Rescue: Conan Doyle Fernandez Chapter 2228

Rescue: Conan Doyle Fernandez Chapter 2228

The Heavenly Saint Sword instantly caused the Earth's Force to perish, but just a split second later, Shangguan Yiqing had formed a few other Earth's Forces and forcefully thrown them toward Jiang Chen. On the other side, Xuan Yuzi had struck once again, but his attack was blocked off by the Earth's Force as well.

"Even a Divine Core warrior died here. Looks like it'll be tough to find an exit here."

"All of you, do not worry about the Lee family. No matter who they are, if they come into this town, I'll send them back the same way they came."

"Indeed, it looks like both superpowers are very determined to kill that Jiang Chen. I wonder what he looks like. Rumors say he is only a young man about 17 years old, but how can a young man like that have the ability to shake both superpowers? Does he have three heads and six arms?"

Big Yellow suddenly trembled.

The Seventh Emperor said in a vicious manner.

The following morning, Qing Yun brought the fully recovered Qing Mu and Qing Shan to where Jian Chen was.

Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and asked.


Thus, the very first individual from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was killed by Chang Wuji.

To see Jian Chen immediately cross over the Primary level to the Middle level of Sainthood, the headmaster couldn't help but be extremely happy. With this, his Kargath Academy could finally be proud of having such a talented student.

Letting out a sigh, Mu Chi responded with dim eyes, "Shan Xiong, forget your past status for now. At the current moment, joining the Flame Mercenaries gives us not only a chance, but a chance to return."

The Blood Devil leader let out an angry roar, then he unleashed a huge blood red palm as his counter attack.

With some hesitation, the five men looked at each other before a black robed man spoke out, "I am Seth, the leader of the Hot Blooded Mercenaries."


The entire thing was a dark-red with golden light running throughout it. With a diameter of a third of a meter and a height of one meter, the block of wood looked as if it once used to be the trunk of a tree. With the tree trunk twisted and distorted in a strange pattern of grains, the sight of a "dragon" and "phoenix" could just barely be seen carved into it in a lifelike manner.

"Uncle Feng, Uncle Yun, what is going on with you two? How could you let that scoundrel go?" She stamped her foot in angry grievance. The mist in her eyes had already become tears that threatened to fall off of her eyelashes.

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