FeralHeart Chapter 983

FeralHeart Chapter 983

As for the star sigil on his forehead, it gradually grew dimmer, until finally, it crumbled into ash and blew away....

"Leave? Why would I leave before beating you up?" Qing Shui smirked and gave him a tough bashing. This group of useless people had relied on the reputation of their family to throw their weight around. They continued to bully the weak, but were terrified of the strong. While they took advantage of the kind-hearted commoners, they had nothing themselves. Their cultivation was so weak that it was pitiful.

By this point, he had spent time observing all of the more than nine hundred animals in the Beast Conservatory. He knew them like the back of his own hand, and yet, his life essence spirit still hadn't taken shape.

And that was how things went at the second cell, then the third, and then the fourth....

Water vapor roiled out in all directions, which was none other than the Waterswamp Kingdom! Yet again, the crocodilian head rose up, accompanied by a howl that seemed to originate in ancient times. Opening its mouth wide, the crocodilian creature snapped at the lizard battleship.

Now, Qing Shui had already started to attempt to make Divine Shield Talismans. After the battle in Southern City, Qing Shui had understood how powerful Heavenly Talismans were. Qing Shui had initially wanted to learn "Binding Talisman" ?first, ?but eventually decided to go through them one by one. It was because he kept having the feeling that these Heavenly Talismans were likely to be progressive in nature.

Eventually, they found Bai Xiaochun.

That got Bai Xiaochun very excited. Without all of his Dao protectors, he was actually very bored, with little to do other than cultivate his Undying Live Forever Technique and Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation. Things went on like that for about a month, until one day in the middle of a session of cultivation, his expression suddenly flickered. Waving his hand, he sent the door of the immortal's cave creaking open, revealing a figure approaching, bathed in the morning sunlight.

Of course, none of the other groups in the area would have permitted that. Especially consideringĄ­ that the Giant Ghost King hadn't yet made clear his intentions for the future of the three great clans. If the clan as a whole tried to simply flee, they would definitely have been exterminated.

However, by the time the Dark Concocters devolved into a maelstrom of anger, Bai Xiaochun had already taken steps to prevent them from finding him. Having learned from his initial mistake of staying in one place, he was now moving from place to place via teleportation. On the one hand, he was truly shocked by how quickly the imps had recovered, but on the other hand, wasn't willing to just give up.

Before he allowed him to enter Xiantian, he prepared a "Yang Revitalizing Pellet" just for him! Everything had already been prepared, the final step was to just wait for Situ Shang to break through to Xiantian.

"Little brat, since when have you become so uncertain about yourself? You are a demoness, all demoness are very ladylike." Qing Shui chuckled as he pinched her pink and soft cheek.

But there were a few other methods to clear acupuncture points, especially through medicinal pills. Qing Shui had a hunch that there was a possibility that the medicinal pills he concocts in the future might have the ability to clear acupuncture points.

Qing Shui was curious about the seal, but he could not grasp what was behind the it. The Spiritual Qi within the Sacred Land was also a mystery of nature. Just like how the Spiritual Qi was unevenly distributed amongst the nine continents, it was not rare to have treasured location to appear at random.

He then took one of the Mysterious Fruits, tossing aside all distracting thoughts, calming his mind and increasing the speed at which he was circulating the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique. He focused and tried to comprehend the power from the Mysterious Fruit in his body.

"Yes, I will be leaving soon. My journey has been quite long." Qing Shui said as he noticed Mu Qing's expression.

"This is fake! It's a real fake!!"

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