Rise of Tetramand Chapter 1378

Rise of Tetramand Chapter 1378

On the opposite side, Jiang Chen's body could only be seen briefly swaying. Since he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he body grew stronger with every passing second, giving him a nearly indestructible body. When fighting a melee battle, no one would be a match for him.

In the brilliant blaze, both Mu Yun and the middle aged man staggered backwards, the both of them looked haggard from the trade off. Mu Yun's originally tidy hair had become messy, while his face had become pale in color. Even his fiery greatsword had started to lose a bit of its luster.

Another Mortal Core disciple scolded. He raised his palm and prepared to slap Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow struggled near Jiang Chen's chest.

The elder looked at Jian Chen for a moment before turning back to the fatty with a kindly smile, "Little Fatty, why is your house on fire?"

Hearing Big Yellow's name, many people in the crowd immediately threw their glance in the direction where he stood. Many of them had seen Big Yellow before, so they could easily recognize the trio.

Ming Dong's previous actions had clearly infuriated Ka Di Yun, and combined with the fact that he was a foreigner and not a student of Kargath Academy, Ka Di Yun held nothing back in this all-or-nothing strike.

Suddenly, some sounds could be heard from the sky above. After that, the entire sky was filled with golden lights. Some people in luxurious looking clothes then appeared following that.

The genius from the Invincible Sect couldn't even put up his defense. His head instantly exploded when the beads hit it, and died on the spot. Meanwhile, the beads didn't slow down at all, and continued its course toward the genius from the Peerless Sword Faction.

"This one is named Jian Chen. Captain Lang Tian is too generous. During the ambush with the Boundless Bandits, the one who had contributed the most was Captain Lang Tian, who had killed many of the expert bandits."

"Senior disciple Jiang, that's him, he is the one who killed junior disciple Liu!"


Jiang Chen once again shouted toward Big Yellow. Not only had he depleted all the herbs he obtained in the sky garden, he had also used up all the herbs he had found in the storage rings of those Combat Soul warriors he killed. Anything he could absorb, including demon souls were all in his body right now.


Jian Chen turned around to look at the people behind him, "Father, eldest aunt, I have a few words I want to say to eldest brother. Would it be possible to be alone for a moment?"

In the blink of an eye, two weeks had passed.

Jiang Chen thought to himself as he continued ascending towards the mountain peak. Doesn't matter if it was his past or current life, everyone looked at him as if he was a domineering king with superior combat strength, but they had also forgotten that he was also a Saint level alchemist. Jiang Chen rarely concocted pills, and in his past life, he would only do so for himself.

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