Exponentia Chapter 1520

Exponentia Chapter 1520

TL note: The meaning of their names. Weird, I know it.

Phoenix Dance: Passive battle skill with zero consumption. Tempered from Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens during the bloodline awakening. Strength is permanently increased by a fold and the consumption of all battle techniques is halved.

The Eternal Immortal Domains became the brightest star among all the other stars.

"Qing Shui, the world of the nine continents is very vast. While Greencloud Continent is one of the nine continents, not only is it far away from the rest, but it's also located on the most barren land. Most importantly, the strongest few sects and clans in Greencloud Continent would not be considered much if placed in the bigger world out there." Lin Zhanhan smiled and said as he looked at Qing Shui.

His words echoed like thunder, and carried the threat of extermination!

In fact, that made it possible to see Chen Hetian and the others far off in the distance, who had long since noticed what was happening, and were looking on in complete shock.

His voice roared through the sect like heavenly thunder, a deafening sound which instantly silenced all of the clamor.

However, even Bai Xiaochun felt that such a thing would be too evil.


"Sorry, I'm a poor bloke without any money."

But Bai Xiaochun was growing stronger at a breathtaking rate. That, coupled with his Archaean Luminescence, ensured that the Saint-Emperor took him very seriously, and viewed him as being on a completely different level than before.

How could he not take revenge for the death of Song Que?!?!

Godly Sword Clan!

It was something Bai Xiaochun was doing instinctively as he identified his Dao. Even as that happened, the Mortal Renegade woke up, making it impossible for Bai Xiaochun to continue illuminating the starry sky. Therefore, he shifted to a different tactic!

The Fire Bird rapidly rushed towards the old man and the large black feathered turtledove!

After arriving, he set up numerous spell formations, then sat down cross-legged and took a deep breath. After taking a moment to review the formula he had come up with for thirteen-colored flame, he performed an incantation gesture and waved at his soulhoarding pagoda.


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