Covenant Of Ancient Magic Chapter 1988

Covenant Of Ancient Magic Chapter 1988

Hu Ba had only looked like he was a forty year old man, but in truth, his real age was way past 200 years old. He was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master because of his talents with cultivation. Combined with his status as the assistant sect leader and mastery of a terrifyingly strong Heaven Tier Battle Skill, his battle strength was no weaker than Xiao Tian.

The faces of Ka Di Yun and Ka Di Qiuli both gradually turned quite ugly. The situation was far beyond what they had expected it to be.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen stored the monster cores into his own Space Belt. His gaze shifted back to the 10 Purple and Gold coins and he hesitated for a bit before finally taking those as well. Although it wasn't a large amount of money, to commoners it was still quite a bit of wealth. Just throwing it out here was a waste, and rather a pity.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

Hearing the headmaster mumble to himself, Bai En also had an astonished look on his face. The fact that he had not used any heavenly treasure or monster core to reach the 8th layer by the age of 15 was a type of talent within the Gesun Kingdom that could only be regarded as something a gifted genius could have.

"This is a skeleton of a Divine Core warrior, he must have been dead for a long time. Look, all the bone has become porous, you've shattered it."

"So this is the Green Sanctuary Sect's defensive formation, it looks powerful!" Big Yellow's eyes lit up.

"Damn you! How dare you beat me?!"

The Soul Crunching Tune collided onto Zhang Han's body and penetrated into him without any delay. Suffering from the attack, the sprinting Zhang Han immediately stopped.

Guo Shan said in a generous manner.

Yu Zi Han was shocked by what he saw, everyone in the Black Sect knew who Jiang Chen was. He had brutally beaten the Sect Elders, cruelly killed Jiang Wei, wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, and still escaped from any punishments. Jiang Chen was the only person to have ever done this.

Lord Blood Moon suddenly let out a loud laugh. His voice was shrill like a woman. With a wave of both his arms, a dark airwave emerged from his body and merged together with the dark clouds above his head, transforming into a frightening huge dark face.

"This is truly what I call a complete transformation; change into a new self."

A far distance away from Huang Village in a large palace, a crane haired elder floated 3 meters above the ground in a sitting position with his eyes closed.

Once past the mountain ranges, Jian Chen was flying a thousand meters in the air where the cold winds constantly blew against his body. His white robes fluttered in the wind with a flapping sound.

For the next series of days, Jian Chen spent the entire time within the room having the sword spirits try and remove the Imprint of Death on him. Not once did he ever step out from the inn.

Yan Chenyu casually tossed it forwards, then it transformed into a doorway.

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