The Colony Chapter 745

The Colony Chapter 745

"Go!" Gongsun Wan'er said, blurring into motion to enter the hole. Bai Xiaochun suppressed his unease, braced himself, and followed!

"I don't know. Probably one year, or at most two!"

"This incident is history, forever a history. Let's forget about it, what do you say? Let's pretend this never happened," Yu Ruyan spoke gently with her head lowered.

Furthermore, because the Underworld River had been tampered with, the number of souls only seemed to increase.

Doing so indicated that there would be a period of time in which he would not be coming here, so he decided that he wanted to finish reading the inscription stele first.

In that critical moment, Ghostmother's voice suddenly floated out, soft, but somehow sly and treacherous. "Are you talking to me, Daoist Heavenspan? Or her?"

The dimension in which the blue trial took place wasn't large, only about 30,000 meters across. Beyond those borders, everything was a blur. Within the very center of the 30,000-meter area was a lone statue depicting a young woman. She was beautiful, but there was something strange about her; she pulsed with a frigid aura that caused everything around her to turn a light blue color.

As far as Chen Manyao was concerned, she was still in secluded meditation on the orders of the Grand Heavenmaster.

Before long, the street had calmed down. The Bai Clan cultivators exchanged awkward glances, and Madam Cai was gnashing her teeth.


"Celestial Ghostmother, save me¡­!" he screamed. Just as he was about to break free from the spiderweb, something grabbed him from behind and dragged him back in. "Noooo!!"

"There are a total of six celestials in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, who rotate leadership of the second and third immortal domains. Currently overseeing the third immortal domain is Celestial Ghostmother."

Apparently, when something entered the River of Time and Space, all traces of its existence were completely removed.

Core Qi Method!

"No way, giving you so many would be a waste."

As the only prime elder, he was responsible to act as the guardian of the battleship, and the leader of the forces onboard. Most of the cultivators who followed him onboard looked at him with the utmost level of awe, and offered respectful greetings as soon as he looked at them.


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