To Save or To Destroy Chapter 1225

To Save or To Destroy Chapter 1225

"This battle beast is repulsive! Fine. Steal bras. Pilfer our food. The female disciples are the same as the elders and the peak lords. They spoil that thing to death!"

After the Grand Heavenmaster seized control of the Son of Heaven, it was an easy thing for the four heavenly kings to stay away from the city. However, the Grand Heavenmaster had ordered that their armies remained garrisoned in the region of Arch-Emperor City, ready to follow any orders they were given.

Soon, the previously bustling rainbow only had one person left on it. Bai Xiaochun.

"En, I'm fine now!"

Qing Shui stopped his attacks, as he looked towards the slightly out of breath Wenren Wu-Shuang. A line of sweat could be seen across her forehead, as her cheeks were flushed with redness. Qing Shui felt that the current Wenren Wu-Shuang, was more like a mortal woman, instead of the unattainable celestial being earlier.

"Your return this time will be a hard slap on many people's face," Di Chen murmured softly while looking into a distance.

Bewildered, Qing Shui continue reading. Concoction Recipe: Heaven Yang Fruit, Fire Golden Tiger Penis, Silver Great Bull Penis, Icesnow Thunder Goat Penis, Demonic Snake Gallbladder¡­

Combination Sword Technique!

"So this is the Golden Horn Firetail Fish that one can eat only five per year. Every fish can increase the strength by a hundred jin. The magical fish has one percent of hope to allow people with strength below the Martial King grade to advance by a level." As the two little fish swam around, Qing Shui looked at how the other fishes and turtles would steer clear of them.

After looking at it more closely, his eyes widened dramatically!

Suddenly, an archaic voice echoed out in all directions, a voice that boomed like thunder and caused the hearts of all cultivators who heard it to tremble on the verge of exploding. "Let heaven and earth bear witness! Let an oath be sworn to Time itself! This day is the day the River-Defying Sect is founded!"

"Which of you two did it!?!?" he transmitted. "Dammit, you're completely throwing me under the bus!! The two of you had better explain yourselves!!"

If it was before, Qing Shui wouldn't have been bothered by this blade and sword. However, for now, it was definitely a sharp tool. One slight mistake and he would be crippled completely.

As for the Core Formation cultivators who had been affected, the matter left them filled with sorrow but unable to weep. Furthermore, they now hated Bai Xiaochun more than ever. Most of them went into secluded meditation and refused to come out into the open. To them, being branded with that turtle mark was like a fate worse than death.

"How could you be so impolite, Que'er!? I can't believe you didn't even say hello to me!" With that, he made a grasping motion, causing Song Que's expression to turn even grimmer as he was grabbed by an invisible force and dragged over to Bai Xiaochun.

Dong dong dong!

"Heaven... Heavenstring energy!!

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