Skkarius Chapter 1690

Skkarius Chapter 1690

Nature Energy!?

"Senior Nightcrypt, are you...."

"The heavens do have eyes! That crazy devil was the worst plague to ever hit us. We Dark Concocters are always honest and kind-hearted. We're good people! Good people aren't supposed to be subjected to bullying!"

Art of Pursuing!

"So what? After coming to Greencloud Continent, we're the strongest here." The old man said with a powerful disposition as he looked at Qing Shui.

"How about with your life?" replied the man. Qing Shui hated this man's ugly looks, he could even tell that that man also hated his looks.

Even though no one pointed it out, everyone felt that it was a little fishy. Luckily, everyone was being tactful, so they didn't ask further. Mu Qing was relieved when she heard Qing Shui's answer but was also a little disappointed at the same time.

Huoyun Liu-li stepped towards him shyly and pressed her flushed cheek against Qing Shui's hand. She lowered her head, hoping to not make any direct eye contact with Qing Shui's soft gaze, but she saw his exaggerated tent again.

However, such efforts couldn't be met with success quickly, and needed a lot of merit points to be invested. At the moment, the Fantasy Pills were still the bread and butter of the Azure Dragon Society.

"Back in his highness the king's decay period, the deva patriarchs of the Chen, Bai and Cai Clans all tried to chase me down and kill both me and his highness the king. They were joined by a host of Nascent Soul experts, and yet with me to protect the king, he made it safely to the end of his decay period! I escaped every deadly situation I faced in Giant Ghost City, and not even three devas could do anything about me!

The truth was that as the grand elder of the Hall of Justice, the only people in the clan who could cause any problems for him were the patriarch and the grand elder from the Hall of Corrections. As for the clan chief... he didn't care about him at all.

Qing Shui disappeared but the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King looked around, feeling dubious. Earlier, what he hit was Qing Shui's after image, but now Qing Shui had disappeared right before its eyes and it couldn't even sense anything with its spiritual sense. Therefore, he felt that Qing Shui must have been devoured by the black hole it had created.

"I don't need itĄ­." he shrieked. The Lightning Ancestor was long gone, huffing and puffing as he propelled his cell far off into the distance. Upon looking over his shoulder, he began to curse. "Dammit! No consideration for the elderly! Does he think it's easy for me to move this cell at my age!?!?"

Bai Xiaochun looked excitedly at his battle credit, and forgot any plans of trying to explain the situation. Holding his identity medallion high above his head, he shouted, "I want a promotion to major general!"?

"This Devil Penitentiary isn't some ordinary prison!" he thought. As he continued to look around, he noticed four tunnels leading off in four directions, with a fifth tunnel-like opening in the ceiling.

When Qing Shui landed, all the cultivators in the area immediately surrounded him, squashing the thick layer of snow on the ground. There was even a batch of archers among the most exterior of this encirclement, and there were no less than a hundred of them.

"Then I'll be keeping this core to be used for alchemy in the future! I hope you won't mind!"

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