Rogue Immortal Chapter 431

Rogue Immortal Chapter 431

"Third move!" Qing Shui spat out the word, causing Situ Bu Fan's hatred of him to rise to the heavens.

"Be careful." Qing Shui said with a smile. Since he was here, he would definitely not let anything happen to Qing You.

Chapter 312 Refining Demons°ĘThe Mysterious Demonic Beast Card, Golden Willow Dew.

The Giant Ghost King was getting extremely angry, so much so that the coldness filling Bai Xiaochun's secluded meditation chamber was tinged with killing intent.

A miserable shriek erupted from his mouth, followed by a stream of blood. He flew backward like a kite with its string cut, and before he could even land, the power of the fist strike caused him to explode into bits! A rain of blood and gore then descended onto the city°≠.

Even its width was about two meters. It was like a golden castle, very astonishing, and looked very strong. There would be no one who would say that it did not look nice. It was a beauty transcending the traditional views towards beauty.

It may be because a seat on the fifth storey was more expensive. There were not as many people as compared to the lower storeys. Therefore, there were still quite a number of window seats that would allow them to look at the human traffic and other buildings in the street.

"Little brat, I've heard rumors that you killed everyone from my clan. Regardless of the truth, I will make you suffer today. You don't prove your strength with your words. No matter how eloquent you are, it cannot substitute for strength."

As it closed into a fist, it seemed prepared to crush anything within its grasp out of existence!

"You can see me!?!?" Even as the words left his mouth, he turned to flee. However, a pair of wings sprouted out behind Bai Xiaochun, and a single flap sent him rocketing forward, his right foot spinning through the air in a powerful, swiping kick.

Mingyue Gelou shook her head, "Everything I have was given to me by Qing Shui. I'm very happy to be doing this! I'm willing to do this! You don't know how important you are to Qing Shui! Aunty, for Qing Shui, and for Yuchang!"

Qing Shui took out the Big Dipper Sword and submerged half of his body into the cold waters, which surprisingly, felt quite comfortable. Then, he increased his aura and let out a long, blaring shout. With the Sword of Fifth Wave, he had broken a series of waves like a flash of lightning.

Sighing, he said, "If you want to fight°≠ just do it outside°≠." When it came to matters of love like this, he was truly helpless. Turning dismally to return to the back room, he decided that he wouldn't come back out no matter how fierce the fighting got.

He could feel his Dantian and meridians swelling up immediately, but it wasn't painful at all. The swelling felt positively comfortable, which came as a surprise. However, this comfortable sensation would soon fade away as he could sense the energy in his body continuously surging to the maximum - he knew the next thing he would feel was the excruciating pain.

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment before he received it. On one look, it was really the alchemy recipe for the Beast Taming Pellet. Moreover, it was one that was of a higher grade too, having increased the chances of taming the beast by two times more.

"The Five Dragon Pellet, the Large Revitalizing Pellet, F*** your mother!" Qing Shui vented his frustrations and shouted. Canghai Mingyue stood there, unable to comprehend his actions.

Xu Gangze and the others instantly paled at his appearance. Their colour of their faces were completely drained and as pale as ashes!

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