Why 200 Chapter 332

Why 200 Chapter 332

"Jiang Chen, it is your fortune to be killed by me, Huo Yuner."

From a certain standpoint, Jian Chen's strength hadn't decreased at all. On the contrary, it had actually increased. At the very least, his newfound control ability was able to make quick work of a group of Class 5 Magical Beasts.

"Damn you! Brother Yan, let's go, we'll part with this dog now."

Nangong Wentian burst into laughter. Being able to travel together with Jiang Chen, who was a man with a tremendous destiny, felt really enjoyable to him. It was as if no matter how big the problem they faced was, Jiang Chen would always find the perfect solution. Now, they had found the exact location of the Island of Ice, and if they were able to use the Teleport Formation, it would simply save them months of travelling time. For Nangong Wentian, this was truly good news.

But, there was only one thought in the furious Shamanic Fire Ape's mind, and that was killing this young man in front of it to release its anger. Therefore, it leapt at Jiang Chen once again.

"If you don't want to die, you better keep quiet in front of me."

"Damn! Who is that person? He directly ramped the price up to 500 million, incredible!"

"Ahhh!!! Kill me!"

Taking the Space Belt back, Jian Chen immediately looked over his things before realizing his more important things hadn't been touched and sighed in relief.

Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han stopped flying and were hovering in the middle of the air. Liang Xiao was no stranger to both of them, Jiang Chen had a long history of hatred with the Heavenly Sword Sect. As for Yu Zi Han, every single inner circle disciple of the Black Sect knew about top geniuses from each individual sect in the Qi Province.

"If that's how it is, then I will accept these tungsten alloy armors for my Black Armors." The king of the Gesun Kingdom didn't argue any longer and took the armor happily.

Right behind them all were the high ranking members of the Changyang clan who were hoping for Jian Chen's success. His parents weren't the only ones desperately hoping for Jian Chen's success, the doyens of the clan were too.

Carrying Jian Chen, the president flew from the area, directly proceeding to the headquarters of the union. The fifth elder looked at the bloody ferry and sighed softly. He thought to himself, "The people of the eight clans have gone a little too far. Yang Yutian is someone highly regarded by the president after all. Fortunately he's fine, otherwise, perhaps the president's temper will be lit once again." The fifth elder waved his hand, and a ball of gentle Radiant Saint Force immediately dragged the heavily-injured Yang Ling into the sky. Afterwards, he followed behind the president, back to the headquarters of the union.

Half an hour later, both parties met in the Center Square. The Center Square in Red city was pretty huge. It could fit thousands of people fighting at the same time. This was the reason why Yan Zhan Yun wanted the war to be here. If such a huge and intense battle happened near the Misty Rain Tower, it would surely be completely destroyed.Chapter 62 ΓΏ The Mighty Big Yellow Dog

"That would be correct. I am the patriarch to the Bi family, Bi Hai." He spoke with a hint of a shudder. In the current moment, he felt as if he was a father to the prodigal son, and his voice could hardly contain his emotions.

"Ding!" The two weapons collided once more, causing Jian Chen to stagger backward. This mysterious attacker of his was so strong that he was most likely at the Fourth or even Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master instead of the Third Cycle. This wasn't a level that Jian Chen could afford to fight against.

"Damn you, why does a boy like you know a Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill? Don't tell me you're some old reincarnated devil. Tell me quickly what other good stuff you have, let your father get some benefits as well!"

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