Birth of the Demonic Sword Chapter 755

Birth of the Demonic Sword Chapter 755

With both the king of the Gesun Kingdom and Bi Dao captured, Chang Wuji didn't need to think to know that these ten were enemies and not friends.

"Yea, can't be. Jian Chen is a Heaven Saint Master, how could any magical beast cub he carry with him be of ordinary breed? That cub has to be a Class 5 Magical Beast at the very least."

Jian Chen didn't speak a word and strode into the cavern by himself. Passing through a hundred meter corridor, he finally arrived at an expansive space within the mountain. It was well illuminated, and countless of fist-sized night pearls adorned the ceiling of the cavern to provide the entire place with some light.

After such a long travel time, Yun Lian had already regained some semblance of tranquility. Seeing the barracks over there, she asked out of curiosity, "Is that the army from the Qinhuang Kingdom?"

Jian Chen slowly pulled out his Light Wind Sword. His brows knit together at the sight of the scorpion's bright green blood and white fluid covering his treasured sword. With a single thought, the green and white fluids covering his sword slid off the blade, and it instantly returned to its original appearance.

Entering the city, Jian Chen looked around the place with observing eyes. In his mind, the visions of the past events that happened in this city appeared in his mind like an animation.

The man let out a pained cry as the cup of tea in his hand fell to the table. He too was a man that practiced and cultivated Saint Force; consequently, he possessed a quick reaction speed. He immediately rose from his chair and backhanded the woman away. She flew across the room before slamming into the wall on the opposite side, but the damage had been done. With a mouthful of blood, the man knew that he had been seriously injured.

"If the Class 5 Monster Cores aren't enough, then I'll use Class 6 Monster Cores then." Jian Chen muttered.

One of the disciples said.

Nangong Yunfan shook his head.

The Changyang mansion covered a large amount of area, and compared to the area Jian Chen was used to, he had only experienced a small portion of the land. Walking along the road, Jian Chen looked at the mansion without stopping. In his first 3 years, Jian Chen had spent the vast majority of his time within his own room and cultivated, very rarely did he stroll around the mansion.


"You scoundrel, to think you would raise your hand against a woman, this one will not let you go!"

On Guo Shan's mountain peak, Jiang Chen appeared with lightning speed. When Guo Shan saw Jiang Chen, a rejoiced expression emerged on his face, "Brother, you're finally back!"

Without any rush, Jian Chen formed a bright blade of Sword Qi on his finger and completely massacred all of the Great Saint Masters. From this group, there were only three Earth Saint Masters that were fortunate enough to survive the initial attack.

In regards to Jian Chen himself, he was the Changyang clan's fourth young lord, and had a majestic status within the clan. Jian Chen also had 2 elder brothers and an elder sister. The first brother was Changyang Hu, the sister was Changyang Mingyue, and the second brother was Changyang Ke. The four of them shared the same father, but each had a different mother. Excluding Changyang Hu, Changyang Mingyue and Changyang Ke had met with him multiple times and were both only a few years older than him. The eldest of the siblings was Changyang Ming Yue, who was 4 years old; 3 years older than Jian Chen. Changyang Ke was 2 years older than him. Aside from them 4 however, there were still many other children in the family.

Another explosion could be heard as yet another blast from a Magical Crystal Cannon was fired straight at the city gates. The already slightly deformed gates were instantly blown back, crushing several soldiers right behind them.

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