The Demon Against the Heavens Chapter 1483

The Demon Against the Heavens Chapter 1483

Her brows like crescent moon, a pair of beautiful eyes glowed extremely brightly. Her petite, straight nose made her look strangely determined as her ruby red lips added traces of sexiness to her overall appearance. At this moment, she was teasingly glancing at Qing Shui.

The lady's words were not contradicting. It was because she had already seen Qing Shui in Southern City Furniture Store back then. Moreover, that "spiritual exchange" ?was also considered their first time to get to know each other.


Song Junwan laughed coldly. This time, there were no gasps. Everyone was completely dumbstruck. Considering that a patriarch had just been mentioned, they felt almost like they had been struck by thunder. There were even some who started to slowly edge away.

Since the appearance of that woman, up till now, Qing Shui felt that his mental status was not in a good state. At the same time, he was surprised at the control Tan Yang had over his emotions.

The Arch-Emperor wasn't saying anything, nor was the Grand Heavenmaster. Everyone in the hall stood there without making a peep. The princes and princesses had bitter looks on their faces as they looked down at the ground, hearts filled with hatred for Bai Xiaochun at the disaster he had caused, and dread of the Grand Heavenmaster.

Canghai Mingyue was flushed with redness after she saw what had happened. Anyone would have their hearts melted instantly if they saw a shred of childlike shyness from a lady like Mingyue.

His vision swam and then began to fade, and he could feel stabs of pain throughout his body. He currently felt so weak that he wasn't sure he could even lift his hand.

Qing Shui did not summon the Fire Bird nor the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Instead, he slowly walked out of the Silver Wolf Ravine alone.

"Can you really evolve the small rabbit?" Huoyun Liu-li was moved.?

? "Conversely, Hai Long can no longer be categorized in the same group, even though he only managed to narrowly edge into the peak of a Martial King, which is already a great honour and most likely nobody will challenge him for the time being. However, geniuses with extraordinary talents tend to die easily," Dongguo smiled as he pondered.

Qing Shui was also astonished at the numbers. Just Canghai Mingyue alone was the strongest in Cang Lang Country despite being just at the pinnacle stage of Xiantian. Even the "old demonic monkey" which was the Protector Beast of Cang Lang Country's Skysword Sect was merely a demonic beast who was at the pinnacle of Xiantian.

1,000 hammer blows to manifest the faint ray of light. Qing Shui involuntarily sighed. Not only did he fail to reach the 1-color grade, the attributes this time were so weak that it was negligible.

"We were joking. Today is our first day too," Huoyun Liu-Li chuckled. Her beautiful and delicate breasts slightly jiggled. It was very enticing.

Qing Shui was fairly certain of his guess, only wolves would be so cunning and patient to wait for the right time to ambush him

To reach the 5th heavenly layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it was likely that he would need to break through to reach 100 cycles. After giving it some thought, Qing Shui decided to stop thinking so much into it. While he would receive a great boost in his powers after leveling up the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it was hard to break through each stage. If it were not for the heaven defying existence of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he would likely only be able to scrape through to reach the 4th heavenly layer after his whole lifetime.

The dense foliage of green, two feet tall grasses were scarce here. Instead, the landscape was filled with tongue ferns that grew as tall as humans, as well as goat weeds, rose roots, agrimonies and so on... ?

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