So I Became Superman Chapter 2170

So I Became Superman Chapter 2170

Qing Shui nodded. He knew that the Elders in Heavenly Palace were the Elders from the respective halls. But other than the nine palaces, there was also the Elder Association, which had a tremendous number of people and harbored tremendous strength. They were the true power behind Heavenly Palace.

Waving his hand, he sent a frigid wind out that seemed capable of cleaving flesh from bone. It was like an enormous mouth that lunged toward the Vile-Prince as if to devour him.

"Alright, fine. It's settled. His name is Bai Dabao, and her name is Bai Xiaoxiao. And remember: this isn't my decision, it's our decision." Bai Xiaochun was worried that Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo might get angry with him, but was convinced that these names were really good. Thus, he dragged everyone else in with him on this decision.

The Old Ancestor suddenly laughed, causing his snow-white hair to bounce slightly. Even though he did not any of his strength leak out, he had the semblance of an insurmountable mountain.?

"It's so hot¡­ why¡­ why am I sweating?!?!?!"

"Senior, how far is Seven Stars Country from the Village of Mo Clan?"

"You don't want to be a puppet, and so you're taking advantage of this situation to make a strike from the shadows¡­?

Earlier, he had used the technique inside the body of the Mortal Renegade, where no one could see it. But right now, numerous gasps could be heard as people finally caught sight of it with their own eyes. That was especially true of the disciples from the former Spirit Stream Sect.

"Ah, spiritual energy. It's been a long time since I could absorb it so freely." He had been in the Wildlands for so many years that he had almost forgotten what the Heavenspan River region looked like. Even here in the delta region, it was still a wonderful place.

Bai Xiaochun, on the other hand... was sitting there holding the final medicinal plant. Apparently, he was considering some important question about that plant, as his brow was furrowed thoughtfully. By now... few people were paying attention to him.

It must succeed! This was what Qing Shui hoped for. He prayed. After that, he refined the medicinal herbs and ingredients meticulously. He did each steps with utmost care to ensure that not even the slightest mistake was made.

The sun shone brilliantly from the East, transforming the appearance of the land into a glistening golden state. Qing Shui realized that it was already noon and he hadn't eaten yet.

Even so, Qing Shui could sense that the man's abilities were reduced by about 500 countries. Qing Shui was not certain, whether the medicinal pill, which the opponent took, was effective or not, but it still could not prevent the man's strength from plummeting.

That in itself was irritating to Bai Xiaochun, but even worse were the things that Zuo Hengfeng had just said out loud. Not only did Bai Xiaochun find them revolting, they caused fury to begin to burn in his heart. The mere thought of what might happen to him if he were to be captured caused chills to run up his spine. Shouting out in rage, eyes flashing with cold light, he unleashed his murderous aura, and even as his two Core Formation opponents closed in, he chose not to retreat, but rather, to step forward.

"I wonder who had tamed that Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable? Don't tell me that it hasn't been tamed yet." Zuoshi Yangcan smiled coldly and said, a hint of contempt in his voice.

Baili Jingwei gazed at Qing Shui, laughing as he answered with another question. "How much do you know about the world of the nine continents, or how's your knowledge and familiarity with the Cang Lang country, and how much do you understand about your own power?

Qing Shui used Divinity Protection to block the other old man's attack. The Big Dipper Sword on the other hand, it had already pierced through the body of the paralyzed old man. At the moment when the last remaining old man planned to retreat, he felt a trace of coldness at his neck.

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