Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 686

Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 686

Big Yellow's hot temper exploded. He spat out a golden beam and killed the young man in an instant. After all, he had killed so many, killing another one really meant nothing. Big Yellow had given him a chance to live, but he didn't know how to cherish it.


Chapter 181 ΓΏ The Gargantuan Formation

The Black Sect's Combat Soul warriors were put in groups of five, and they were fighting in the formations laid down by Big Yellow. However, because these warriors came from all over the Eastern Continent, there wasn't much connection between them, so they couldn't synergize well. If not for the formations, perhaps the Black Sect would already have been defeated. Even so, the ones on the Black Sect's side were heavily oppressed by their enemy.

The Imperial Emperor said.

"Qing Shan!"

"Fuck! A Combat Soul Evil Devil!"

The two princes, as well as the Combat Soul geniuses from the Martial Palace, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect were the fastest group of people. They flew forwards like shooting stars, and soon entered the lead.

"Sect Elder Guo, if the war truly comes, what will you do?"

Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword and hit Shangguan Ying's blade with it. The collision of the two combat weapons instantly produced a large amount of sparks, and Shangguan Ying's arm started feeling numb. However, he was more shocked when he looked at his blade.

Jiang Chen faintly coughed a few times and quickly kept distance from Nangong Wentian, pretending he didn't know that guy. At least, he was pretending he wasn't familiar with Nangong Wentian. Although Nangong Wentian was the young master of the Nangong family, he just didn't want to live that image out.

Big Yellow said in a gloomy manner.

Right as they exited the secret chamber, Jiang Chen immediately sensed numerous killing intents and ferocious energies, enough to fill the skies above. There were even some demonic energies hovering around the place.

Jian Chen laughed and said, "Everyone had contributed to this situation. If it weren't for you guys stalling them, if they had somehow joined forces with Luo Jian to attack me, I'm afraid that I would have lost then. Let's go with this, Tie Ta and I will take half of the monster cores, and you guys will take the rest and divide it amongst yourselves. That should be fine, right?"Chapter 46: Rich Profit

"Jiang Chen, although you have broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, you haven't officially become an inner circle disciples, you are not allowed to create a disturbance in the inner circle!"

"Yes, Bai En understands." the vice headmaster answered respectfully. His mind was clear, in order to cultivate a genius, this would do whatever Kargath Academy would have to do.

Wu Jiu worriedly said. As the Ninth Emperor, as well as the Palace Chief of the Martial Palace, he knew better than anyone here how frightening the Martial Saint Dynasty's force was.

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