the Qinhuang Kingdom. Nubis had been very quick to regain his regular calm, but every so often, as they traveled through the sky, his eyes could be seen lingering on the tiger cub with a hint of fear.

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