Loving with a Heavy Heart Chapter 497

Loving with a Heavy Heart Chapter 497

Seeing the giant board on top of the gates, Jian Chen couldn't help but have a gloomy yet dark smile on his face as a flash of killing intent appeared within his eyes before following the mercenary to the headquarters.

Big Yellow went straight to the Jiang family. Jiang Chen would never allow any possible threat to exist. Although he controlled the fates of the three Late Combat Soul warriors, he had to take the Jiang family and Yan family into consideration. None of these Golden Guards were ordinary warriors, and once they woke up from their shock, they would definitely use the lives of both Jiang family and Yan family to threaten Jiang Chen, and that was not something Jiang Chen wished to see.

Shangguan Sheng quickly said with a loud voice. His words caused everyone including the Third Emperor to cry out in shock.

1 ΓΏ It was actually just one really, really, really long piece, so I split it in the middle.Earthly Demon Beast > Earth Devil

"Fuck you! How dare you trap this master dog?! This master dog will let you know what true misery is!"

A sword beam slashed through Wang Heng's arm, causing blood to gush out from his wound.

"Trying to run?"

Big Yellow hurriedly reminded Jiang Chen. At the same time, he spat out a golden colored restriction seal towards the small hole. On the other side, Jiang Chen also made a restriction seals with his fingers, then followed by countless seals, all seals merged together and formed into an invisible formation which completely sealed the small hole on the energy vein.

Outside of Origin Mountain, a young lady dressed in purple was rushing towards the mountain. She looked like a 14-15 year old woman. Her face was amazingly gorgeous with a small childish look. Her bright eyes were as pure as the mountain spring. She was rushing with great speed, and the air around her was emitting a cold chill.

Qin Xiao suddenly stood up and said, "No, we have to save sister no matter what. She definitely can't marry the son of that bandit boss, or her life will be completely ruined."

The furious Firethorn Savage had only one goal, and that was to retrieve his son. He also wanted to destroy the sect underneath his feet.

Afterwards, another ear piercing shriek was heard as the two Saint Masters were already ready to strike once more, their Saint Weapons filling the air with their Saint Force.

Yan Chen Yu bowed slightly towards Jiang Chen.

"Are you the one who saved me?" He asked Jian Chen weakly.

"Hmph! I'm going to see the Imperial Emperor now!"

Chen Shuang said while smiling.

"Brother Jian Chen, after your appearance, our Wake City has lost quite a large amount of strength. Right now with the impending magical beast invasion, the pressure is quite more than before." Yun Li had a bitter look on his face as if he was worried.

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