12 Works of Vidian Chapter 118

12 Works of Vidian Chapter 118

"It's just a city at the most remote region, but it's so huge! This is amazing!"

However, this advantage was simply too strong. When other people started cultivating a combat skill, they would need at least a few months, or perhaps even years before they could understand the key elements within. But for Jiang Chen, it only took him a single read before he understood everything. Besides, when using a combat skill through the Dragon Transformation skill, it would be much stronger than any ordinary skills. Such an advantage was already enough to make one a destined genius without any peers in their generations.

Nangong Wenyang took out a golden message talisman and shattered it with his Yuan energy, causing it to turn into a trail of golden light and disappear in an instant.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen!"

Devastating energies swept across the scene, and a huge amount of sparks exploded out from the center of the collision. Jiang Chen's body only swayed a little; he still stood in the same spot.

"But what?"

"Hey, you with the rat eyes! What are you looking at?! If you keep looking at me, I will dig your eyes out and crush them! Have you never seen such a handsome, mighty dog before?!"

Liu Kui said with a sigh. He had a frightened expression on his face, and he was unable to pull himself out from his panicked state. He had never seen a young Heavenly Core man who possessed so much combat strength. This had gone beyond his knowledge and imagination.


"Bang!" Suddenly, the thick doors to the room slammed open as the black robed Changyang Ba stumbled into the room. Hurriedly looking around, he scoured the room in search for the figure of Jian Chen.

Slowly sitting back down, Jian Chen's entire heart was in turmoil. After his soul had fused with the Sword Spirits, he had managed to gain a whole new set of abilities. Now, he was fully capable of controlling any of the six elements within the world and could bend them to his will.

Wait! This dog looks familiar, it's as if we've seen it somewhere No, heard about it from somewhere'

Nangong Wentian didn't tell them where he got the Nine Solar Holy Water, so Jiang Chen and Han Yan didn't pursue him for an answer. They didn't ask about Nangong Wentian's background in the Southern Continent either. For them, having a brother and a friend like this was more than enough. If he wanted, he would have told them. If not, it was pointless to push him for answers.

The powerful golden arrow made contact with the barrier, trembling for a moment, but it successfully blocked the arrow, protecting the men inside.

With these items, Wu Jiu would slowly be able to restore his cultivation.

"Tan Lang, let me ask you. What is your relationship with Jiang Chen?"

Qing Yun nodded his head, "Senior, I didn't think that our thoughts would be so similar. I was worried about this as well, so that's why I came back to report it to you."

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