One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 1660

One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 1660


"Hehe, I never expected my benefactor to be such a young man. Your elder sister really wants to thank you again for what you did. But, little brother, why are you staying with the Nangong family?"

Big Yellow said while feeling slightly depressed. But, he knew that with his and Jiang Chen's current combat strength, there was no way they could defeat a Mid Divine Core warrior. Under such circumstances, the only option for them was to run.

"Wonderhand Thousandtunes Wu Ningzhu, you've played your zither well. Just attack with everything you got, I wish to see how strong this Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes can be."

"Now you know why. That guy has been shouting and yelling for quite some time, and your master dog can't stand it anymore!"

"Fuck, how could I forget about this? Lee Shan Yue has been preparing for this, so he must have given a low rank combat weapon to Lee Chang Hao beforehand."

Wu Ningzhu turned to the human geniuses, and with a loud voice she said, "This is Jiang Chen, the strongest warrior of the Eastern Continent. He is here to help the Profound River Palace in the fight against the Demon King Palace. You all come from different territories and clans, and since you're free now, you can choose to return to where you came from, or follow us to fight the Demon King Palace!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He had been away for only three days, and there was someone who had spread rumors saying he was dead. This made him think about the man in black who had tried killing him back in the Myriad Demon Mountain.

The air was being cut through, and everyone saw a huge bright golden finger illuminating the night, flying towards Mu Rong Zhan in an unstoppable manner.

Ka Di Yun and Ling Zhengtian exchanged several words of smalltalk with each other before simultaneously taking out their Saint Weapons. Ka Di Yun's Saint Weapon was a two-handed sword while Ling Zhengtian's was a long thin saber. With the appearance of their Saint Weapons, the fight had officially started.

"Tie Ta, you needn't worry. Your blood is indeed unique; according to what I know, the blood of some magical beasts is quite special. Some don't even have golden blood. With blood like yours, this may be a blessing in disguise instead of misfortune." Ming Dong comforted him.

Immediately flying off his mount, Jian Chen dodged to the side.

The general was very good at discerning body language and so he was curious at what caused such a reaction from Jian Chen. Without giving away his curiosity, he smiled, "Fellow brother, might I ask if you are an Imperial Advisor from the Qinhuang Kingdom?"

As the sword flew forward, no matter if it was a tree that was tall enough to scratch the heavens or just a blade of grass, the sword cleaved it in two and left behind a smooth surface.

As the tiger cub continued to eat the remaining parts left behind by Jian Chen, it continued to howl in sadness. Not too long afterward, the entire area had been cleaned up by the tiger cub.

The two elders laughed merrily before elder Feng replied, "The fourth master misunderstands, the two of us are here solely to pay a visit and not for the skeleton. You are after all a benefactor of our Huang family. While the Saint Ruler's skeleton is important, our Huang family will not show ingratitude to a friend. Neither would we do such an act like that and earn animosity with the Qinhuang Kingdom, we would not dare infuriate an Imperial Protector from that kingdom."

Hearing these two mercenaries talk, all the other mercenaries in the room frowned.

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