The Wrold of Algratha Chapter 2814

The Wrold of Algratha Chapter 2814

"Hey fellow brothers. Today the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House will start. Rumors say they will be auctioning off a Class 5 Magical Beast corpse." A blue robed mercenary said.


"Ling'er, your friend here isn't as ordinary as we were led to believe. He's invited the grand elder of Mercenary City of all people! Inconceivable, quite utterly inconceivable. Who would dare try to take a portion of the tungsten alloy now?" Wang Yanhong spoke to the still dazed Tianmu Ling.

The Old Great Emperor's words contained an ice-cold killing intent. He could feel the energy unleashed from Jiang Chen's body, amazing him. At the same time, he predicted Jiang Chen's identity correctly. Having energy that could match a Combat King warrior at the Combat Soul realm, under the heavens, perhaps only Jiang Chen who had killed the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor had such energy.

"Zihan, your progress is really incredible!"

Jiang Chen raised his palm at the same time and pushed it toward Lin Anying's palm. After that, they both took a few steps back. They stood face to face.

"If they don't provoke me, we'll just continue our journey after we kill the Flood Dragon, but if they do provoke me££ hmph!"

Soon enough, Jian Chen entered Wake City and waited for the city guards to come and inspect him. Since he had the image of a injured and bloody survivor, there was no monetary tax to enter the city. Although the guards were greedy for money, their greed was not without morals.

The scorching flames soared up into the sky. A mountain had just been destroyed by this seal alone, leaving behind a huge and deep crater on the ground, raging flames dancing violently inside. Half of the mountain had been turned to ash because of the flames, while the other half had shattered into countless fragments that had scattered across the place. The scene was like that of the end of the world; extremely frightening!

However, the golden threads were not everyday objects. Not only were they abnormally tough, they were extremely pliable. No matter how hard Jin Feng tried, he was unable to break through the binding.

Yu Zi Han stood not to far away with his mouth wide open due to the extreme shock. Liang Xiao was dead, he was killed by Jiang Chen. If news about this was spread out, it would cause an earthquake in the Qi Province for sure.

A human figure suddenly appeared next to Jiang Chen, it was Guo Shan. When he saw Fan Zhong Tang and his grandson, it immediately reminded him of what happened that day and made him furious.

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out. He was still excited, and hadn't pulled himself out from the previous mentality.

Wu Cong burst into laughter, as if his evil plot had already taken effect.

At the moment, Changyang Hu and his friends were all wearing well made wolf pelts that made them look as if they had no injuries at all. The wolf pelts were the ones that Jian Chen and Tie Ta had made from when they had slaughtered that pack of wolves; they had collected quite a large amount of them.Chapter 47: Returning to the Academy

Yan Chen Yu took a step forwards and held Jiang Chen's arm with her hand, speaking with a happy tone.

Yin Zhong Cheng cried out like an animal. The fat man Big Yellow killed was none other than Yin Ren. His eyes were gone, and he was badly wounded. He was being healed in the tower, but Yin Zhong Cheng had never expected this to happen.

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