The Strongest Hokage Chapter 2713

The Strongest Hokage Chapter 2713

"Dugu Feng, you should continue to participate in the Gathering of the Mercenaries. With you strength, you should be able to make a name for yourself and make it within the top ten. The rewards are extraordinarily rich. This is not an opportunity that should be missed." Jian Chen spoke.

Looking toward the origins of the sound, Jian Che said, "There's someone fighting against a magical beast over there. It seems to be quite far, I estimate the distance to be at least ten kilometers." With a small moment of hesitation, Jian Chen said, "We would do best to be on our way. There is a year until the competition ends, that is plenty of time. Right now, collecting tokens is quite strenuous, so let's wait for the tokens to be collected in large amount by a small number of people. Then, we can just loot it from them and may potentially earn several tokens at once."

Jian Chen descended from the sky in the Changyang Manor. The moment his feet touched the ground, Jian Chen seemed to have been petrified, standing there blankly and dumbstruck. In front of him, there was a ring of people composed of the elderly people and guards who had not left. As for the centre of the ring, Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba lay there, eyes closed and pale faced.

Lee Shan Yue was furious beyond words. All three of his sons were dead. It didn't take a genius to predict what he was feeling right now.

Jiang Chen teased.

"Haha, Lee Long, you're good at planning, but I bet you never thought that I would have such a strong assistant!"

"A youngster with such skills became a mercenary?Have you found out where this youngster came from?"


When the final stone fragment had been extracted from his body, Jian Chen finally let loose a relieved grunt. Without energy, he slumped against the wide tree trunk and calmly took in deep breaths of air.

"I came here because of the herbs' aroma. Disciple Jiang Chen greets Elder."

There were many magical beasts within the continent, but if a mercenary were to sell a monster core through a merchant they would only get 70% of market price. Because of this, many mercenaries would rather sell the items themselves since monster cores were always in high demand on the Tian Yuan Continent anyways. Even then, many people would still hire mercenaries to go and kill magical beasts instead of going themselves.

"Oh? You're going back to the Southern Continent?"

"Alright, I'll go there right now, I'll definitely accomplish this mission."


"Tianmu Ling, it's you!" Jian Chen remarked. He was shocked; this woman was one of the few outstanding youths that participated in the Gathering of Mercenaries.

Big Yellow couldn't help but curse. Inferno Hell was a really dangerous place. They were only at the border of Inferno Hell, and they had already bumped into such powerful demon beasts. This really told them how dangerous this place actually was.

Yan Chenyu's eyes lit up, as if she had just seen the most beautiful place underneath the heavens. She threw her glance over to the boundless world of glaciers and stared at the tall ice mountain, her mind filled with joy and relaxation.

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