The Nose Chapter 829

The Nose Chapter 829

A Heaven Saint Master was not as frail as an Earth Saint Master. They were capable of controlling the energy of the world itself and boasted a superior spirit than anyone below them. If one wanted to kill a Heaven Saint Master, they would need to extinguish the spirit.

"Without Chen'er, there would be no Little Yu, and the Yan family would have vanished by today. Therefore, it is you, brother Jiang who has a good son!"

Even though the Flood Dragon was currently weakened, it still had formidable strength. A powerful silver white energy beam shot out from its mouth, destroying Mao Fang's incoming attack.

The four men instantly came to a compromise with each other and struck out at the box.

Startled awake by Little Spirit, Jian Chen immediately quashed the feeling in his heart and rushed for the Saint Ruler.

"Little Chen, this old man speaks the truth. The Heavenly Tower has a lot of businesses, and it goes beyond the boundaries of the Western Region. Although the Heavenly Sect can't compare with the Great Leiyin Temple, they are also one of the superpowers in the Western Region. It's very common for geniuses and cultivators of the Western Region to train in the Devil Realm, slaughtering some devils and selling their devil souls in exchange for pills and treasures they need. As for those devil souls, the Heavenly Tower will sell them to Devil path cultivators in other major regions for high prices. In the Divine Continent, there are many superpowers made up from devil path cultivators, and they exist in nearly every single major region. For instance, the Heavenly Devil Palace, although not a superpower, they exist in the Liang Province. The Western Region is the only region without a devil power, as no devil cultivators dare to train in the Western Region. This land is the forbidden land of Buddhism, the place all devil cultivators fear. Therefore, in order to purchase devil souls, those devil clans and devil cultivators have to establish business relationships with conglomerates of the Western Region."

Guan Yiyun was startled.

"At least he wasn't annoying."

Guan Yiyun was shocked.

"Jiejie, alright!"

"What! A Heaven Tier Battle Skill? You have one of those!" Jasmine had completely lost her composure at that as she cried out in shock. Both of her red phoenix eyes had grown wide with disbelief.

"Fuck! This Chen Jiang is clearly fighting the Shangguan Clan head to head, he just won't let go of any opportunity!"

"Die for me now!"

"No shit! I heard it too."

Since he was poisoned by the venom from earlier, he definitely needed the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake to cure himself. Otherwise, even if he were to use the light Saint Force to suppress the spread of the venom, he would still die in the end. This was because the light Saint Force was only a temporary measure. Moreover, gathering the light Saint Force took a lot out of him, so Jian Chen wouldn't be able to keep it up forever.

"Yes, of course! Please follow me my lord." Luo Yun exited the room and brought the angry Luo Jian out of the room with him towards the library.

After several hours of traveling, everyone finally arrived back at the imperial palace by night. The king brought Jian Chen and his parents to their own personal palace rooms where they rested in. While there, several maids attended to them before leaving in a hurry.

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