only death do us apart Chapter 2811

only death do us apart Chapter 2811

With such a huge ferry docked there and the great formation from the people, it was rather rare. As a result, it caused the passers-by to all glance at it, and point at the giant ferry and discuss it.

Big Yellow stood next to Jiang Chen and said.

With such a grievous wound, then any other Heaven Saint Master would have most likely lose their ability to fight. But even now, he had still a considerable amount of fighting strength. The plethora of strength granted to his body had allowed him to take on this wound with enough energy to spare.

Jiang Chen said with a hint of concern. At the same time, he was astonished by her Divine Body's cultivation speed. Ever since Yan Chen Yu's Nine Yin Meridians had awoken, her cultivation realm had advanced swiftly and vigorously, and now she was going to use the ten thousand year old Freezing Crystal to break through to the Late Mortal Core realm. This kind of speed, ordinary people could only feel envy and shame.

On the road, Jian Chen had used the trees and tall grass to hide his figure in order to throw off his trackers. In the forest it was a lot easier to hide. The trees and tall grass would throw off any pursuers with ease.

In an instant, another ten bursts of Qi could be felt coming from the army. The ten or so Heaven Saint Masters by Jian Chen's side began to display their own presence before suddenly soaring into the sky to defend the army beneath them. Although the Eastern Deity Swords were extremely strong, if a Heaven Saint Master were to attack them, even the elite division of soldiers would be reduced to tofu due to the differences in strength.Chapter 489: Invasion of the Army (Two)

Jiang Zhen Hai mumbled to himself, he was still not used to Jiang Chen's changes.

But, not everyone were Big Yellow. If these few hundred men struck at the same time, Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun would certainly be killed. There was no chance for them to survive the attack.

Luo Jian quickly ran towards Jian Chen before he could even prepare himself, and used his right leg to kick him. The kick traveled at such a fast speed towards Jian Chen's stomach, that he could feel a cold gale. The kick was both fast and so fierce, and had no hesitation at all. Since it was Jian Chen, Luo Jian would never consider holding back.

The Third Emperor immediately made up his mind.

Tian Yishan said. No one had any objections to his decision, it was safest for them to follow Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. If Jiang Chen and the rest all went into the formation, the danger would be just the same as if they had decided to stay here.

"You're free now."

"We, as rogue cultivators, don't even have any talented juniors. If we did, we could still let out juniors enter and try their luck."

Liang Xiao was really fast, and he had found the real Jiang Chen. He instantly punched out forcefully towards Jiang Chen's palm.

"That good for nothing Liang Dong can't even defeat an Early Mortal Core brat, he really brought shame to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Jiang Chen, you dared kill disciples of our Heavenly Sword Sect, that simply means you're just looking for death yourself! Today, I'll let your life end on this fighting stage!"

Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat when he saw their reactions and heard their question. From this, he realized that there was some sort of use for the Ruler Armament.

"Tie Ta, your strength has already far surpassed my expectations, but I'll be using my full strength now." Jian Chen said as he walked forward.

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