Tempest of the Battlefield Chapter 54

Tempest of the Battlefield Chapter 54

His silver Light Wind Sword appeared instantly in his right hand as it flashed with a silver glow. In another instant, it flew lightning fast towards the people that charged at him.

Ziying and Qingsuo both answered without hesitation and moved in coordination. From Jian Chen's hand came two glows of light, separating to form a male in violet robes and a female in azure robes. The male was handsome and the female was beautiful in a way that made them both seem like a pair of Immortals married to each other.

"Damn you, damn you! Master dog just adopted a human pet, but you killed him! I don't care, you have to pay me back!!"

Glaring angrily at Jian Chen, the youth stepped forward and pointed at Jian Chen, yelling, "Smelly brat, what did you say to me? Why don't you try saying it one more time."

Paying close attention to the pale face of the princess, Jian Che knew that this was the very first time she had ever witnessed such a bloody battle. In a rare moment of concern, he spoke, "Princess You Yue, are you alright? If things get too much, please close your eyes."

"Young master, this is the Heavenly Tower's best quality tea. Only our distinguished guests have the privilege of enjoying this."

Seated not too far away at an empty clearing in the valley was Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Tie Ta, Huang Luan, You Yue, Jiede Tai, Nubis, Wang Yufeng, and Little Fatty. Chatting and eating at the table, not a single one of them looked as if they cared about the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Jiang Chen had mixed feelings as well. Why did this monk call himself Tyrant? He should've just called himself a bully. In any case, his behavior could never be related to that of an eminent monk. So, calling him a bully was rather suitable.

Hearing this, Dugu Feng was stunned. Looking at Jian Chen in disbelief, he said, "Do you really trust me, are you not afraid of me going back on my word?"

"80 million, do you think that old man will bid any higher?"

"When do we leave?" Dugu Feng spoke. Compared to everyone else, he was more detached. Even when he was speaking, his face was expressionless.

"Bastards, you have insult this master dog with your words just now, you really deserve to be killed! According to master dog's temper, I should bite you all to death on the spot!"

Jiang Chen put the Crown Prince on a tight leash with his own energy. With the Heavenly Saint Sword placed on the Crown Prince's throat, he shouted toward the Third Emperor and the others.

"Brother Nan, tell me about your family."

Guan Yiyun said. He had strong confidence in Jiang Chen.

The Imperial Emperor explained. When he mentioned the Fifth Emperor, his voice was clearly trembling.

"Jian Chen, the Magical Beast Mountain Range is very evil and is filled with hidden dangers. In the case that we come across a Class 3 Magical Beast that the captain and your older brothers cannot handle, then it is very possible that your life will be lost. So Jian Chen, take your time and think about if you really want to go or not." The speaker this time was the youngest person aside from Jian Chen, Xiao Dao. His shining eyes stared at Jian Chen with a sincere expression. From his voice, a serious tone could be heard, warning Jian Chen of the dangers with a heartfelt message.

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