Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending! Chapter 2875

Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending! Chapter 2875

The four students immediately turned towards Jian Chen, who was walking away from them. Their eyes flashed dangerously. The one student who had his shoulder pushed aside snarled, while his face turned unsightly.

Unless the Saint Ruler gave up on using space to evade, Jian Chen had no other choice but to continue!

"Black Hawk Strike."

"Master, we've exited from the illusion array. Whatever you see in front of you is real." Ziying spoke.

Jiang Zhen Hai said helplessly;he could only go with the flow.

After that, Jiang Chen raised his head and threw his glance at Ling Yi in the sky, who now wore an unsightly expression. Then, with a loud voice he said, "Tycoon of the Asura Palace, did you see what just happened? This is the consequence of your actions. I suggest you get the hell outta here."

Great Master Ran Feng did not doubt Jiang Chen's words. He was well aware of what kind of person Ancestor Greenlotus was. Ancestor Greenlotus had traveled the entire Saint Origin realm throughout his life, and had saved many people. A nobody like Jiang Chen's ancestor would surely hang up a portrait of Ancestor Greenlotus and worship it. Perhaps the ancestor of Jiang Chen's family would never have imagined that he would have such a heaven-defying descendant.

Although the old man had no yuan energy, he could still act in a subduing manner. It was very easy to tell that he was not an ordinary man.

What was even more shocking was the man's cultivation, he was a Combat Soul warrior!"

With a cordial smile, Jian Chen replied, "If it weren't for you two, then I wouldn't have been able to experience such a magical world or come across such a large amount of strength. You've allowed me to grow strong and expand my world. I don't even have enough time to say all of my thanks, so what reason would I have to blame you two?"

Both men cupped their fists toward the Third Emperor, then they turned around and left. Not only did these two men represent themselves; they were two superpowers; the mammoths of the Jian Province! A casual fart from them would be enough to shatter the entire Qi Province! If it was under normal circumstances, none of these two superpowers would waste their time and effort to handle this tiny Qi Province.

Yang Yun panted while saying that. The temperature and pressure within the magma pool was too powerful!


"Big Yellow's condition is different from mine. His condition is largely caused by the backlashes he suffered, that's why normal healing pills won't work for him. The only way to wake him up is by awakening his sleeping bloodline. Big Yellow has the bloodline of the Divine Beast Dragon Horse, so we need to find a similar bloodline and use it to wake him up. For example, a unique beast such as the Flaming Stallion. As long as Big Yellow is fed with its blood essence and demon soul, he will awaken. Also, reawakening his bloodline will cause him to be tempered because of the life and death experience, which will cause it to evolve; bringing Big Yellow tremendous benefits."

When one of the vanguards heard Jian Chen callout Qin Ji's name, his eyes narrowed dangerously. However, when he saw Jian Chen hold up the jade piece, he started with a cry, "That is the Qinhuang Jade given from His Majesty!"

Just as Big Yellow finished performing his narcissistic speech, a huge object suddenly got in their way. It was a huge black crow with two heads. It was 3 meters tall, and it was fully covered with black scales. It seemed fierce, and can easily scare someone with its looks alone.

"The dog has given his warning, if we don't submit by tomorrow, he'll come to kill us."

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