The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 1693

The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 1693


Fan Zhong Tang continued.

Right now, within the Black Sect, Jiang Chen was still in his room. Big Yellow was walking back and forth outside his room. He could clearly hear all of Yun Can's provocation, and it made him feel panicked.

The entire palace began to grow in noise as everyone looked toward Jian Chen. Xiao Han on the other hand had gone as white as paper before shaking all over.

The second round of monster core evaluations soon started. The students that had reached Saint levels and finished their task walked up to the platform in succession. However, there were two exceptions among them: Jian Chen and Tie Ta, who had not yet reached Saint level, while everyone else had.

Their conditions were worse than what Jiang Chen had expected. In other words, if it wasn't for them having unique body characteristics, they would have been dead by now. Any ordinary person who suffered from such injuries would immediately lost all chance of recovering.

"Once the auction comes to an end, we have to get him no matter what!"

"Being able to fight with existences of such high level, I feel really excited just by thinking about it."

Yin Zhong Cheng shouted as he turned around and started escaping. There was no point in continuing the battle, Jiang Chen was too strong, brutal and cruel. There was no way for him to get revenge anymore. What was more important right now was saving his own life, and if he continued staying here, then he wouldn't be able to leave alive, he would be following the old white-bearded man's footsteps.

By this point, Ming Dong, Qin Ji, Tianmu Ling, Dugu Feng, and the yellow clothed girl had already discovered the existence of these secret spots. Without hesitation, each one dove for the hidden spots and began to hurriedly collect the contents within their Space Belts.

It had only taken a single palm to defeat four Class 6 Magical Beasts to such a degree. Was this really the strength of a Heaven Saint Master?

Suddenly, the dense dark clouds began acting violently once more. Seeing this, Jiang Chen's expression changed slightly, "Damn it, after breaking through to the Second Grade Combat King realm, the strength of the remaining three lightning bolts have become stronger as well. This isn't good, it looks like I'll have to kill these Demon Kings and take their demon souls, and only break through to the Third Grade Combat King realm after this tribulation is finished."

She was heartbroken, and her voice was threatening to break into a sob. In all honesty, her heart felt nothing but love for Jian Chen, and that's why she found it heartbreaking to be in such a situation. When Huang Luan showed up today, the deep feelings she felt for Jian Chen were completely obvious, visible even to the naked eye. Combined with the fact that she was superior in every way to You Yue, the princess felt this other woman's presence as a tremendous threat that could steal away the man she loved.

Jian Chen sat by himself with a few other dishes on the table and enjoyed his meal while listening in on the other mercenaries.

After Jiang Chen finished explaining, everyone was so shocked that their mouths were wide open. They really didn't know anything about what Jiang Chen had just told them.

Every sword user thought their swords to be extremely important, and many viewed the sword to be akin to their second life. Jian Chen was no exception. Looking at these mercenaries in front of him, if he were to use his sword to kill these mercenaries, it would be like killing a chicken with a cow cleaver.

"Not late, it's not late at all!"

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