Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor Chapter 2456

Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor Chapter 2456

Bi Yuntian nodded her head. "Lian'er, I am your aunt, and Changyang Xiangtian is your older cousin!"

Like a streak of lightning that briefly illuminated the world with a gorgeous and magnificent light, and it immediately disappeared without a trace momentarily afterwards.

Right now, these 10 mercenaries were in an awkward position where it was difficult to call off the hunt. They wanted to capture Jian Chen, but at the same time, they worried about going against him. They wanted to retreat from the mountain range, but they were also unwilling to give up the ten thousand purple coin reward that had so enticingly tempted their hearts.

Jian Chen looked indifferently at Ka Di Liang, and replied, "If you want to fight, then hurry up. I don't have the time to waste on you!"

Right at this moment, another loud cry could be heard coming from Jiang Chen's hand. When everyone turned to Jiang Chen, they could see that a huge golden sword had appeared in his hand. It was an amazingly huge sword, and the energy it was unleashing was no weaker than the Imperial Emperor's Profound Firmament Sword.

"The dimensional crack has started dropping out Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, the two of us just can't stop them anymore."

"Brat, I don't care who you are, when you dared to come to our Black Sect and started beating our men, you were just courting death! I want you to kneel down immediately and apologize to them!"

The emperors grouped together and chased after Yan Chenyu, but even after flying several thousand kilometers, they were simply unable to find any traces of her.

"Why do I only feel my head going numb?"

"You guys hurry up and run, I'll stall it for you guys." Jian Chen yelled at the Flame Mercenaries behind him.

Jiang Chen answered.

"Hahaha, little sister has a huge temper. That can't do, little girl, you have to be gentle! Be considerate and men will love you. Like this, you won't have any men that'll treat you right." Tianmu Ling seemed as if she was never angry and constantly laughed.

As the 10 mercenaries walked away, Jian Chen had called out to them before they could get too far.

"No, we'll wait here without giving that guy any chance to come out. The training of the outer circle disciples and the inner circle disciples will take another seven days. After seven days, we'll leave with them, and if that guy still hasn't come out by then, that means he has been killed by the Firethorn Savage and won't come out again. Nobody can stay in sector three unharmed for more than seven days."

"Chief, this man is from Redsun Town, and he said he was sent by a disciple of the Black Sect to meet with Chief."

"Correct!" Jian Chen didn't bother to deny it. His sword strikes grew even more fierce as if he was set on executing the patriarch today. He had no desire for his Flame Mercenaries to be targeted by an Earth Saint Master.

Hearing that, Jian Chen's interest was piqued. He understood that the next topic perhaps was the main point of the conversation. As a result, he clasped his hands and said, ""Please speak senior!"

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