Fireheart: The Human, the Witch, and the Vampire Chapter 855

Fireheart: The Human, the Witch, and the Vampire Chapter 855

Wu Cong walked up to the front and threw his glance at Han Yan.

"Brother Jiang Chen, here are ten thousand Mortal Restoration pills. 800 of them are 100% effectiveness pills, and the rest of them are between 70% to 90% effectiveness!"

The mercenaries behind Lang Tian weren't weak either, and without fear, their Saint Weapons began to form and destroy the black lights that were aimed at them.

Seeing this elder, Jian Chen couldn't help but heighten his guard as his face grew more serious. Staring deeply at the elder, he spoke 3 words, "Great Saint Master!"

One of the Early Divine Core warrior's expression became stern, and he showed a strong killing intent. However, just when his killing intent leaked from his body, the young man in white had disappeared from his sights. In the next sect, he had appeared right in front of the man.

So another three Heaven Saint Masters had stopped their attack on Chang Wuji to fight Xiao Tian. His strength wasn't that far away from Xiao Tian's, and after several exchanges, he had already begun to regain the advantage despite being set back earlier, giving the men he was fighting no time to retaliate.

This was defiance of everything. In the future, Jiang Chen's name would be synonymous to demonic.

£¦My lady, you must be sent from God to torture someone.'

£¦What is a pill with 100%effectiveness?'That wa a pill without any impurities, the trio knew about this too well.

Bi Dao stood up from his stool with a bright smile, "Haha, excellent! It is no wonder you are the pride of our Bi clan!' As he spoke, Bi Dao strode toward Jian Chen before quickly striking at Jian Chen's chest like lightning. Wind attributed Saint Force gathered in his fist before exploding like a strong gale from the force of his fist.

"Heavens, who the hell was that guy? He is such a daring man! After killing six men from the Green Sanctuary Sect, he still had the audacity to warn them! This is so overbearing!"

"Am I really going to have to stay within Mercenary City and cultivate until I breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler?" Jian Chen thought as he massaged his temples in frustration. The promise he had made with little fatty was reaching a year by now with not much time left. If he were to delay any longer, then he would really go over the year long promise he made with him.

"It is not that easy to break through to the Divine Core realm. I had given it a thorough thought, and secluded cultivation alone won't help me. In order to break through, I'll need to find an opportunity. I'll leave the Black Sect tomorrow to search for the opportunity to breakthrough."

Merely ten million.


By this point, there was nothing about Jian Chen that would remind even those who knew him best of the original Jian Chen.

In the sky, when the Imperial Emperor saw that his son had been killed, he furiously roared out and unleashed an energy beam toward Wu Ningzhu. However, it was blocked by Wu Jiu.

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