Reincarnated and turned into a Billionaire Chapter 2982

Reincarnated and turned into a Billionaire Chapter 2982

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On the surface of the black liquid, there was a layer of substance which looked like a kind of vapor.

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Anyone outside who heard that would be completely shocked, and also overcome with envy.

In all of the Wildlands, Bai Xiaochun would be the only person who would actually be able to use this formula to concoct flame.

It's a piece of cake for Qing Shui to beat him.

To think that Hundred Miles City could be prosperous to this extent. Just building the city walls, as well as the marbled streets would need to expend an untold amount of wealth and manpower. The shops and inns on the streets were neither simple nor unsophisticated, they all looked extremely affluent.

Stepping into Core Formation in the middle of a battlefield was a shocking thing in and of itself. But then he actually reached Heaven-Dao Gold Core, and after that, continued to increase his fleshly body power. The cultivators of both the River-Defying Sect and the Sky River Court were so shocked that they were going into a daze.

Bai Xiaochun's eyes revealed... blankness.

Hou Xiaomei snorted. "You're the niece! Your whole family are all nieces! Me and big bro Xiaochun are the perfect match! We're childhood friends, and we liked each other from the moment we joined the sect. In fact, it was only with big bro Xiaochun's help that I was able to get into the Outer Sect."

The previous few times, Qing Shui controlled his body to undergo the pressure of tempering his bones and muscles. He also made sure not to get injured in the process. However, now he could not care so much about that anymore, he had to secure his life first.

Heaven and earth seemed to teeter on the verge of complete collapse. The two golden dragons let out miserable shrieks as they slammed into the claw. To the claw, it was as if they were tiny bugs that were instantly crushed out of existence. Blood sprayed out of the mouth of the second prince as he was sent flying backward. As for the other chosen who had been charging into battle, their faces fell, and they also began to cough up blood. It was almost as if a mountain had slammed into them, sending them tumbling backward.

"It's not me. Come with us. Our young master wants to meet you." After saying that, the youth simply walked out.

"Furthermore, the natural laws of the Heavenspan Realm showed special favor to him. When his world was destroyed, he wasn't hurt at all. Even more miraculous is that after he reached the Eternal Immortal Domains, his spirit enhancement abilities grew even more powerful.

Bai Xiaochun was starting to feel confused, and he even went so far as to use his Waterswamp Kingdom. However, nothing changed....

Wenren Wu-Shuang, standing not too far away, had a small smile, "This little man grew up."

"What's going on in there!?!?" On the Wildlands side, the high-ranking necromancers were all shocked, and began to edge backward nervously.

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