The Dragonfyre dynasty Chapter 1694

The Dragonfyre dynasty Chapter 1694

Corrosive Poison Web!

Array Techniques or something clever that had a different approach but same outcome, like blade arrays, sword arrays, spear arrays...


The female disciple was completely dumbstruck; to have seen the flying tiger suddenly become so docile, only to have the huge pangolin arrive, left her wondering if all of these things were really happening. She simply couldn't imagine how the flying tiger which had caused her Elder Brother Sun to flee at top speed could be ordered down with a single sentence. Its current charming appearance was a complete contrast with the brutal ferocity it had exhibited moments before.

Qing Shui had already known that it wouldn't be easy to break through the 7th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, so he decided that he should not force himself to push through it hastily. Besides, being hasty would not bring immediate success, so it was best for the breakthrough to occur naturally. Generally, the cultivation base of a martial warrior would only become progressively difficult as the levels went higher. By the time Qing Shui had reached a higher level, he discovered that the World of the Nine Continents was full of wonders. There were still a lot of things that he didn't understand or comprehend.

Chi Chi!

At the same time, an incredible force descended into the moat water, causing a massive eruption of water.

Looking at Qing Shui's blazing and unconcealed gaze, a gaze which was filled with lust, Huoyun Liu-Li only felt happy. So long as Qing Shui likes her, she did not care of how she would appear in others' eyes.

Sword of the Fourth Wave!

"Enough with the jabbering. Look at this restrictive spell and see if there's anything wrong with it." With that, he held the little turtle out right in front of the Giant Ghost King's hands.

He now had about a hundred acupuncture points cleared, and so had the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. Most importantly, Qing Shui saw that some of her acupuncture points had a faint glow to them, akin to the moon hidden behind the clouds. They revealed just the slightest bit of a glow.

Huoyun Liu-Li:"бн."

"Yes. Let's find someone like us. If there are more of us, it won't be so embarrassing," the man called Dong Yan laughed.

Waiting was a form of torture, and especially for someone like Qing Shui, considering the life-threatening situation he was in. During noon time of the second day, a voice filled with immense hatred roared out in the air above Hundred Miles City.

The Song Clan had deep roots in the Blood Stream Sect, and had many direct bloodline clan members. Song Que was the face of the current generation of direct bloodline descendants, but that only meant that there were plenty of people hoping to see him fail miserably so that they could then replace him.

Chapter 484 Dark Jewel Necklace! Pound that Violet gold divine shield!.

Such thoughts made his heart blossom with delight, and he almost couldn't wait to finish handling the formalities regarding his excursion permit so that he could go find Bai Xiaochun!

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