My MCV and The Apocalypse Chapter 1556

My MCV and The Apocalypse Chapter 1556

Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat at Bi Dao's words. "How exactly does one make these pills?" He asked.

Jian Chen and the other two ignored the sounds of discussions from the surroundings, and directly walked towards the huge ferry docked right ahead.

On the gates to the villa, a large board could be seen hanging overhead with the words, "Huangpu Trading". Evidently, this area was heavily reliant on trading.

The male had violet hair that seemed to droop all the way down to his chest. He wore a classic violet changpao and had eyes that glowed with a curious violet shade.

"This is troublesome, where could the Ruler Armaments be? If they are within a Space Ring, it has to be within ten meters for our secret method to sense it. Is it possible that we'll be forced to plead the ancestor to use his energy to search for the missing Ruler Armaments?" The second elder from the Jiede clan spoke as he glared daggers at Jian Chen.

"Hey guys, did you heard what they said just now? They're heading to the Serpent River."

A single purple coin was worth a hundred gold coins. A few purple coins was more than enough for an entire family to live half a generation of luxury. Therefore, a sum like this was more than enough to spend on an entire lifetime.


He once again drew out his blade, then he unleashed all his Yuan energy, causing it to shine brightly. With a tremendous force, he swung the blade toward the Ice Demon King.

"You three are really daring! You've just been here for three months, and you've already become so arrogant? Who gave you the audacity to beat my servants? Do you know who I am? I'm Qiu Tianba! You guys are simply courting death!"

Wu Jiu adopted a strong attitude toward the men. However, he too did not expect Jiang Chen to refuse to kneel down before the Imperial Emperor. Because of this, Jiang Chen's image would be greatly ruined in the Imperial Emperor's mind, this was not good.

"I may have heard of this Sect of Dragon and Tiger before. They were established a few thousand years ago, but that Saint Ruler they have only made the breakthrough a thousand years ago. From what I know, they only have one Saint Ruler. Yet, they still have the cheek to act against our Qinhuang Kingdom." An elder spoke.

"Don't worry. Although my cultivation and alchemy skills are nowhere near you leave, you can't beat me when it comes to brewing wine! Of course, your older brother I don't have the ability to brew it with more Energy Spring Water."

"That's good. Go ten kilometers away from Lore City and set one up." Jian Chen spoke.

Even Jian Chen was looking at this event right in front of him with a stunned look. He hadn't thought that the arrogant Tian Jue that was trying to force him to sell the Multicolored Stone earlier would be soundly beaten to such a degree. All of his arrogant bravado had been instantly blown away.

With a serious expression, Jiang Chen strode towards the residency area. This time, it didn't matter if it was Wang Yun, Huang Zheng, or those disciples who were forced to hand out Mortal Restoration Pills, they had encountered this problem all because of Jiang Chen. Therefore, Jiang Chen had to step in and bring them their justice. If he didn't, who would want to follow him in the future? Most importantly, he wanted to find out who was behind everything, and who was the man in black that tried to assassinate him in the Myriad Demon Mountain. And, Guo Lei was the first clue in finding the answers to these questions.

Not far away, a robust man wearing hemp clothes was hold a tiny creature in his hand. The creature was about the same size as the current Big Yellow. Its fur was pure white, and it had a pair of big ears and a long trunk. The robust man kept waving it around, showing it to the people.

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