A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper Chapter 2900

A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper Chapter 2900

Han Yan admitted defeat. The competition this time had too many shocking moments, it was exciting for the spectators. No one could have imagined that things would happen like they did just now, and because of this, the competition had become really interesting.

"Let's just wait and see. Since chief has arranged for this man to fight, perhaps he has some amazing abilities££"

So, since Jiang Chen had the ability to recognize the Nine Stars Killing Formation with just a single look, could he also know how to break this formation? At this moment, these extremely confident men started feeling uncertain. After all, this monster in front of them was too miraculous, it was as if everything was possible with him.

Jian Chen's killing intent slowly receded from his eyes as he walked toward the shop owner. "Aunty, don't worry. He is still alive; he just fainted from his wounds." Jian Chen spoke with some remorse. He had checked his wounds earlier, and while they were not life threatening, his inner Saint Weapon had been utterly destroyed. In accordance to the continent, that would mean the youth would never be able to cultivate and would forever remain an ordinary man without strength.

This old man was Shangguan Yiqing's grandfather, Shangguan Ying. His hatred toward Jiang Chen couldn't be imagined by others.

"Take a look here, there's a cave." An elder pointed in a certain direction in amazement. Turning to look at the pointed direction, they discovered that there was a cave around three meters tall with a pitch-dark entrance.

The people at the table were extraordinarily cheerful as they recounted the tales of their own personal history since their last meeting. Even the calm but silent princess You Yue felt that she was one step closer to understanding Jian Chen after hearing more of his past achievements.

This was a fighting stage of life and death, this was how it worked. There could only be one last man standing, there's no need for reasons or explanations. As for the Burning Sky Pavilion, since he had already offended them, killing one of their geniuses would make no difference.

Chapter 181 ÿ The Gargantuan Formation

From that moment, Jian Chen knew clearly that the Harido clan had a terrifying amount of power. At the very least, even the clans far away from the Harido clan were afraid of the hegemon that was the Harido clan.

"What?! He is the Little Devil King Han Yan from the Black Sect? Why is he here instead of the Qi Province competition grounds?"

Jiang Chen felt really lucky, the flame he possessed previously was just the flames of a Fiery Tiger. It was very weak, but it was sufficient when it came to concocting Mortal ranked pills. However, when it came to more advanced and complicated pills, the Fiery Tiger pills was useless. But, since he had obtained the True Dragon Flame, a flame that could compare with the flames which forged the universe, which was able to burn down everything, he is able to concoct higher level pills.

"Wah! Cousin, you are really strong! Without any effort, even all these Earth Saint Masters were taken care of; is this the true might of a Heaven Saint Master? How amazing!" Suddenly, a loud but excited sound broke the silence that had descended upon the area. Bi Lian had cried out to Jian Chen with such elation that her face had gone red.


"We pay our respects to the grand elder, second elder, and fourth elder!"

"Heavens! Brother Yang Yutian's strength is just too impressive. Not only can he simultaneously condense four Radiant Saint Swords and a Radiant Saint Shield, the speed it took him is several times greater than me. My god, just how does he do it?" Quan Youcai's mouth was agape, while the shock in his heart had already reached an unreturnable state.

The senior figure Duo Kang had been killed because of the Golden Fur Tiger King's cub as well. However, the Flame Mercenaries had exhausted far too much sweat and blood for it now. If he were to execute the beast, then the Flame Mercenaries efforts would have amounted to nothing. Therefore, Jian Chen gave it even more thought and decided that Kai Er would be given the cub to tame. It would also serve as compensation and proof that their efforts were not in vain.

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