In search of my name Chapter 2140

In search of my name Chapter 2140

"Xiaochun, that's no ordinary fish! The Saint-Emperor really wasn't holding back at allĄ­. Heavenly dragonfish are native only to this heavenly pond. They drink heavenly pondwater, and thus naturally absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. They are also fed with all sorts of precious materials! They're considered the personal property of the Saint-Emperor!

Guo Polu and Qingqing had been residing in Qing Clan for the past month without returning home even once. This month had been tough for Guo Polu, but his perseverance had paid off because he excelled in strength. His talent was alright. Qing Shui spent quite some time instructing him. He was Qingqing's man so this was a way to allow him and Guo Clan to take a big step forward.

"Mother, I have a question regarding Martial Grades!" Qing Shui thought of the question lingering in his heart, and decided to ask Qing Yi.

The spell formation cast by the Dire Skybanyan had been almost completely destroyed, and required extensive repairs. The reserve powers of the four divisions had been either seriously damaged or completely eradicated. Most of the sect headquarters had been destroyed. Of the mountain ranges belonging to the four divisions, two and a half had collapsed, and would need significant help from the patriarchs to rebuild.

The tiger form of Qing Shui was perfect. The ferocious tiger was known as the King of Beasts in the past. Even a normal claw attack could reach up to the strength of two thousand jin. A Siberian Tiger and Bengal Tiger could grow up to three meters in height and five hundred to six hundred jin in weight. A normal claw attack could reach up to the power of a ton. The title of the King of Beasts was not undeserved.

Instantly, Gongsun Wan'er's gaze sharpened, and she laughed coldly. "Are you kidding me? You take one of my prefectures away from me, and then come back to me and make it seem like you're offering alms to the poor? Did you cultivate yourself into stupidity, Bai Xiaochun?!"

With prior experience, he got the hang of it very quickly. However, when it was condensed to the size of an adult's head, it had reached its limit and could not be condensed any more. Qing Shui sensed the two large flame balls in his hands which encompassed a terrifying temperature and prowess within.

Bai Xiaochun appeared near the plant, knelt down, and looked at it. It was weak, but tenacious, and when he sensed the life flowing through it, he smiled for the first time in a long time.

"Just some powder!" Bai Xiaochun repeated. "Understand!?"

Then, cries of rage began to ring out from the altar.

Qing Shui stared at the giant sabre for a good minute before he sighed heavily. The Thunder God could only double his power at most and it was considered his most powerful weapon to date. Unfortunately, the Sky Prison Sabre was unsuitable to use, at least in Qing Shui's case.

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment. After that, he gradually dropped down onto the ground. He never thought that he would actually be able to kill that huge beast. His original intention was only to steal the Ice Snow Sacred Fruit Tree. He never expected that he would actually end up killing the White Jade Jiao.

"Th-there... there must be hundreds of millions of souls in there! This... it's...." The old man had already reached the point where he could barely speak coherently. Considering what he himself had just experienced, the fact that Bai Xiaochun was acting completely calmly was almost impossible to accept.

It was impossible to say how he did it, but Giant Ghost King caused the jade slip to fly through the air and land in his hand. After he looked at it for a moment, his eyes glittered, and the jade slip transformed into ash.


A month before, as the battles seemed to be winding down, the necromancers seemed to abandon the tactic of using souls as their weapons, and instead began to fight personally on the battlefield. When they did, the attacks they unleashed shocked everyone present.

Gu Tianjun was absolutely set on being the one to come out on top, and had even agreed to concede some of the rewards he would get to Chen Su and the others in order to achieve that goal.

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