My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 2079

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 2079

He would rather die than trust Bai XiaochunĄ­ and yet, if he didn't trust him, that would mean he believedĄ­ that he had plenty more shots left!

Unfortunately, it was useless when dealing with Song Junwan. It didn't matter that he was in mid Foundation Establishment, there was no way he was a match for someone like her, a top expert who was on the verge of reaching Core Formation. Of course, Song Junwan didn't attack him, she merely glared at him for a moment before turning and leaving.

"Zhao`er, if you don't wish to die, do not go and provoke her, she won't even bother looking at you," said an old man to the boy riding on the silver eagle with him.

However, in the moment that the golden design appeared, it seemed that the pain Bai Hao's soul was enduring suddenly grew more intense. He let out a miserable shriek, and his eyes snapped open. In that instant, Bai Xiaochun could tell that his soul body was just about to fall apart; cracks even began to spread out on its surface.

The Giant Ghost King had long since been returned, and was now awake. After he found out about everything that had occurred, and learned that the proverbial fuse had been lit with the enormous sovereign in the sky, he shook his head and sighed.

"I already told you before, once you get her attention and give her a sense of security, the next thing to do isn't to push things forward, it's to back off!

[1] the word Hu, is written differently in chinese but with the same pronunciation. His cousin Qing Hu (Blue Tiger), his 3rd uncle Qing Hu (Blue Lake). Chinese can be pretty confusing T.T for those of you interested, Qing Shui stands for (Blue Water), Qing Yi (Blue Clothes) LOL the naming sense is pretty weird when translated into English, that's one of the reasons why I didn't do that. And oh ya, the word Qing, depending on context could also be translated as green. Roflolmao

Shockingly, there was a dimension inside!

Qing Shui's attack was like the violent storm, without any pauses. He had not even used the Big Dipper Sword in his right hand but already had such a terrifyingly damaging prowess just from his series of continuous attacks with the shield.

As Shi Qingzhuang turned her head back, her expression was just like a deer in the headlights. That straight nose of hers was especially sexy, and her soul-stirring face would invoke desires in men who couldn't help but involuntarily want to kiss her!

"There's a village up ahead," she said. "Something's alive there, but my divine sense can't enter the area, so it's hard to say what."

Even as the Saint-Emperor wrestled with the issue, and the court officials continued to submit requests, Bai Xiaochun was seated cross-legged in his blessed land, thinking about everything that had happened in his life. Eventually, his eyes opened, partly blank, partly alive with enlightenment!

As long as he cultivated, there would be slight hope that he would survive. For instance, he might just break through to the Martial Saint grade out of nowhere.

AST 682 - Treating Yuan Su, Twin Phoenixes Face the Sun

Instantly, the heavens began to tremble as the eye focused, not on the toxic gas, but on the enormous sword formation.

Because Feng Shamo did not have much of his lifespan left, once he died, the Feng Clan would become like an ordinary clan, for they did not have any other Peak Martial King cultivators.

Having been given this vague order from the Arch-Emperor, the two old men exchanged a glance, and both of them could see in the other's eyes that they were fearful of the Grand Heavenmaster's reaction. After a moment, one of them turned to face the square outside of the hall and began to recite the sacrificial invocation. As his words echoed out, they seemed to contain a bizarre resonance which caused the clouds up above to churn into the form of a vortex.

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