I am Legend Chapter 2330

I am Legend Chapter 2330

That in itself was irritating to Bai Xiaochun, but even worse were the things that Zuo Hengfeng had just said out loud. Not only did Bai Xiaochun find them revolting, they caused fury to begin to burn in his heart. The mere thought of what might happen to him if he were to be captured caused chills to run up his spine. Shouting out in rage, eyes flashing with cold light, he unleashed his murderous aura, and even as his two Core Formation opponents closed in, he chose not to retreat, but rather, to step forward.

With a deva cultivation base, his battle prowess would be even more significant. With that level of strength, he could strike fear into the hearts of his opponents, and truly protect the River-Defying Sect!

"Yuan Qi!" Qing Shui heightened his concentration as he came across this term. He understood that Yuan Qi could also be known as the Vital Essence. Vital Essence was the source of energy for humans! In other words, Vital Essence was also Yuan Qi, if one's Yuan Qi was exhausted, one would lose his life!

The bystanders were once again shocked by the sudden situation. Their eyes were wide opened as they couldn't believe that someone would attack a member of Feng Clan, let alone murder! ?The bloody scenery was a shocking sight to see!

The two immediately bounced back from each other as soon as they collided. Qing Shui wasn't really surprised by it. Simultaneously, he had also gotten a grasp of his opponent's strength. He was a fourth grade Martial Saint. No wonder he was so cocky. He was actually qualified to be so. Among the younger generations, a person who managed to achieve fourth grade Martial Saints was already considered to be really outstanding and talented. As for the incident about Qing Shui eliminating the entire Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord, it was just a rumor, let alone that the strongest warrior in Residence of Sky Tyrant Lord was rumored to only be at fourth grade Martial Saint. From this incident, Qing Shui suspected that the Seven Stars might not be the strongest sects in Seven Stars Country. Just because they were famous, it didn't necessarily mean that they're the best.

As the enemy cultivators reacted in shock, the River-Defying Sect disciples began to cry out loud in excitement.

The Taichi Fist suddenly underwent a tremendous change because of it!

"There's no good guys in this world. Even you're like this." Di Chen was not angry but she just chided, feeling embarrassed.

"Bai Qi is in danger!!"

Not a single person suspected that he wasn't a Blood Stream Sect disciple, and if anyone had dared to make such an accusation, no one would have believed them....

The representatives from the other two clans were astonished to the ultimate degree.

The Ancestral Darktunnel was a long tunnel in the middle of Mount Daoseed. Upon entering the tunnel, one would find over a hundred shafts leading off in different directions, each one of which represented a different legacy.

Everything went silent, and all of the cultivators of the River-Defying Sect looked over at the Blood Ancestor.

In addition to the prisoners in the skull cages, there were also soul cultivators roaming around in gray robes, their hands and legs in shackles. They were also prisoners, but weren't dangerous enough to keep in cages, and were free to roam about among the cells.

Frowning, Qing Shui narrowed his eyes in suspicion. Why would such a common book have a spot in our Qing Clan Library?

Everyone from the Grand Heavenmaster to the four heavenly kings all clasped hands and bowed in Bai Hao's direction. They knew that for many years to come, this person would be the Wildlands' Hell-Emperor!

Countless terrified gazes locked onto him, and soon, people recognized who he was, leading to shouts of alarm.

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