Campus Love: President¡¯s Rebellious Cute Wife Chapter 1735

Campus Love: President¡¯s Rebellious Cute Wife Chapter 1735

"Eighteen-colored flame¡­." When it came to that formula, he didn't really care about the glory or honor that would go with it. He cared mostly about how useful it would be to his Master. With that formula, his Master could become an earthly necromancer!

"Let's find a place to stop, have some food and get some rest." Seeing that they were about to reach the Sky City, Qing Shui smiled and said.

Qing Shui could now be sure that Shi Qing Zhuang had been drugged with an aphrodisiac, and an especially strong one at that. He just didn't know how someone as cautious as Shi Qing Zhuang could have fallen into this kind of trap. Qing Shui hugged Shi Qing Zhuang's body, feeling unease in his heart. Should he take advantage of her, give her medical attention, or do something else?

Everything looked very familiar. It was exactly the same place where he had spent those months with the others from the Eternal Immortal Domains. Except¡­ that he was now alone!

It was a holy land that represented the ultimate authority and power in the Heavenspan Realm, but now¡­ it sank down into the Heavenspan Sea. As it did, a huge whirlpool formed, like a giant mouth of seawater.

Seeing how puzzled Qing Shui appeared, Luan Luan skipped over happily and pressed a small, smooth stone pillar that was jutting out. With a chirring sound, a door appeared ajar before Qing Shui.

She also thought of the time when she had lost her memory. She was really heavily indebted to Qing Shui and the Qing Clan. They had treated her like their real kin. Thinking back on everything, Wenren Wu-shuang started to feel both grief and happiness. With such an outstanding man and a nice family to care for her, it was sufficient.

Although all of the suspicious people who had purchased the medicine were wearing disguises, Zhou Hong's network ran wide and deep. Soon, he uncovered the fact that on the day of the disaster, every person in that suspicious group had used Arch-Emperor City's teleportation portal to travel to Giant Ghost City!

Shockingly, he held a head in his hand. It was the head of an old man, his expression twisted viciously, and emanating an aura that indicated his cultivation level when he had been alive: the Nascent Soul stage!!

Just then, he recalled hearing the voice of the Five-Headed Demonic Spider during their telepathic communication with each other. The spider had the voice of a little girl, which caused Qing Shui to think that this Five-Headed Demonic Spider was different than the common spiders one would encounter almost anywhere in dangerous areas. Just as he was about to delve into his nonsensical thoughts, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant began to emit a golden halo once again.

Qing Shui moved. The speed of his movement was swift like the wind, and was astonishingly fast, yet people could see the direction in which he was going. It was as if he could leave a trail of dust behind. But still, many recognised that it was the Cloudmist Steps, even the normal disciples. After all in the Heavenly Palace, those who had never eaten pork had never seen a running pig.

Afterward, the parasol looked different. The basic shape was the same, but now it looked like it was made from metal. It was pitch black, and radiated an intense, murderous aura. Furthermore, the ghost face which would appear on its surface looked even more fierce and bizarre!

Not only was the cistern frozen, but the gigantic face was as well, and even Sima Feiru as he prepared to burst out into the open.

"Take her into custody!" he continued through gritted teeth. Immediately, several clan guards hurried forward and dragged Madam Cai away.

Not only were the cultivators on the Great Wall shocked, the savages on the battlefield were completely astounded. There were also many nearby vengeful souls who instinctively stopped in place and looked over.

"Brother, will he really let us go with this?" Another elderly also asked, trembling.

"You still have the entire Qing Clan. Promise me that you won't do anything that you don't have confidence in. I would rather not go to the Lion King's Ridge. If something happens to you, I won't be able to forgive myself even if I died." Yiye Jiange raised her head to look at Qing Shui.

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