Gacha Summoner Chapter 2313

Gacha Summoner Chapter 2313


"Ai££" The lord clad in a white chang pao began to sigh again repeatedly; the worry and anxiety on his face did not decrease even the slightest amount.

"Not good, they're actually from the Bloodsword Sect! Let's go!" Old man Mateng exclaimed without any further thought. Before he had even finished speaking, he began to flee into the distance at a great speed.

Yan Hong Tai was laughing out loud. He had been worrying a lot these past few days, and now he had finally heard these exciting news.

"Hmph, you came. Good!" The middle aged man that was the leader was not weak at all, and returned to his sense. A cold expression took over his previous joy as he stared at Jian Chen, sneered, and summoned a great sword to his hand. With a single movement, he slashed at the charging Jian Chen.

Everyone present were incredibly excited, and the Island of Ice didn't seem to stop shooting out treasures. It started shooting out Earth Restoration Pills at fight, then Combat Weapons, and then, golden scrolls started appearing. On these scrolls, there were all kinds of cultivation and combat skills.

Another person piped in, "I heard that Changyang Xiangtian earned some animosity with Ka Di Yun when he first entered Kargath Academy, I don't know if that's true or not though."

With a small amount of hesitation, Qin Jue took the pill into his mouth before closing his eyes to heal. With his innate silence, he had no words to say.

The amount of people that reached the legendary zenith that was the Saint Emperor realm could be counted on one hand. It was not as if no one did, but the most important fact was that of all the people that had done so, their potential had not been as outstanding as Jian Chen's. It was extremely likely that Jian Chen would one day become a Saint Emperor.

This room hadn't been inhabited by a person for a very long time, so there was a layer of dust on the ground. Furthermore, the arrangements of the furniture were rather basic, as if meant for the next resident to do the arrangements when they moved in.

Qin Xiao's withdrawal was something that Jian Chen had expected. Even if Qin Xiao were to enter, Jian Chen wouldn't be able to protect him.

"Comfortable, what a pleasant feeling! For the last ten years, I have never felt such a pleasant joy before!"

"Dear students, might I ask what you're doing?" Jian Chen asked.

Also, he can't really ignore a young man with such powerful strength.

Daoist Black didn't say anything. That's right, this man was a miracle! In just a little over half a year, Jiang Chen had done the seemingly impossible to many times!

Paying no attention to the Third Emperor and other men's shocked expressions, Jiang Chen simply swung his Heavenly Saint Sword toward them with tremendous force.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, please come in! Have some top grade dragon tea!"

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