Demi-Human In The Wrong Time Chapter 1063

Demi-Human In The Wrong Time Chapter 1063

Everyone was sighing. No one could remain calm as they looked at the young man with blood red wings and the big yellow dog above the skies. They were feeling lucky that this young man and dog were only targeting the Mayor's mansion. If their target was the city, it would be a complete disaster.

"Interesting, this is the first time an item hasn't been auction away with Restoration Pills."

Jiang Chen's expression still remained indifferent. He knew better than Great Master Ran Feng how to saw Big Yellow. As the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, no Ninth Grade Minor Saint could compare with his knowledge and experience.

"I have no idea. The Black Ice Talisman is a mystical object, and I have no understanding about it at all. Also, I learned about her Nine Yin Meridians from an ancient book, and if this Black Ice Talisman really has something to do with the Ice God, then I think Little Yu is most likely the true inheritor of the Ice God mentioned by the Ice Demon King."

Wu Jiu said.

As for Jian Chen, besides the single wound on his back, he didn't look very different. The only change was that his face had grown paler.

Within the Huangpu clan, the affair that had happened sometime ago had no major impact on their clan. The entire compound was calm once more and several troops patrolled around the compound as a way to guarantee their safety.

More and more people started to gather on the field. As Jian Chen walked across the sports field, many of the surrounding people started to notice him. Ever since he had beaten Ka Di Yun three days ago, his name had spread around the academy in a mere few hours, and his reputation had skyrocketed to the point where even the teachers of Kargath Academy knew him by name.

The two Saint Weapons smashed together and caused another ripple of energy to fly out, causing Jian Chen to retreat back a few steps.

Hearing the headmaster mumble to himself, Bai En also had an astonished look on his face. The fact that he had not used any heavenly treasure or monster core to reach the 8th layer by the age of 15 was a type of talent within the Gesun Kingdom that could only be regarded as something a gifted genius could have.

Tie Ta's act of strength caused the surrounding wolves to cower in fear, as they watched Tie Ta hold onto the two halves of the wolf's carcass.

Right now, Jian Chen had already lead the group from the front for a long time. Suddenly, Jian Chen stopped right in front of a patch of grass.

Xuan Ye said.

When the black crow found out that Big Yellow's body was indestructible, it immediately opened its mouth and spat out two lumps of black mist, which shot towards Big Yellow like two sharp swords.

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Yan Hong Tai said.

The Dimensional Creatures had completely surrounded them, but they hadn't jumped in and started feasting. Their eyes were filled with ridicule, and they wanted to let these humans experience ultimate despair before killing them, as that would give them great joy.

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