in the dark of the mind Chapter 1411

in the dark of the mind Chapter 1411

There was no time for thought or planning. As Zhou Yixing drew the bow, Bai Xiaochun let out a shout and opened his third eye. Instantly, Zhou Yixing shivered, and a confused expression appeared on his face as the hand he was using to draw the bowstring back suddenly stopped moving.

Qing Shui wore all his armor and accessories, giving up the Fire Bird, he rode on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and continued to proceed to the Flowerfruit Mountain. With the current strength of the Fire Bird, flying in the air was like courting death, even if the Soulshake bell was useful, it would not stop demonic beasts that moved as a flock.

Amidst the exclamations of shock, many of the cultivators began sending messages to friends, and some of the generous ones even began to project the images from their command medallions for others to see. More people began to rush over to the area, causing the commotion to grow.


For a moment Qing Shui was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. He was resisting his opponent's attacks and trying to think up of something at the same time. If his opponent actually cast this protection, then he would definitely have a killing technique.

The Nine Heaven Immortal Silk spreaded out towards Qing Shui like a bridge of rainbow. He extended his arm and held onto the silk ribbon steadily!

With that, he rushed back into his secluded meditation facilities and slammed the door behind him.

Glaring, the patriarch continued, "By the way, regarding what happened with that unfilial bastard of my clan, I respected his highness the king's wishes because of face. That's the only reason I didn't pursue the matter at the time. However, based on some of the rumors that have been floating around about him, I have to ask you, Duke Deathcrier. What is the meaning of the situation?!"?

Four hours passed and no one spoke a word during this time, nor did anyone leave. It was because they saw that Tang Chong's life had really been brought back by Qing Shui and his Gold Needle.

At that point, Li Qinghou couldn't contain his excitement. Continuing to peer around, he said, "Did one of the patriarchs finally break through? Where is he?"

Qing Shui thought about it for a moment. He did neglect her a little. He had always leave the QIng residence without staying for long until now. During that time, he did not really spend much time with his little girl.?

The attacks of the Twin-Headed Eagles had a hint of poison in them, primarily on their beaks and claws. When used against opponents of the same level, the poison's effects were quite good.

This was his last chance to kill Bai Xiaochun before he himself was killed!

As for Daoist Heavenspan, as soon as the projection of the Mortal Renegade faded away, he appeared there in the starry sky, hair disheveled, face pale. Although no more flames were visible on his person, they were there inside of him, eating away at the last bits of life force he had left.

Even as Bai Xiaochun stared in at it shock, a cold voice echoed out into the workshop.

"You!!" the shadowy figure blurted, suddenly backing up. At that point, it resolved into the image of an old man. He seemed alarmed; clearly, he had believed himself very clever for attempting to flee when the heavenly marquis pagoda fell, and Bai Xiaochun went chasing after Zhou Wudao.

Now, he wanted to refine the 20% strength boost that was provided to him as a result of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's breakthrough. The four thousand five hundred countries strength increase to its offensive strength and six thousand countries strength increase to its defense along with its incredible speed, 20%. They were equivalent to nine hundred countries of strength and a thousand and two hundred countries of defense with some other boosts. As Qing Shui thought about it, he felt really agitated. This was the most significant strength increase he had ever experienced.

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