Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time Chapter 1589

Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time Chapter 1589

Vice headmaster Chang Bai En glanced at Jian Chen with a complicated look and sighed, "Changyang Xiang Tian, please pack up, then immediately follow me to the headmaster's office."

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the two men opened their eyes until they were wide open. It suddenly felt like their brains had stopped working.

Taken by surprise, Firethorn Savage was slapped back onto the ground. His huge body collided with the ground; causing a huge crater to appear. The attack unleashed by Jiang Chen's full force was incredible, his muscles alone could give him the strong of over 3,000,000 jins, and when it was combined with the True Dragon Palm, the force would be much greater than that. Firethorn Savage was a powerful being, but since he was caught off guard while being in a weakened state, as well as being severely wounded by Big Yellow and Jiang Chen's combined sneak attacks, no matter what strong abilities he had; there was no time for him to unleash them underneath Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's flawless combined attack.

"From Red city?Lead them to the main hall and tell them that the Grandmaster will be there in a moment."

The Hidden Dragon Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters began to talk among each other for a moment before turning grim and looking to the five newcomers.

"You're such a terrifying existence! Looks like I need to work harder. If not, the gap between us will just get bigger and bigger."

The old monk's eyes landed on Big Yellow's body. Slowly, he stretched out his shining arm and placed it on top of Big Yellow's forehead.

With bright eyes, Big Yellow flew circles around Lord Baoju. Finally, using his head, he forcefully rammed into Lord Baoju's head.

"Big Yellow, what the fuck did you actually do?"


"I understand." Dugu Feng emotionlessly responded. Although he was confused by what this plan was, he did not voice his concerns.

Wu Ningzhu refused to let him touch the sword. She immediately unleashed a soundwave attack, blocking Heixin Fu.

Ling Ao snapped, the combat skill locked onto Jiang Chen. He pushed both palms out forcefully, and the golden tidal waves roared and rolled out continuously. Eventually, it formed into a huge golden palm right in front of him that emitted an ear-splitting buzzing sound as it flew towards Jiang Chen.

With the increased amount of strength on Jian Chen's part, the amount of pressure on the elder was increased many times over. Despite being a Great Saint Master with a good amount of speed, he was unable to match Jian Chen in almost any aspect and was constantly put in a state of panic.

He had not given chase and instead stared venomously in the direction she had disappeared. Angrily, he said, "What a terrible brat to conspire to kill your father. You will not escape me!" From the middle of his room, he hurriedly took out a bottle filled with pills of antidote. He swallowed the pills to alleviate the poison or at least halt its current progress in his body.

"A report for your Majesty from the people within the Hua Yun Sect. It is extremely urgent!" The black armored man immediately cried out as he stepped into the palace.

Right now there was only half a year until the Gathering of the Mercenaries began. In such a short time span, the two would have to hurry up and travel without any breaks. The distance between Mercenary City to where they were currently at was far too wide. They would have to cross multiple kingdoms and travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

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