Seven deadly sins Continuation, Meliodas X Elizabeth or melizabeth Chapter 235

Seven deadly sins Continuation, Meliodas X Elizabeth or melizabeth Chapter 235

Listening to Fei Wuji's explanation made Qing Shui feel the difference of the Great Sect. It was hard to stay weak in a sect filled with so many old monsters. These old men had god-like existences on land in terms of mind, sophistication, experience, cultivation and perspective. To stand at this height and live for a few hundred years, it was an understatement to call them monsters after all they had been through.

Qing Shui was very clear minded this time around and also remembered the number of times he had hammered; It was a total of five-thousand three-hundred and twenty-eight times. Qing Shui knew that this was the highest number of times he had hammered, so he was very excited.

The Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect's teleportation portal was located on the blue rainbow. As soon as it began to shine with light, the disciples manning the portal were shaken, and looked over to see who it was that was arriving.

Oppressing others by force, that was the air of the Tiger's Mount; to bring up the presence to a terrifying extent, one can lose physically without losing his presence, for he would lose without it.

"The bigger the audienceˇ­ the more this fight will shake the Eternal Immortal Domains!" By this point, his eyes were alive with the desire to do battle. He had spent many years on the treasured fan, but the anger he felt in his heart had not been sated by the death of the Vile-Prince. He still needed to vent! This was also the time to make a name for the Heavenspan Realm in the Eternal Immortal Domains!

The skillful ones were indeed brave!

"Xue Er, no need to say anymore. Young Master Shi, you better bring the uncle to the Hundred Medicinal Hall. Any later, and he wouldn't be able to make it." The lady's words seemed very urgent, but when she said it, they were slow, yet not awkward.

Qing Shui looked at everything and felt at peace in his heart. It was just like how he'd feel when he looked at his savings of a few million or even ten millions of dollars in his previous world. Peaceful. These were the resources that Qing Shui would need to establish himself in the World of the Nine Continents in the future.

The house only took up a space of 1.5 mu, and was considered small. However, considering that it was in a prosperous area in Hundred Miles City, it was a good find. The courtyard was spacious, with a small flower bed, and even a small pond for one to rear fish. The house was brand new, with nothing inside, but it would be fine after getting some furniture and a bed. The house was fully decorated, and could immediately house people.

However, when he considered that the decrease in defense was based on his own body, he felt that it was insignificant compared to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant or the tiger outside. Even though his defense among the humans, especially those below the Martial Saint level, was incomparable, it was still inferior to many of the Peak Martial King level beasts.

Putting away their mounts, they walked towards that stone slope. This time Qing Shui saw the Mu Family girl walking without her feet touching the ground.

When he thought about the Mighty Elephant Stomp's formidable force and its potential growth in future, he was able to come to terms with the cooldown time. Moreover, he would most probably use the technique only once in a battle due to its invincibility. Qing Shui finally shook his head and dispersed all these thoughts as he exited from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing You and Qing Bei were the two lowest-graded martial warriors in the Qing Clan. With the help of Qing Shui's guidance and the consumption of a large amount of medicinal pills, Qing Bei was able to reach the Grade Two Martial King level. Qing You, on the other hand, was a step away from becoming a Martial King. Of course, both of them could not be compared with those of a true supreme clan with their current status.

Big Fatty Zhang immediately helped the burly man to his feet. Face beaming, he took the bag, glanced inside, then helped the man dust off his clothes.

"I'll wait until I can conjure eighteen-colored flame, or maybe even something higher than that. Then I'll enhance my nascent soul all in one shot, and achieve a major cultivation base breakthrough." Having made his decision, he recuperated for a bit, then started researching seventeen-colored flame. Meanwhile, Bai Hao had opened the shop again. Needless to say, after being closed for a month, business boomed as soon as the doors were opened.

A few jars of Demonic Beast's blood!

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