Dark Assassin Chronicles Chapter 409

Dark Assassin Chronicles Chapter 409

"Kaka, old dog, pooh! You're an insult to all dogs! Old fool, why are you still standing here? Do you want to discuss your life with this master dog?"

At first, Jian Chen thought so too, but the knowledge from his previous life had told him that these were the sounds of battle between people. In this environment, no matter what sound it was, Jian Chen was always on alert, especially since he had already been attacked by his fellow students multiple times earlier that day. Jian Chen had seen those older and more experienced students fall due to not always being on guard, Jian Chen didn't plan to end up like them.

"Big yellow dog, you're such an evil-minded dog! Return our Mortal Restoration Pills fast!"

This sudden development had taken the Saint Ruler of the Jiede clan completely off guard, He had immediately taken back his palm when he saw what happened to patriarch Shi, and even his entire body began to shake. It could be seen from this that even he was completely filled with terror.

After Ye Ming spoke, another voice came out from behind them abruptly. Turning around, the two could see the king himself and a beautifully dressed, all in white, Yue'er right behind him. Her eyes had a resplendent glow to them as she looked curiously at the three people from the Changyang clan before ultimately glancing upon Jian Chen's face.

Sighing to himself inwardly, Jian Chen resigned himself to accepting that calamity will befall him. Petting the tiger wrapped up in his chest, Jian Chen could only feel shame. He had promised Rum Guinness to take care of her child, but now that he was stuck in this situation, he had no more power to do so.

After saying that, a powerful killing intent burst out from Jiang Chen's body. He waved his hand and unleashed five dazzling flood dragons, and they immediately charged into the group of Golden Guards, instantly surrounding them all.

"That's right, young master Jiang, you are the hero of Redsun Town, all of us are grateful for what you have done, we will all be your people from now on! Building you a mansion is what we have to do, but we must have it built at an excellent place."

The forest had weeds everywhere that reached the height of a regular person, completely blocking his vision. In this type of environment, one could lose their way if they weren't careful.

"Gather around everyone, let me introduce you all to brother Jian Chen. He has just recently joined our Flame mercenaries, and is the youngest out of all the people in our group. Starting today, I hope everyone can take care of him." As soon as he entered the room, Kendall had pulled Jian Chen along to introduce him.

On the auction stage, Jiang Chen opened his mouth and spat out the dazzling True Dragon Flame. The scorching flames immediately turned into an ocean of flames, which covered all the ingredients within.

Jiang Chen felt relaxed now. He had long ago guessed that Wu Jiu came from an extraordinary background, but now it seemed more incredible than what he had expected. It looks like his decision to save Wu Jiu was spot on. Without Wu Jiu, he wouldn't be able to find the Earth Devil's location, and he would have to fight this Combat Soul warrior.

As soon as the giant sword was about to chop down his waist, Ming Dong raised his right hand. Although this movement had been done very casually to him, it was practically fast beyond belief to the outside observers.

The king had reached Jian Chen's side and begun to speak several words of concern to him. His attitude was that of a father who cared for his son. Speaking kindly, the king already saw Jian Chen as his son-in-law.

Wu Lang suddenly shouted out loudly. He unleashed his energy, the energy of a Mid Combat Soul warrior! It instantly frightened everyone.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirits shook as a stream of consciousness flowed from them. All of their knowledge, thoughts, and ideas began to be transmitted into Jian Chen without a single sound by a mysterious manner as if it wanted to be comprehended by Jian Chen.

The man nodded his head, "Although he is fast enough to leave me behind, I was able to see that he left no marks traveling away from this mountain range."

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