The Simulation System! Chapter 1

The Simulation System! Chapter 1

"Fine. Tian Yishan, since you can still maintain your pride, I'll let you have a quick death today."

Looking at this, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu both furrowed their bros. Could this damn thing still eat? Their appetites immediately disappeared upon seeing this.

Zhar was a sturdily built man who was about two meters tall and had a chilling stare as he looked at Jian Chen. He had come fully prepared by wearing his silver colored armor where wisps of Radiant Saint Force could be seen revolving around it, basking the area around him in a glowing light and giving him the appearance of a holy person. The only place that had not been covered by the armor were the two spots where his eyes were. Holding his bright Saint Weapon above his head, the armored Zhar looked like a revered war god.


Jiang Chen stored the bronze plate back into his storage ring, then both men started flying with incredible speed, dashing through the dark night like two ghosts, and leaving behind afterimages wherever they passed.

Nan Bei Chao was laughing loudly, this was definitely the funniest joke he had ever heard, this had never happened before.

Slowly standing up from his chair, he grabbed the few books he had with him and returned them to the bookshelf. After the books were neatly shelved, Jian Chen began to walk out of the library. At that moment, the entire library watched Jian Chen's movements.

On the second day, Yun Li had brought a white robed man into the room where Jian Chen was.

At the Huang Village.

These two illusionary gates were the exits for the Gates of Life and Death. Those who came out from them had mostly experienced life or death situation. Many of them were injured, and some had obtained great benefits, leading to their cultivations improving significantly. Regardless of which gate, the mentalities of those who had come out had improved significantly. Even without obtaining any treasures, they would be able to become someone great with their own persistence.


Big Yellow was knocked back by Shangguan Yilong's sword. But, since he had thick skin and powerful muscles, the attack didn't hurt him a bit. But, because of this small exchange, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian had caught up as well. The trio were blocking Shangguan Yilong's path, preventing him from leaving the place.

The Heavenly Saint Sword collided with Shangguan Yihong's giant blade. In an instant, the giant blade was sliced into two halves.

"He's a monster, but Wu Cong and the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are determined to kill him, and I'm sure they won't give up easily."

"Jian Chen, you're not exactly short on money, why are you auctioning off two Class 5 Monster Cores?" Ming Dong asked in confusion. Even Dugu Feng and You Yue were rather confused by the actions of Jian Chen.

The situation made the Third Emperor and everyone else feel excited. It looked like the Nine Stars Killing Formation was stronger than what they had expected, as Jiang Chen seemed to be no match for it. However, although they were surprised, they were also shocked. The Third Emperor now possessed everyone's combat strength, which made him incredibly powerful, while Jiang Chen was only an Early Combat Soul warriors. However, not only did this attack not kill him, it didn't even seem to hurt him. Just how frightening was this incredibly monstrous youngster be?

There were plenty of halls within the shrine, but the entire place was still quiet. Not a single person could be seen, and it felt as if the three of them were the only ones there.

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