Data Dragon Danika Chapter 1599

Data Dragon Danika Chapter 1599


As soon as that person who bore the visage of Bai Xiaochun emerged, then Mistress Red-Dust knew that she and Bai Haoˇ­ would be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The other situation was those people who are willing to do such things for others, including giving up their life. These kind of people normally had a great gratitude towards another, such as the gratitude for one saving their life, the gratitude of patronage, the gratitude of one assisting in a difficult timeˇ­...

He didn't want to gamble with the true spirit. Therefore, he gave the coffin to Bai Xiaochun, which he felt would be safer than keeping it in the River-Defying Sect. Most important was the fact that it was a suggestion by his Master, the monkey. Even though Patriarch Spirit Stream was now a deva, he still held eternal respect for his Master.

Howeverˇ­ it was not an everyday occasion to be able to see celestial necromancers conjuring flameˇ­. Considering that most earthly necromancers were wanderers who nobody ever encountered, that meant that celestial necromancers were the ostensible peak of the necromancy world.

"But that's 200 years we're talking about!" He continued to struggle with the matter, his obsession with being able to live forever causing his eyes to rapidly become bloodshot.

Chi chi!

"I do feel very honored and I also have Yaya to thank. If not, how could I make this precious half a friend!" Qing Shui casually said while teasing Yaya!

Strange looks appeared on the faces of those present. After all, this was a somber farewell. Even the sect leader and the peak lords were present. Although most of the disciples were still angry with Bai Xiaochun, they still tried to look as though they didn't want him to go.

It only took about two hoursˇ­ to go from one end of Spirit Stream Sect territory to another. It was at this point that Bai Xiaochun began to frown. Something seemed off.

The old man wore a voluminous gray robe that was embroidered with the image of a mountain peak. If you looked closely, it was none other than Corpse Peak. A vicious zombie face could be seen on the sleeve of the old man's robe, which looked extremely realistic as he flicked his sleeve.


For every one part of spiritual power, a hundred parts of earthstring energy were required!

He had benefited from the events in Murknine County in a very unique way; normally speaking, going from the early Celestial Realm to the mid Celestial Realm was a very difficult process that would take an extended period of time. It would also usually require vast amounts of precious materials and good fortune.

"All the evidence points to the conclusion thatˇ­ he wants something inside the bone galleon, and is using the lower-level cultivators to get it!! In turn, that meansˇ­ that the Celestial has been in the trial by fire all along!!" Shivering, he thought back to the young man who had been traveling with Du Lingfei.

Qing Shui had been drooling about this pellet, especially knowing that it could completely dispel the effects of poison, spirit damage and hallucinations from drugs. Although it couldn't heal fatal wounds, it could delay death for a day and it was imperative to know that many things could happen change within a day.

"Ah, whatever. I'll just let Master give it a shot. Who knows, maybe he's right."

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