Genius magician Chapter 704

Genius magician Chapter 704

Golden ripples exploded out from the clash between the Heavenly Yellow Finger and the Single Solar Finger. All the trees close by all exploded into pieces because of these golden ripples. This showed how powerful this explosion truly was.

Everyone was filled with righteous indignation, and when they looked at Wang Yun and Huang Zheng who were resting on the beds, they became even angrier. However, it was too bad that their strength wasn't enough, and that was why they were being bullied.

Soon, a dozen men arrived at the Martial Saint Palace. These were all the emperors, as well as Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi, the same group of people as the last time Jiang Chen was here.


"Oh great swordsman, please forgive us! We have a family to take care of and feed. They are depending on us to take care of them, but if we are to die, then they will have no way of living!" One of the bandits cried with mucus dripping from his nose. Against an Earth Saint Master expert, not a single one of the three believed they could escape from him.

Staring calmly at this man, Huang Tianba said, "Lord Yan, it would be best for your family to stay out of this affair. Understand that the tungsten alloy is an object that'll burn the hand of those that touch it. Even with the Yan and the Hongfu, you will not be able to safeguard it from the others."

"Mother££ I'm sorry. Your child was not able to pay respect to you in the end££"

"Brother Jian Chen, I'm sure you realized that our Wake City is about to face off against a wave of magical beasts. This is a test of life or death for our Wake City. In the case that we fail to defend Wake City from these magical beasts, then the tens of thousands of people will become the meal of the magical beasts, so I sincerely hope that brother Jian Chen will lend his power to help defend Wake City." Yun Li's smile had faded from his face and a serious look replaced it as he began to talk about this serious topic.

Changyang Ba nodded his head slowly with a neutral face. Inspecting the tree branch even more closely, he started to grow more and more suspicious. Finally, he spoke, "Chang Bai, this tree branch is nothing special. In addition, the tip is not sharp at all. Based on Xian Er's strength, it is impossible for a tree branch to injure Ke Er at all."


"Little sister, why don't you tell me who you are? Who is your master, perhaps I might have seen him before." Jian Chen inquired. Right now in his mind, he was trying his best to think of any possible person that could fit the bill as fast as he could.

Yin Zhong Cheng roared out loud, furious.

Jian Chen was becoming aware of the situation and let out an incredulous expression as well.

Jian Chen stared at this previously tiger shaped woman in a daze. Although he knew that a Class 7 Magical Beast could transform into a human, this was still the very first time he had seen such an event. This was quite mystical, almost far too mystical for anyone to believe.

"What is the current situation? Has news of the tungsten alloy remained a secret?" Jian Chen whispered.

Over and over again, Jian Chen continued to dodge the snake's attacks. The Silver Striped Golden Snake grew angrier with each failure, as the dangerous glint in its eyes intensified. Suddenly, a long, golden snake tail quickly flew out from the tall grass toward Jian Chen.

Yan Chen Yu grabbed Big Yellow's ear.

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