Terror Infinity Multiverse Chapter 434

Terror Infinity Multiverse Chapter 434

"Do you like her? Which part of her is better than me?" Jin Guyao asked Qing Shui as she pointed at Huoyun Liu-Li.

"Yes, that bamboo tower. However, that bamboo is no ordinary bamboo. Instead, it's the Purple Heart Bamboo from the Southern Seas, and it's even stronger than steel."

After all... with a Gold Core cultivation base, it would be a relatively simple thing to go on missions and earn the merit points necessary to be promoted to the rainbow district.

Even though they discussed in hushed voices, Qing Shui could hear them clearly. He realized that the two ladies were hiding their smiles.

"Daddy, you're actually really strong! You made me worried for so long." Canghai Mingyue hugged Canghai's arm happily and said proudly.


"Take a break on your own, if you want," Du Lingfei said with a cold snort. "It's just some trees." Not concealing her disdain for Bai Xiaochun's fear of death, she flashed into motion, heading directly toward the jungle.

Binding Talisman!

He wore a dragon robe, and an imperial crown, and despite his expressionless face, looked like some sort of god. He was none other thanĄ­ the Vile-Emperor!

Fortunately, Hai Dongqing got the Silver Spirit Beast. This reassured Qing Shui a little. Hai Dongqing told Qing Shui about the two powerful abilities which the Silver Spirit Beast possessed, making him also look forward to seeing them.

"We are here to see Mister Qing Shui, Little Lass. Who are you to him?" The woman crouched down to the delicate little girl and smiled at her.

"I wonder if gargoyles eat spirit medicine? They're ruined, but they still have some power left in them." After some thought, he tossed one of the pills over to the gargoyle.

"You are really annoying!" Qing Shui threw out the glass in his hand.

"Kill him, and maybe the legacy seals inside of him will be available for the taking again!" Although nobody quite agreed with Chen Yunshan's assessment of the situation, their killing intent was bursting. The rage which they had been suppressing had been ignited by the little turtle's words!

Qing Shui slowly stepped up the battle ground, the thin Heavenly Palace clothing seeming offensively conspicuous this moment!

For the following few days, Bai Xiaochun refrained from any practice of cultivation. He spent all of his time with his family and friends, especially Song Junwan, Hou Xiaomei, Zhou Zimo and Gongsun Wan'er.

Qing Shui did consider trying to refine them, as the two Demonic Beasts were tangled together and heavily injured. This was a hard to come by opportunity, especially since they had caught his fancy.

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