The Original Sin: Despair Chapter 5

The Original Sin: Despair Chapter 5

"Are there people in that world beyond ours? If there are... what do we look like to them...?" Bai Xiaochun's eyes gazed softly into nowhere as he continued to speak.

"Didn't you say earlier that the fruits were maturing during this period of time, why would the snake king leave during this period. But, you look very adorable when you show your naive side." Qing Shui held Wu-shuang's hands as he hurriedly spoke.

It was a cold, ancient voice, and as it spoke, his entire body suddenly moved!


"Oh, just meeting one benefactor is sufficient to change one's life. In that case, congratulations to Elder Sister Yu." Qing Shui smiled, as he poured more tea for her.

"Elder, what would you like to talk about? If it is something that the Mu Clan can do, we will not brush it off," Mu Fengyang said seriously.

As he faced this powerful adversary, his left hand flashed in an incantation gesture, and his right hand slapped his bag of holding, causing a large number of medicinal plants to fly out. As the plants swirled through the air, his incantation gesture sped up, and his eyes shone with a strange light.

And yet, he did not show any signs of backing down. The Celestial had a trump cardˇ­ but so did Bai Xiaochun!

This was more than he had expected. Ignoring the bloody odor on his clothes, he slowly yet excitedly circulated the Nature Energy, State of Immovable as Mountains, Frenzied Bull's Strengthˇ­..

Bai Xiaochun's voice continued to ring out as he got closer and closer to the Mountain of Legacy Seals. The cultivators of the three sects felt as if wild beasts were trampling their hearts. As they watched Bai Xiaochun, their eyes burned with madness and killing intent. From the look of things, if they could, they would ignore the rules and simply kill him.

"Senior Mao, do you know why Master didn't want us to tag along back then?" The eyes of the elegant middle-aged man flashed with an unknown glitter.

"You always bully me." Di Qing turned around and looked at Qing Shui with a sad expression. Even though she didn't cry, it made people feel as if she just went through something really tragic.

The soulhoarding pagoda didn't look like anything special, but as it whooshed through the air toward the Bai Clan patriarch, the man's scalp began to tingle so hard it felt like it might explode. The sensation of impending doom was so intense that it filled every inch of his flesh and blood.

"Zhou Zimo, we had an agreement! Nothing can happen to me for the next three months!!"

The sky flashed with wild colors, winds screamed, and the Eternal Immortal Domains quaked. All living beings were shaken to the core. As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes glittered brightly; he had come under a lot of pressure in recent days, so while this dramatic rise in battle prowess didn't alleviate the brewing crisis of the Mortal Renegade, it at least relieved it a bit.

"Heavens! How deeply will Bai Xiaochun sink into this enlightenment?!"

Gu Song suddenly twisted his body weirdly, the longsword in his hand exuded a great black glow and slashed against Mu Lang's sword net.

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