Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 171

Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 171

The guards were whispering at each other. Now, there were no one who didn't know about Jiang Chen's ferocious reputation. What happened on the Island of Ice had spread throughout the entire Eastern Continent, including the Martial Palace.

"The treasures must be hidden within this ancient pagoda. It looks really mystical, with all the mysterious runes engraved onto it."

Jiang Chen suddenly started laughing, "All of you are so innocent; do you honestly believe you can kill me today? Let me tell you this, you do not understand the survival rules of Inferno Hell! The reason I killed your friends and family was because they were trying to kill me! In order to survive, I have to fight back, it's the heaven's law and earth's principle! Just like now, you guys are trying to kill me, and you might just end up dying by my hands!"

Ming Dong took out a white bottle from his Space Belt and began to sprinkle the area around it while muttering, "It's a good thing I bought some antidote from Walaurent City. This type of antidote is quite famous around the continent that can cure hundreds of poisons. The only bad thing about it is its price."

"The Imprint of Death is formed from the three vital energies that can be found within a person. Its importance is the fact that it will leave behind an unerasable mark on the body that can easily be tracked." Hu Xiaotian's words came to mind, causing Jian Chen to feel even more grim.

The Tenth Emperor said.

On the same day, Jiang Chen announced his order, and during the next two days, all the different City Lords started coming to the Fragrant Sky City to greet Jiang Chen. No one objected the idea of having the Jiang family as the ultimate leader of this region, because no idiot was capable of being a City Lord. Therefore, they knew what they should do now. Also, they were really grateful, as their lives had been saved because of Jiang Chen. Not only would they do as the Jiang family told them to in the future, if Jiang Chen asked them to follow the Jiang family from now on, none of them would disobey.

When the Azure Dragon's Five Steps stepped onto Ling Yi's Dharma Wheel, Jiang Chen immediately felt a numbing sensation striking his feet, and was knocked away in the following second. However, he wasn't surprised to see this coming. Ling Yi was a Fourth Grade Combat King, and his King Weapon was much stronger than ordinary King Weapons, that's why its strength was so powerful. Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Combat King, and although he could fight a Fourth Grade Combat King, it was very difficult to suppress his opponent. Also, he had only taken the first step. If it was the third step, the result against Ling Yi's Dharma Wheel would certainly be a tie.

"Someone said that the Profound River Palace only has two Combat Kings, but if this young man joins in, they'll have one more Combat King! Originally, the Demon King Palace had three Demon Kings, but after Lord Nether was killed, they were left with only two, causing their high-end combat force to be weaker than the of the Profound River Palace! So, in the upcoming battle, I'm sure they'll be defeated! Haha, this is great££"

Right at this moment, a deep and vigorous voice sounded out. Two men came forwards and blocked Jiang Chen's path. Both of them were old men, one had a strong energy and was an Early Divine Core warrior.

On the other side, Old Man Ling Shan also cursed. Even the Golden Lion felt shame for the trio. But, Old Man Ling Shan didn't help directly. After all, there was no one from the Eastern Continent who really wanted to offend superpowers like the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, and Old Man Ling Shan was just a rogue cultivator.

This was a tragic ending for Yin Zhong Cheng. Just like Jiang Chen had said, back at Silver Moon City, he shouldn't have messed with Jiang Chen, and he shouldn't have continued clinging to him after Han Yan had stood out. This all led to what happened today.

Tian Jue was much weaker than Qin Xiao so he was completely powerless to act against him. Qin Xiao's fists landed on Tian Jue squarely with a loud sound. However while the fists seemed to hurt, they were not all that serious since even Qin Xiao didn't dare hurt Tian Jue too much.

With the death of the two Combat Soul masters, all the demons lost their fighting spirit. They were now looking at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a ghost.

"There is still someone in there. Don't try to play this dirty little trick on your father. Let me tell you this; my patience is limited, and don't you dare think that I won't dare kill this Crown Prince. If I want to kill him, it will be no different from crushing an ant with my finger."

"Of course."

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. He forcefully suppressed the shock and agitation within him, sitting in front of uncle Xiu. Afterwards, he immediately asked with doubt, "Uncle Xiu, why are you here?"

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