The Beautiful Time With You Chapter 2570

The Beautiful Time With You Chapter 2570

Jian Chen stood in the center of the room as he looked around at each and every single item he had left behind. His mind couldn't help but think back to life when he was younger. A series of memories continued to fly through his mind, causing Jian Chen to feel it hard to rest.

Jiang Chen was stimulating his potential right now, trying to break through to the Divine Core realm in one go. In his current condition, two weeks were more than enough.Chapter 236 Ă¿ Final Juncture

At the same time!

"I was being reckless.I have been hurting Yu'er for all this time.I can't make the same mistake again at this critical time!"

"Be careful, someone came down from the trees££"

Sensing the changes within his body, Jian Chen was startled. Quickly calming himself down, he closed his eyes and began to envision himself inside his mind.

"Just who's making such a racket? How annoying, even my eardrums are vibrating because of the racket." Just after Tian Jue had roared, another angry voice came from the direction of the stairs.

They were warriors from the Blissful Manor. Not all of them were demons from the ocean, there were actually quite a number of humans amongst them.

Xiao Han's eyes held an undisguised amount of envy, but he managed to let out a smile, "Dear princesses, could it be that you three are giving a toast to the third prince's friend?"

"Chief, do you know what Little Yu's cultivation is right now?"

Wu Lang said.

Nangong Yunfan didn't want to delay any longer either. With a sway of his arm, he retrieved a gigantic sword. It was a dazzling sword that was emitting a cold shine. The sword had a long and wide body, and its razor sharp edge had numerous mystical symbols engraved on top of it. Clearly, it was the highest grade Superior Combat Weapon.

Wincing from the pain in his chest, Jian Chen staggered up from the ground. The bones in his chest had already fractured and some pieces had even started to stab into his inner flesh, causing him to feel so much pain that a thick blanket of sweat could be seen on his forehead. Watching the Green Scaled Ape come running at him, Jian Chen's face grew solemn. He knew that the three Class 5 Magical Beasts were on friendly terms with each other, so when he had killed two of the three, the Green Scaled Ape would definitely come running at him.

Jian Chen's mood had been soured by today's events, and with the annoying buzz of the soldiers, he felt his killing intent rise. With so many soldiers charging at him, Jian Chen's eyes let out an icy glare before his killing intent billowed out from his body, dropping the surrounding temperature down several degrees. Anyone close to him immediately felt as if they had been plunged into icy-cold water, stopping them dead in their tracks.

Wang Yufeng found it impossible to escape or even move because of the death grip that Nubis had on his throat. A feeling of suffocation began to well up from his body. He started to feel as if he was on the verge of death. What had been even more terrifying was the fact that Nubis' eyes were scarlet, adding yet another factor of anger that struck fear into Wang Yufeng.

Mang Third was born with crossed eyes, and he kept blinking while he was talking, giving people an impression that there was something wrong with his mind.

"Brother Yan, you have the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline, why do you still care for a Devil Source Stone?"

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