Reborn GirlĄ¯s New Life Chapter 140

Reborn GirlĄ¯s New Life Chapter 140

After that, the solid ice statues broke, and the Dimensional Creatures bodies' turned into broken pieces. Their blood and flesh completely frozen, none of them survived.

Furthermore, those tiny bits of poop were still shooting toward both men with lightning speed.

Yan Zhanyun shook his head and breathed a sigh of disappointment. Those ruined buildings were easy to repair, but the wounds the souls of the survivors were the hardest to fix.Mayor > City Lord.

It was obvious that Tianxiong Lie had quite an amount of prestige in Wake City. The moment he spoke out, many mercenaries had immediately been influenced. Seeing Jian Chen come running toward them, many of the mercenaries had already brought out their Saint Weapons and walked out to block Jian Chen's path.

The two men had a bad feeling about this. The Jiang Chen and Big Yellow duo was well known by everyone, and this dog was known to be a fierce and brutal existence. Since he had suddenly appeared here, he must obviously be up to something bad.

Jiang Chen said.

The other two disciples dared not hesitate and hastily took out all their treasures. Aside from a huge amount of Earth and Heavenly Yuan Pills, there were also some other pills; most of them used to treat wounds. Jiang Chen simply ignored those. There were also some demon souls which Jiang Chen quickly put away. There were also some black devil souls, which were obviously their harvests today. But unfortunately, it was like drawing water with a sieve; not only could they not keep these devil souls, they also lost everything else they had.

Everyone knew that as long as there was a Saint Ruler presiding over them, the future implications would be tremendous!

Two hours later, the 20 students that Sha La had dispatched all returned, one by one.

Everyone from the Wu family were busy fighting, including Wu Tianyang and all their Combat Soul warriors. None of them had time to help the others. As for the innocent and weak people of the city, they were just food waiting to be served, as most of them were too weak to even fight back. They could only wait to be slaughtered.

Houston nodded calmly, "You don't have to worry. Although I, Houston, have once sworn that I would never interfere with the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent again a thousand years ago, this regards the safety of the human race. I definitely will not stand down."


Big Yellow opened his mouth and unleashed a frightening soundwave. The wave transformed into a sharp golden dagger as it pierced through the air toward the Crown Prince's saber.

"Get that Jiang Chen out here as soon as possible, I want him to hand over Firethorn Savage's demon soul! If not, I won't let him off easily today!"

"Ah!" The mercenary cried out in agony as he held his nose in pain. Blood began to slowly drip down from it, and before long the entire bottom part of his face was covered with blood. Jian Chen's fist had broken his nose.

The head of the Yun family had been grievously injured after receiving a single strike from Jian Chen. Even now, he found himself without the energy to stand back up. An Earth Saint Master wouldn't be able to take the strike of a Heaven Saint Master let alone a Great Saint Master.

Although Jian Chen looked to be around twenty years old, his status was still quite high ranking. With both the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom revering him, none of the others could see him as a mere twenty year old youth. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, secret methods to recover one's youth were not impossible.

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