Pokemon Legend Chapter 2741

Pokemon Legend Chapter 2741

After saying that, Zhang Yuan disappeared from the scene and went to look for the prince.

Jian Chen and Qin Ji both walked from the palace and headed for the Space Gate. From far away, the both of them could see a squadron of silver-robed soldiers lined up right in front of the palace. Each one stood in a uniform position without a single soldier out of place. Their footsteps on the ground resonated with a rumbling sound, like a bolt of lightning crashing to the ground. Despite the monotonous sounds, the entire division leaked an elite aura and killing potential that soared into the sky. This was a testament to the fact that each and every single one of these soldiers had been tempered by the struggles of life and death. Each one of their hands were soaked in blood to rise up to the cream of the crop.

"Excellent, you're a guy with a good heart!"

Under the pressure of a Late Heavenly Core warrior, the man was trembling and couldn't even speak properly.

Jian Chen sat by her bedside and spoke gently, "Princess You Yue, it may be a little painful in the next few moments, please try to endure."Chapter 476: A Day of Healing

"This petty officer pays his respects to the honored Imperial Protector!"

"Mu Rong Hao really is a genius££He got such a powerful Yuan force even though he is only at the 9th level Qi Jing, a normal 9th level Qi Jing would be no match for him££I wonder if our young master will be able to handle him?"

"Sire Zhan Tian, I can see that you and your mercenaries are all gathered inside and spend everyday cultivating with monster cores without ever going out. I can only assume that some family is behind yours, is that right?" Jian Chen didn't hesitate to speak his thoughts at all.

"But...but££.master told Little Spirit to not interfere in things like this. If Little Spirit interferes, wouldn't master scold Little Spirit when master gets back? But...but big brother has the scent of master on him. Could Little Spirit really watch big brother get hurt without doing anything?"

Big Yellow was laying on a huge green rock in the courtyard and sleeping without a single worry. The old man was standing outside the main door, acting as Jiang Chen's loyal guardian while at the same time studying the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill silently.

Without hesitation after hearing the announcement, he disappeared without a single trace and flew at Zhangsun Yunfeng in an instant.

Right now, facing the powerful Jiang Chen, Liang Xiao had lost his calm and confidence. The appearance of nine identical Jiang Chen's had made him confused, and he couldn't find out which one the real Jiang Chen was.

Zhar laughed, "It seems that you have confidence in yourself." With that, Zhar took out his long sword and then another silver bladed sword from within his Space Ring, "Jian Chen, if I were to use this Saint Weapon, how sure are you that you will be able to beat me?"

After the sixth Dragon Mark was formed and the Dragon Mark was finished, the other Dragon Mark's had almost completely digested everything. At the corner of his Qi Sea within his Dantian, a greenish whirlpool the size of a fist appeared. It stayed there peacefully together with the Dragon Marks and Jiang Chen's Yuan power.

Hearing Jian Chen's praise, Tie Ta couldn't help but laugh as well, "I only won because my strength was better than theirs, that's all. They were truly difficult to deal with; even now I'm still sore from the matches."Chapter 15: Ka Di Qiuli

"I'll let you handle him."

"Jiang Chen, I really admire your courage, as you accepted my challenge."

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