Goblin Adventurer Chapter 176

Goblin Adventurer Chapter 176


"Damn you. You're just useless!"

Since the current freshmen martial arts competition had just ended, the current number of people present in the dining hall was not any less than usual. In fact, there were so many people that not long after Jian Chen sat down, all of the seats in the dining hall had been filled. There were still many people who couldn't find available spaces. Although Jian Chen was sitting alone at a table, not a single person dared to sit together with him, since all the other students there were peasants. How could they possibly dare to sit with Jian Chen, who was wearing luxurious clothing? It was obvious at first glance that he was from an aristocratic family.

After saying that, Jiang Chen immediately took out some high-ranked combat weapons. Blades, sword, spears, pikes, halberds££ all sorts of weapons.

While fighting some men, Yang Meng turned towards Wang Heng and shouted.

"Fuck, how did these three people come here?"

This was the biggest mystery that took place within the minds of those within the crowds, a mystery everyone were having a hard time figuring out.

Jiang Chen was floating in the middle of the sky, gazing at the white world of glaciers. At the moment, he had no idea which direction he should go.

In his previous life, Jian Chen would frequently use a sword that had a blade two finger widths wide. With that sword, he had brought his swordplay to a level that he had been famous for. With this two hand sword, however, Jian Chen felt like one of his arms was bound behind his back, since it was very heavy. He would not be able to use the full extent of his powers, and just swinging the sword with ease would demand a large amount of his energy. It was a shame that with the exception of this sword, there was no other sword around.

Jiang Chen slowly stood up from his seat. With both hands behind his back, and his head tilted a little bit upwards, he stared at the moon above the skies with a pair of bright eyes. The energy he emitted couldn't be ignored.

"Oh heavens! So this is him?! The great hero the Profound River Palace has been looking for! So, he has been staying with the Nangong family all this time? We're so ignorant! A man who can kill great guardians of the Demon King Palace and attract Heavenly Tribulation is a monstrous existence!"

"A dog has to pay as well?"

Jiang Chen never let any enemies who tried to kill him go without any punishment. He pointed his finger out like a sword, and with both hands he sent out three Single Solar Finger beams. The beams struck through the air and hit the bodies of all three demon beasts.

In Yin Zhong Cheng's mind, such terrifying geniuses were incredibly rare. If he didn't kill them today, they would grow even more powerful. If that happened, he wouldn't be able to kill any of them.Chapter 81 ÿ Big Yellow's Innate Ability

Jian Chen came back to the mountain peak where the ancestor of the Huang family was. Bowing and cupping his hands in front of the wooden house, he spoke, "Senior, this junior has something I wish to discuss for a while."

The puzzled Tianmu Ling and Qin Ji didn't know just what had happened between Jian Chen and Dugu Feng, but it didn't take an idiot to know that something secretive had happened. However, they were tactful enough to not ask.

"Big brother!' Seeing Jian Chen open his eyes, Little Spirit had revealed a sweet and affectionate smile.

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