I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 2926

I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 2926

However, luck wasn't with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, as both of them were pulled into the fracture at the same time and disappeared without a trace.Chapter 485 - The Barbarian Earth Bull

"Ah!" The 30 year old mercenary let loose a battle cry as he moved towards Jian Chen without fear. Because of the speed Jian Chen demonstrated, the man knew that it was unlikely that he would be leaving here alive. Rather than dying with everyone else, he had decided that it was better to use his life to garner some time for everyone else. Once the news of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was leaked out, there would be no shortage of people to avenge him.

"Yunfan, don't waste my time, come to the fighting stage now."

Just when the violent war resumed once again, another couple of powerful auras landed not far away, instantly joining the battlefield.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, with the Mighty Soul Derivation skill and the Fiery Tiger Fire, he wouldn't even need to use a furnace.The Mighty Soul Derivation skill wouldn't only train one's soul, it was also a method to concoct pills.

"Inferno Hell."

When Jiang Chen looked at one of the Demon Kings, that Demon King also turned his gaze toward Jiang Chen.

"Haha, the Eighth Tycoon of the Asura Palace can't even defeat a First Grade Combat King? I can see that you two are having fun right now, so I won't disturb you. Let me handle that monk for you."

A cruel smile emerged onto Yunzhong He's face. He turned to two other men who stood behind him and told him with a loud voice, "Old Bear, Old Hawk, go help Old Bat capture Wu Ningzhu! Remember, don't kill her, the master wants her alive! Also, make it quick!"

Jian Chen's expression turned dark as he held out his hand to the people behind him, "Get back, now!"

"How can you be so rude, can't you see we are in the middle of a discussion?"

Jiang Chen rushed out from deep pond in an extremely formidable and imposing manner like a ferocious Flood Dragon, causing gigantic waves to surface from the deep pond. Jiang Chen stood in the skies above the water pond. When he looked down at the water pond, he was surprised to find out that the water pond had completely frozen.

"Dad, Uncle Zhou, do you all think that the Lee family is unbeatable? Do you all think that once the Lee family arrives, we will follow the Mu Rong family's footsteps and be eliminated?"

"Stand still, what are you doing?!" At that moment, a cold voice cried out. Turning their heads to look, everyone could see a caravan group being stopped by a single city guard.

"Damn it, why did that Zhang Yang suddenly become so strong?"

The Crown Prince laughed.

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