Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao Chapter 397

Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao Chapter 397

Just when old man Situ began to tire from handling the balls of red light, the space before him ripped open. Another ball of red light slipped out from the crack, shooting towards the centre of old man Situ's eyebrows with extreme speed.

"I know not. I wasn't even able to see his strength." Katata replied.

The catastrophe had finally arrived!

On the other side, within the world of glaciers.

Chen Shuang said while smiling.

You Yue was placated for now. She was now feeling better than when she had first entered the room, allowing Jian Chen to return to his own room in peace. However, as soon as Jian Chen walked into his drawing room, his entire figure grew rigid and a sharp light glinted in his eyes as if it was reflecting the light of a sword being drawn.

Noticing this, the gloomy face on Lee Shan Yue instantly turned into a joyful one. Both of his eyes lit up like a torch in the dark night, his eyes were so bright that they emitted beams of light towards that direction within the Lee family mansion.

"Senior disciple Jiang, don't let them go, they are just three bastards! Not only did they bully us, they even seriously beat up senior disciple Huang!"


Someone cried out in shock. Many disciples left their rooms and looked into the sky that was filled with fierce tornados.Sorry for the late releases, my day ended up being a busy one, so I couldn't start posting chapters until now.

The one being called teacher nodded his head, "This mission given to us is quite difficult. Liu Zheng from the Xia clan isn't too far away in terms of strength compared to me, so I didn't think that he would die here. It appears that we will need to pay a visit to this mysterious expert named Jian Chen."

"Fuck, how did these three people come here?"

After swallowing the pill, Qin Xiao's face began to take a turn for the better in color. Despite the Radiant Saint Force filled pill not being enough to fully heal Qin Xiao, saving his life would be no problem at all. However, Qin Xiao had yet to awaken.

Jian Chen poked at the campfire with a tree branch and said absentmindedly, "Captain Kendall's decision is the best, I have no disagreements."

"Let's go check it out."

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