The Original Sin: Despair Chapter 1215

The Original Sin: Despair Chapter 1215

"Big Yellow, something isn't right, those Dimensional Creatures are getting stronger."

Another loud banging sound was heard. Although the Nine Life Crystal Beast was fast, it still couldn't compare with Big Yellow. Once again, Big Yellow smashed into it, and it finally died.

Han Yan briefly explained what happened just now. The crowds were the witnesses, and indeed, it was the Myriad Sword Sect who were being unreasonable first. Those two disciples who got slapped were the ones who tried to attack Jiang Chen, what they did was a violation of the trade fair's rules. There was nothing wrong with Han Yan attacking them. But of course, only Jiang Chen and Han Yan who weren't afraid of them dared do this. If it was any other people, they would have already surrendered under the mightiness of the Myriad Sword Sect.

Ming Dong's sword came slamming down onto Zhengsun Yunfeng's head with a domineering pressure and speed that had rendered him unable to defend or even move against Ming Dong's attack.

Jian Chen stared calmly at the approaching man as his mind couldn't help but plot a course for the Illusionary Flash.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

"What a powerful soul force, this guy really is an alchemist!"

Someone shouted out loudly. A battle like this was really frightening, and none of these men had experienced anything remotely similar before.

Startled, Jian Chen quickly tried to recover and smiled, "If brother Qing Yun wishes to join me, then this one will be very grateful. However, I am puzzled, are you not afraid of provoking the Xia clan and make trouble for the Tianhua Sect?"

There would always be sad moments in one's life, and departure was amongst those. Jiang Chen didn't want to be too sad, so he determinedly left.

Now, Big Yellow finally understood how much trouble he had brought just by changing back to his true form. He simply didn't expect any of this.

"Those who gets in my way will suffer from death!"

"Haha, don't waste your time. I'm not a good friend of Jiang Chen, and he'll never show up because of me. You'll never be able to find him!"

Suddenly, the war god like Zhar spoke from within his silver armor, "Jian Chen, although you are using some sort of special method to hide your presence, I can tell that your Saint Force is not far away from my own. With your young age, I am sure that with time, you will reach the peak of the Tian Yuan Continent. So in this battle whether I win or lose, I hope that we will remain friends and not enemies."

In this blanket sweep, the entire palace had its hidden cellars revealed and searched, revealing a good amount of nobles squirreled away. There was even a secret passageway where a group of Eastern Deity Swords were sent in to investigate. With all of them being Earth Saint Masters, they cautiously began to walk deep into the passageway.

Jian Chen was staring at the ancestor's tiny dot in the sky with a surprising amount of shock. A Heaven Saint Master's vitality was indeed extremely strong if his Light Wind Sword was able to pierce through both his heart and throat without him dying. This revelation of information was stunning, not only were Heaven Saint Masters strong, but their tenacity was terrifying.

"What? They've already left the kingdom?" Jian Chen's eyes narrowed for a moment before he waved his hand with a small smile. "They act quite fast. If I had known that they would flee earlier, I would have moved to deal with them sooner."

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