The Dorm Guard Chapter 1549

The Dorm Guard Chapter 1549

Yet another supreme elder!

"Ya Lin, what's wrong? What happened? Just then a clear voice rang out."

Qing Shui slowly massaged. Once he entered this state, Qing Shui could forget everything around him. His hands slowly moved down from her shoulders while using light yet increasing strength.

Unfortunately, there were too many Core Formation soul cultivators for the enormous eye to do anything about them. As they closed in, they unleashed wave after wave of soul power which forced the giants to join their attack.

After sending out some divine sense, it was to his shock that he saw countless devilish specters lurking about. At the moment, it was impossible to say whether they were responsible for the spreading smoke, or whether the smoke was simply carrying them with it.


As the light began to fade away, they realized that it was only a single individual who had teleported in. As his features became visible, the eyes of the surrounding cultivators went wide.

Of course, through it all, he reminded himself that his main goal right now was not revenge; it was to save Bai Hao.

Shangliao, Huiyang, Zhibian, Chengfu.

Then they would find an opening that led to deck 3! Their end goal was for the clone to consume her true form, become the new Ghostmother, and repay the Celestial in the only way she could¡­. After returning to her own peak cultivation base state, she would take her ship and the Celestial¡­ to the world beyond!

The old man really was angry. Earlier, he had been staring death in the face, the result of which was that he was now hovering on the verge of mental collapse, and even hysteria.

"Satisfied, very satisfied! It wouldn't be bad to continue like this!"

"Don't worry, everyone. I, Bai Hao, as well as the other Fellow Daoists at my side, will ensure that you get your explanation!" He even thumped his chest in emphasis. The other shop owners and employees who were with him acted similarly.

The black-robed figure seemed to understand Bai Xiaochun a bit better by this point. Although he was still a bit annoyed, he ignored Bai Xiaochun's little speech and coolly said, "Very well, come with me to see the Grand Heavenmaster!"

"Their unique location makes them different from the rest of us in the east, west, and south. For all intents and purposes, all of the lands in the north are controlled by one sect. The Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect. There are a good number of cultivator clans in the area, which is where the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect recruits their disciples from.

The flow of time here was twenty-thousand times normal speed!!

In the past, even though Mu Lang had something against Qing Shui, he had changed after knowing how powerful Qing Shui was and how much he had done for the Mu Clan. He did what he did for the Mu Clan and targeted events, not people.

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