The Joker Immortal Chapter 528

The Joker Immortal Chapter 528

It wasn't an epiphany. It was something more than that.

Qing Shui watched Mingyue Gelou as she walked over. He was guessing that they didn't have enough time to allow her and the little lass to change their clothes due to the tight schedule. This had clearly shown Qing Shui how Mingyue Gelou had been living and how much she had suffered.

"Old Master, can I go take a look at Qingzhuang?" Qing Shui asked worriedly.

Qing Shui was no stranger to this as there were pearls in his previous world, too. It was unfortunate that they were all artificially reared and were not aged enough. However, the Golden Clam Pearl right before him was not only pure and natural, but more importantly also of one thousand years of age.

"Only the ghosts of the dead thrive on auras of death. Furthermore, after reaching a certain level of power, such ghosts require life force from living beings!"

Qing Shui used the Taichi Cloudhand!

The corpse belonged to a burly man with a vicious expression on his face. He didn't look like a kind person in any way, and there was a fatal wound on his forehead. The skin around the wound had withered significantly, transforming into a pattern that resembled a plum blossom.

If a newly born baby was already a victim to such unfairness, what was there to be further discussed about fairness? There was no way things could ever be fairĄ­

It was being hosted in a sprawling mansion that covered over ten acres of land. The walls were magnificently decorated, and the grounds were filled with pine trees and decorative rock formations. In one area near the center, pavilions had been set up, as well as a three-story pagoda that looked almost like a palace. Decorated with dragons and phoenixes, it was tasteful and elegant, yet clearly wildly expensive.

Hearing the familiar voice, Qing Yi felt a shudder in her heart. Looking ahead, she saw Qing Shui lunging forward and she tightly embraced him.

"See, everything is fine now." Hai Dongqing slowly walked towards him and extended her hand to Qing Shui with a smile.

The feeling of being able to show off a bit after keeping such a low profile caused his excitement to surge.

It was a reaction from the blood itself, and even affected Bai Xiaochun. Shaken, he stopped in place, his eyes wide as he looked over at Zhou Zimo's room. Shockingly, a pillar of crimson light could be seen from that direction, rising up into the heavens!

Soon, the ten breaths of time were almost up. After a brief moment of hesitation, Bai Xiaochun decided that simply looking with his naked eye wouldn't provide much help to him in concocting the River-Defying Pill. Gritting his teeth, he opened his Heavenspan Dharma Eye.

"Yup, that's what I feel as well." Qing Shui lightly responded.

Scarlet Flame Flying Heavenly FrogŁĄ

After about twenty rounds, Hu Yanlin was able to feel the benefits of this Back Connecting Fist clearly. The energy and bones in his body had gained some subtle changes to them.

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