I Saw Your Tears Chapter 271

I Saw Your Tears Chapter 271

Liu Kui really died in an unjust manner. With his Mid Divine Core cultivation level, even if he couldn't defeat Jiang Chen, there was no way he would be killed so easily. He thought his life would be spared once he agreed to Big Yellow, and he didn't expect Jiang Chen would kill him with a single sword strike once he became relaxed.

Jiang Chen's tone suddenly changed. In a ghostly manner, he instantly appeared right in front of Shangguan Yiqing. He thrust the longsword in his hand forward, penetrating Shangguan Yiqing's body. He didn't want to waste any more time.

Yu Zihan said as he furrowed his brows.

Ka Di Qiuli was wearing a dark red style of clothing, and although she was only 16 or 17 years old, her body was developing nicely. What should be sticking out was sticking out, and what should be thin was thin. Her skin tight uniform sketched her out to be a true example of a beautiful woman with delicate white skin, along with her naturally beautiful face with tender white skin. At this point, she had already enraptured the attention of all the boys in the crowd and, without a doubt, Ka Di Qiuli was definitely beautiful enough to cause cities to fight over her. However, as true as it was for most people born into a prestigious clan, she carried around with her an arrogant air.

They were far away from the Gesun Kingdom, so the rainbow clouds couldn't be seen here along with its multicolored light. But with their strengths, they could sense the happenings of the faraway places.

The desert covered a very large area. Jiang Chen and his group were the fastest amongst the warriors present, so they were in the leading position right now.

Right at this moment, a strong gale attacked Jian Chen from behind. Jian Chen's eyes flashed as he immediately pulled his sword out from the neck of the mercenary he just killed. Jian Chen turned around with his Sword Qi enhanced Light Wind Sword, and quickly thrusted his blade behind him like a flash of silver-white lightning.

"This fucking stinks! Brat, this Black Swamp Serpent is strong, let's do this together and kill him quickly!"

"What did you just say?!"

The shout was loud as a clap of thunder, and it sounded out throughout the entire Black Mountain. The sound waves turned into ripples which swept across the entire place, causing everyone in the Black Sect to hear it loud and clearly.

"I'd rather die!"

"That's right. Since that Jiang Chen likes sticking his nose in others' business, he wouldn't let Tan Lang get killed by us. In my opinion, we should announce the news immediately, and give him three days of time. If Jiang Chen doesn't show up in those three days, we'll kill Tan Lang."

The Third Emperor and the others were completely stunned. Jiang Chen had actually broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm in front of them.

Song Liangdong couldn't believe what he had just seen. Although he didn't know Zhang Yang, he was able to call out his name. Someone had obviously told him about what happened here. However, the man had only told him that there was a violent man in the outer circle who had killed the strongest disciple of the outer circle, Wang Yuan, as well as one Elder. However, when Song Liangdong arrived, he realized it wasn't just two men, but four men who had been killed by Zhang Yang.

"Hold up!" Mu Jian tried to block the man without caring for the anger in his eyes. Turning around to look at Jian Chen, he spoke, "Jian Chen, we became enemies by accident, could it be you're still going to force us in this way?"


Jiang Chen was simply too fast. Before the Black Crow had the time to respond, it had been into half by Jiang Chen's attack, and died on the spot.

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