The Ruined World Chapter 2446

The Ruined World Chapter 2446

Everyone cupped their fist toward the Imperial Emperor and left the main palace. This time, all the emperors and Late Combat Soul Golden Guards set off together. The Imperial Emperor was clearly serious this time.

All Sect Elders were burning with rage. No matter what, the Heavenly Sword Sect was one of the biggest sects in the Qi Province, and now, someone had placed a knife on their throat. Of course they wouldn't accept it.

Secondly, the Ice Demon King really wanted to find the true inheritor of the Ice God. It had also only lived in this place since it was born. Although it had a formidable cultivation and the intelligence of a normal human, compared to Jiang Chen whose experience was incredibly vast, like an ancient demon, the Ice Demon King was just too na?ve.

At this sight, Xiao Han's fury burst with envy as he promptly shouted, "This cannot do! Three princesses worth their weight of gold and all of illustrious backgrounds drinking wine with a stranger? Have you lost your identity?"

"That's right."

"Like how the boat rises with the tides, our Changyang manor will rise too, hahaha!"

"Jian Chen, he's one of the two great kings of the Gilligan clan, the tiger king Anderken." With an ugly expression, Nubis replied in a low voice.

The crowded cave of people quickly began to cry out loud as they charged toward the area.

The shopkeeper's knees buckled from the realization. Falling to the floor in apparent weakness, he muttered despondently, "Dear heavens, I took their money and even had the gall to tell them to put their items elsewhere. I-I-I££ I must be tired of living."

Hundreds of people were alertly and quietly lined up, their hands holding a small card that the auction house had specially issued.

Three Combat Soul warriors attacking two Divine Core warriors! Facing these combined attacks, even Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who had monstrous abilities couldn't defend themselves at all. Their attacks were destroyed in an instant. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were both knocked at least 30 meters away before they could regain their control. Under such massive power, they had suffered quite a huge shock, causing their qi and blood to roll over and over.

Xuan Ye asked.

Jian Chen was a little angry at this. His eyes began to shine dangerously with a sharp light, making Bai Yushuang a little afraid to look at him.

"Brother Jiang Chen is only a Qi Hai warrior. How could he use Divine Sense?"

After he had finished speaking, the elder's dagger exploded with Saint Force. Following that explosion of energy, the elder suddenly disappeared and then abruptly reappeared right in front of Jian Chen with his dagger ready to pierce through Jian Chen's heart.

"I told you young master Jiang Chen would definitely return! But too bad, he is two days late, sigh££"

Looking at Jiang Chen's back that was disappearing into the far distance, the people in the crowd couldn't help but have mixed emotions. This man came all alone, and in the end, he strode away with his head held up high. He had become the winner of this Gathering of Skynet; both number one geniuses of the Jian Province had fallen.

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