Im in Hollywood Chapter 1583

Im in Hollywood Chapter 1583

"Haha, just save your breath. Let's fight!"

"Kaka, want to hunt this master dog down? Take your time and enjoy this master dog's peerless fart!"

Some tables and chair completely made from rock were placed in two straight rows. Right now, some of the tables were full. The majority of the warriors here were from the younger generation. Some of them were older than thirty, but in their early thirties. All of them had pretty strong cultivation bases, and the weakest of them were Late Divine Core warriors.

"Let's do this, we must kill this old dog!"

Walking out of his tent, Jian Chen stood in the fresh morning atmosphere with his head raised up high to look at the tree branches overhead. In this morning hour, the air was filled with mist and it was quite dim out as the sun was still rising from the east.

"Tynes, what is the history behind this valley, is there perhaps any legends about this place?" Jian Chen asked.

Senior An laughed out loud before scratching at his bald head, "That's right. I'd like to join you if that is possible. Your strength is quite strong and you are a genius as well, I can bet that my future will shine brightly with you."

"We're not humiliating you, we're simply switching your roles; let you have a taste of what you've been doing to those to the Black Sect. If there are anyone else who wish to die now, I can grant your wish. However, if you want to stay alive, just keep standing there quietly. You might perhaps survive this whole thing."

Guan Yiyun said with some concern. He and Tian Yishan didn't have any dissatisfaction with Jiang Chen's decision; they understood that if they didn't do as he said, with their cultivation, the outcome would be the same as previously. Not only would they not be able to provide any help, they would become burden for Jiang Chen.


"Master Blissful, what Old Man Ling Shan said is correct. This is what we've found out."

"Get lost!"

"For your Sect of Dragon and Tiger to interfere with the matters of our Qinhuang Kingdom, did you wish to make us your enemy?" One of the Imperial Advisors spoke; he was one of the five that came along with the army.

But then his face darkened afterwards, "But the enemy is a very strong one. Thirty years ago, I was of the Fourth Heavenly Layer, and the one chasing me was at the very least a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. I was nearly at the brink of death itself before I finally managed to comprehend a holy art to escape. By use of this holy art, I managed to escape death by a fluke."

Big Yellow said, beaming with joy.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before finally nodding his head, "Fine then, we'll have the best artisans in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom come over and have them cut down the treasury. Remember, offer high prices."

With his identity confirmed, Jian Chen let out a mental sigh of relief. Although a Saint Ruler was undoubtedly a tremendous source of pressure to him, at least this one was no enemy to him.

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