Terraform - A Sample of Dystopia Chapter 881

Terraform - A Sample of Dystopia Chapter 881

Seeing that Tian Jian was planning on giving the cub even more heavenly resources, Jian Chen had been ecstatic. In this moment, it was like receiving charcoal in the middle of a snowstorm since Xiao Bai was currently lacking a stable amount of heavenly resources. After using up most of the ones he bought recently, Jian Chen was practically all out of heavenly resources to feed the cub.

Jian Chen had some doubt on his face, "Where to?"

"Great Saint Master, I want to witness exactly how strong you are."Chapter 137: Battling a Great Saint Master

"Rest assured, uncle. Jiang Chen knows what to do."

"El££Elder, lord Wu££Wukang was killed by a youth named Ji-Jian Chen." One of the men quavered.

However, Shangguan Ying had his attention fully focusing on Jiang Chen, causing him to completely neglect the Ice Demon King standing next to Yan Chenyu. He never expected Jiang Chen to have such powerful help.

Jian Chen's eyes measured up the two princes in front of him. In an attempt to hide their identities, they had worn the clothes of a person of lower rank with countless of smudges on them. Their hair was dishevelled, making them seem more like the beggars on the streets rather than princes. Between the two, one youth looked to be nearing his thirties while the other was about twenty years old, an age that wasn't too far away from Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen felt really disgusted about what the Shangguan Clan did. They knew he was in the middle of a difficult mission, but they still sent someone here to kill him. This really pissed him off.

The fists of the golden-robed man clenched as hints of scarlet entered his eyes. Just faintly, a strong urge to kill could be felt radiating from him.

Sneak attack!

Jiang Chen nodded his head. It looked like this Martial Saint Dynasty was much stronger than he had expected. A Combat King warrior, it was considered a reputable existence, even in the Divine Continent. It's quite normal for the Martial Saint Dynasty to have a Combat King warrior, as they ruled the entire Eastern Continent.

"There are people fighting over there, they seem quite strong." Jian Chen spoke with a solemn expression.

"Jiang Chen, what nonsense are you talking about? When did I try to assassinate you?"

Tie Ta's eyes flashed with anger, and he suddenly turned towards Jian Chen, frowning, "Changyang Xiang Tian, what kind of words are those? Do you think that I, Tie Ta, is someone who would be scared of these things? Do you not think of me as your friend?"

It seemed like the Firethorn Savage was an energy fountain that possessed an endless amount of energy that would never deplete.

Jian Chen smiled, "Big brother, why did you arrive so early?"

"Brother, you might as well sell it to me. I am willing to buy it for 30,000 purple coins. As it is, the Multicolored Stone is useless for you and will lead you to countless of headaches. Don't be so stubborn." A pigtailed elder spoke out in a way that made him feel as if he was only looking for Jian Chen's best interest.

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