Clouded Heart Chapter 2104

Clouded Heart Chapter 2104

The Crown Prince threw out his invitation in a straightaway manner. He had a warm smile on his face, and he portrayed an image of a gentleman. No woman would reject the invitation of a handsome man who possessed his status.

With both eyes shining brightly, Jiang Chen stood firmly right in the middle of the skies. If this happened before he broke through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, Jiang Chen would definitely choose to dodge Yun Can's attack and have a hard time defending himself, but now he had over 400 Dragon Marks in his body, and that gave his combat strength a significant improvement compared to before. Now, he was not someone Yun Can could mess with.

Jian Chen couldn't help but feel shocked, he hadn't thought that his every single move and action had been monitored by elder Xiu. But then, thinking back to just how strong elder Xiu was, Jian Chen felt relieved.

The people were in a shocked daze for quite a while. Captain Kendall was the first to regain his senses. He exhaled deeply to slowly suppress his shock, and he looked at Jian Chen with a complicated look as he said, "Jian Chen, your strength is too abnormal. Even a Class 3 Magical Beast was utterly unable to stand up against you; you were able to kill it as easy as pie. This is a Class 3 Magical Beast you know."

"Thank you, senior disciple Jiang!"

"We know what must be done, please rest assured Imperial Protector. We will not let you down for sure." The seven vowed.

As soon as Ming Dong opened the door, a bright-red blur shot into the room with staggering footsteps before collapsing to the floor.

The captain of the Black Armors brought out a brilliantly silver machete and swung it toward the incoming Heaven Saint Master with a large shout.

The snake's eyes flickered slightly as it said, "I can sense the smell of my kin on your body. You've used the blood of my kin to create the Thousand Immunity."

Hidden within the forests behind Longevity Valley, a white blur traveled at great speeds through. The speed of this figure was so great that it seemed as if its body was just a mirror image that had been blended with one another, making it hard to discern the outline of the body.

"The competition for the outer circle disciples of the four big sects?"

"Look, a huge sword is flying toward this place!"

Shangguan Chong's exploded from Jiang Chen's powerful punch, and he died on the spot. After killing him, Jiang Chen didn't even take a second look at this dead body, he just turned around and continued walking toward the other Combat Soul warriors who previously tried killing him. On the other side, Big Yellow immediately jumped next to Shangguan Chong's dead body and began looting. Many people really hated what he was doing, but none of them dared speak a single word.

The ocean waves were rolling, and from time to time, some gigantic sea monsters would extend their heads out from the ocean surface and show a fierce look to any creatures passing by. However, all these sea monsters had developed some intellect, so when they sensed the auras of the two men passing by above them, they immediately pulled their heads back into the water, not daring to how any aggressiveness.

The Seventh Emperor was the first person to provoke Jiang Chen.

"This opponent is too strong, lord Shi, please activate the barrier!" The man cried as he retreated away from Jian Chen. His voice had already began to tremble in fear as he felt his neck start to bleed from being nicked several times.

Jiang Chen asked. He never thought Wu Ningzhu had such a story to tell.

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