Almighty Coach Chapter 2972

Almighty Coach Chapter 2972

In his previous life, Jian Chen was a war orphan who had his parents murdered by the enemy army. From his birth, he had no family or friends and never knew the warm embrace of family. But now that God had arranged such a nice life for him, Jian Chen would definitely treasure this, and Changyang Hu held the second biggest spot in his heart after his mother Bi Yuntian. So seeing Changyang Hu beaten into such a state, Jian Chen's heart flew into a rage that was unprecedented. A single look from him gave the feeling that it could injure someone.

The young lord stared gravely at Jian chen and said sternly, "Your sword is quite fast, and dodging your blows is becoming too tiring for me to continue doing. Since you were able to force me to use my ultimate defense, you are qualified to be my rival. From here on out, I'll use my entire strength, prepare yourself!"

After that day, both Jian Chen or Tie Ta had a new levels of respect for Liang Xiaole, and no longer belittled her in their hearts.

Looking at the Luo Jian's dark and swarthy face, Jian Chen laughed, "Luo Jian, it looks like your plan to steal our monster cores will end in failure, your monster cores will be given to us instead."

A large mansion was situated at the very center of a First Class city called Wanzhu City. This mansion had originally belonged to the strongest power within that city, but had now been reclaimed to become the living area of the Flame Mercenaries for the time being. Even the nameboard at the very front had been swapped for the emblem of the Flame Mercenaries.

After losing one of his arms, the Old Emperor was struck with great shock, and he was now completely enraged. His hatred toward Jiang Chen had reached a new peak, and he felt a strong desire to rip Jiang Chen into a thousand pieces. However, he had lost that opportunity.

At the mention of the Pangolin Emperor, Qin Ji's eyes narrowed angrily; clearly, he had eaten up a heavy loss from it already.

The second prince turned to look at the prime minister, "Prime minister, could it be that your discussion with the king failed as well?"

Qing Styx furrowed his brows. With Liu Hong's temper, he didn't kill Jiang Chen straightaway, but instead returned to the Green Sanctuary Sect. This proved that the young man had a troublesome background. At least, the background was not something Liu Hong could afford to offend.

The two envoys didn't say a word so Yun Li continued to speak. "Senior envoys, do you have any solutions on how to deal with this situation?"

"To think you're picking a fight with the Desert Mercenaries, you must be tired of living." One of the youths shouted angrily. A giant sword appeared in his hand, and he immediately shot towards Jian Chen.

The lady had a curvy body and was as beautiful as a blossomed flower. Although she couldn't compare with Yan Chen Yu, she was still a pretty lady. She and another young man who had a mole on his face had both reached the Early Mortal Core realm. The young man who stood in the middle was handsome and was bearing a tolerant spirit. From the energy he was unintentionally unleashing, one could tell that he had reached the Mid Mortal Core realm. He was clearly the leader of this group, and the girl looked at him with a look full of adoration.

"Idiot! What are you so dazed about, there's poison in the air hurry up, cover your face!" Ming Dong urged him. An antidote appeared in his mouth before he ate it, but it served no use.

Right at the front gates, several loud echoes could be heard as another dozen Earth Saint Masters were sent flying. They flew away from Jian Chen, blood spurting from their mouths. Slamming into the nearby buildings, they flew through the walls, creating holes.

"Haha, this Yang Shuo was a really rich man! The wealth contained within his storage ring is simply amazing! There are 6 Nine Leaf Resurrection Grasses! We finally got what we needed!"

The battle did not last for very long, only for around ten minutes. Old man Situ and the other four Saint Rulers were all injured by the old woman, spitting out blood as they fell from the sky. They were all heavily-wounded.

Ming Dong's eyes flashed brightly as he asked, "Senior Wuji, did the person who killed these four say his name?"

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