The Arcane Dimension Chapter 1070

The Arcane Dimension Chapter 1070

"Fan Zhongtang, are you really not afraid of Jiang Chen? He will come back and get revenge for everything, I'm sure you know his approach!"

Therefore, none of the Divine Core warriors would let go of this opportunity, they were all rushing around in search for Jiang Chen, scared someone else might find him first. It was as if they were in the hunt for an easy prey. With this, Inferno Hell had become even more chaotic.

After floating in the air with some doubt, Jian Chen bit his lip and flew in the direction of the white tiger cub. At this moment he wasn't able to tell if the tiger cub was captured or not. If the tiger cub had been taken by a weaker magical beast, there was still a chance.

Without hesitation, a blade of wind Saint Force materialized in Ming Dong's hand before he ruthlessly slammed it into Kaizer's head. With the Saint Force entering his head, Kaizer's soul was destroyed.

"Saint of the Zither? Heavenly Enchantress?" Jian Chen asked with confusion, "Second sister, just who is this Heavenly Enchantress of the Zither supposed to be?"

"Correct!" Jian Chen confirmed.

Jian Chen smiled, "Leader of the Tianxiong clan, I didn't think you would still remember me."

"No way. Although you are a Combat Soul warrior, you only have the strength of an Early Divine Core warrior right now. Besides, your foundation hasn't been completely restored, and that limits the maximum amount of force you can unleash. In order the break this natural defense mechanism, we need at least the strength of a Late Divine Core warrior."

After killing Fan Kun, the Dragon Transformation skill had experienced some changes which had given Jiang Chen many benefits. He needed some time to truly digest these newly acquired abilities. Especially the True Dragon Flames and the True Dragon Palm. Both of them were skills inherited from a real dragon; causing Jiang Chen to be like a tiger that had grown wings.


Big Yellow gazed at Jiang Chen who was still in secluded cultivation, then he said, "The Spiraling Defense Mechanism can only last for three hours. If this guy doesn't break through to the Divine Core realm in three hours, it will disappear by itself, and all our hard effort will go to waste."

After storing away the two magical beasts into his Space Belt, Jian Chen took out another set of clean clothes and put it on. Although he hadn't left the Magical Beast Mountain Range in a long time, the amount of clothes he had taken from the other mercenaries wasn't lacking.

Jiang Zhen Hai asked with a surprised expression on his face.

"Fight! Let us destroy the Demon King Palace! All of us nearly died because of them! From now on, my life belongs to young master Jiang Chen and Holy Maiden! Whatever you ask me to do, I will do no matter what!"

As a result, even though his younger cousin was not a member of the direct line of descent, She possessed a status that completely superseded him, the third young master. This as due to the fact that all Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters would take up the position of an elder of the union, which was an extremely great status. Even in the entire union, there were only around twenty elders who had reached Class 7.

After his wounds were fully healed, Jian Chen didn't stop to rest. Immediately taking out a Class 5 Monster Core, he began to recover the rest of his Saint Force. After using the Heaven's Stolen Fortune to multiply his strength by three-fold, the amount of Saint Force that he had used had been hefty. Right now his Saint Force was still not in tip top shape and was slowly recovering from his exhausted state.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, look, there's a passage!"

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