lord of lust Chapter 465

lord of lust Chapter 465

While saying that, Jiang Chen took out 20 Mortal Restoration Pills and put them in the man's palm. When the man saw the pills, his eyes lit up.

The scream coming from the extreme pain spread across the entire residency area, and it sent a shiver down the spines of all who heard this terrifying scream.

Big Yellow said.

Someone couldn't bear it any longer. Fighting with someone like this was incredibly painful.

"We can use another method, a formation."

The princess let out a sigh in relief, after coming to a conclusion like this, her heart still felt a little helpless. If this were several years ago, she would've agreed to Jian Chen's suggestion of cancelling the marriage without any hesitation. But now££

There were so many questions in Jiang Chen's mind. According to what he had in mind, with a powerful demon like the Firethorn Savage residing in Misty Mountain, the place should have been a forbidden place, and everyone should be avoiding it without getting close to it all.

Walking out of his tent, Jian Chen stood in the fresh morning atmosphere with his head raised up high to look at the tree branches overhead. In this morning hour, the air was filled with mist and it was quite dim out as the sun was still rising from the east.

Furthermore, the Old Emperor's death signified one thing; the Imperial Emperor was going to face a similar fate. The Imperial Emperor was weaker than the Old Emperor, and since Jiang Chen was able to kill the Old Emperor, killing the Imperial Emperor would be a piece of cake, let alone the fact that he also had Wu Jiu to help him.

The three women were deathly pale as if they had lost all blood circulation in their faces. The moment they saw the dead bodies of Tianxiong Lie and Tianxiong Daoyun, they all went silent with extreme shock.

But, although 5 Dragon Marks seemed easy, it was in fact very tough. The more Jiang Chen's cultivation level progressed, the more difficult it would be to form new Dragon Marks. The energy contained in each of the newly formed Dragon Marks couldn't be compared with the previous Dragon Marks.

"Heavenly resources and roasted meat, wait until we get to the city, I'll find some there." The princess eagerly replied. She began to anxiously await their arrival at the city.

Wearing an alert expression, the monk swept the surrounding area with his eyes and divine sense, inspecting all the islands located in this area. After finding nothing suspicious, he found a place to hide.

"Heavens, fire! Jiang Chen really set Guo Lei's courtyard on fire! This is brutal!"

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

This was because an adult Class 5 Magical Beast already possessed basic intelligence, and would rather die than become a human's pet or mount. That's why taming an adult magical beast was incomparably difficult. However, a young magical beast was different; because it had yet to mature, taming it was extremely easy. Moreover, it was much easier to foster a relationship with one. If one started taming a Class 5 Magical Beast while it was still a cub, it would not only have the strength of any other Class 5 Magical Beast when it reached adulthood, it would also continue to grow, and could reach Class 6. There was even a possibility that it could become a Class 7 Magical Beast.

"Oh, why the rush?"

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