pirate world Chapter 2383

pirate world Chapter 2383

"Don't waste your energy on useless talk like that," he said. "Your cultivation base isn't high enough, Bai Hao. You need to focus more on your cultivation, do you understand?" When the Giant Ghost King thought about how this Bai Hao had used a single drop of soul-blood to unleash a demigod-level attack, though, he couldn't help but marvel.

Instead of the woman, he saw something even more strange; the void around them seemed to be sinking!

Bruiser immediately nodded. He could see how dangerous the 15,000-meter area was, and although he was very happy to finally be outside on a mission with Bai Xiaochun, he was also very nervous.

However, Bai Xiaochun continued to do it so often that he appeared to be neglecting his day-to-day duties. It reached the point where Bai Lin caught wind of it. Annoyed, he made some special arrangements. The next day, when Bai Xiaochun led his regiment out of the command center to enjoy the gazes of the other cultivators in the army, he had just begun to savor the buzz of conversation around him when all of a sudden, a group of several thousand cultivators appeared, all of them wearing suits of armor. As they proceeded along, they cleared a 300-meter path through the crowds in front of them.

By the time Qing Shui came back to his senses, Shi Qingzhuang was already limp in his arms while emitting soft, melodious moans. Both of them faced each other, locked in a tight embrace.?

He had the feeling that since Bai Xiaochun was a disciple of the south bank, and had already caused the trouble he had, things probably couldn't get much worse. On the other hand, if he reassigned him to the north bank... it was likely that the next time he had a meeting like this, it would be with the peak lords and elders of both banks together.

As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes glittered, and the smile stayed on his face as he looked down imperiously at the Chen Clan.

It was actually that absolute beauty, the first women that Qing Shui met, and also the most beautiful. Only, Qing Shui did not expect it to be her, although Qing Shui did not doubt her beauty, it just caused him to be a little surprised.

Excited, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously. After trying another batch, he confirmed his success. At long last, when it came to tier-3 spirit medicine... he could succeed one hundred percent of the time!

Of course, Bai Xiaochun provided Mrs. Chen with an escort of cultivators and sent her back to his residence in Giant Ghost City, while he took the remaining tens of thousands of men towardˇ­ the Bai Clan!

All this took only a few breaths of time. Divine abilities slammed into each other, sending shockwaves out in all directions. As for all of the cultivators down below in the Eternal Immortal Domains, they looked on in complete shock.

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Meeting Yiye Jiange and advancing to the Xiantian stage, entering the Skysword Sect and being promoted to be an elderˇ­ˇ­.

"The time for magical techniques is over. Let's see whose fleshly body is stronger!"

A wristlet forged through 3-color graded Art of Forging actually included effects of Frenzied Bull Strength. From what Qing Shui knew, 2-color graded wristlet did not contain attributes of the Frenzied Bull Strength.?

When the four young guards heard what the grandmasters were saying, they calmed down a bit. However, considering how close they were to the pill furnaces, some of them brought out defensive magical devices just in case.

"You can't blame us if he just doesn't measure up!" Chen Fei flickered into motion, immediately heading down off the mountain, followed by his two friends. The three of them moved at top speed to a certain path they knew that Bai Xiaochun would pass on his way back from the market, and lay there in wait.

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