The CEO¡¯s Daring Wife Chapter 649

The CEO¡¯s Daring Wife Chapter 649

"En, Little Yu can endure!"

Mu Rong Hao said arrogantly.

"Tomorrow morning, bring Tie Ta to me. If he is willing, I will take him in as a personal disciple." The headmaster replied after thinking about it for a while.

But, he had made up his mind to kill Fan Kun today no matter what. Even if Fan Zhong Tang interfered, he would still find a way to kill him.

"Hou!" Suddenly, an extremely loud roar could be heard from a snowy white bear around two meters tall and four meters wide emerged out of nowhere and slapped a Great Saint Master with its paw.


Shangguan Yihong said.

Even a respectable man like the Great Elder couldn't help but curse, not to mention how unsightly the expression on Li Tianyang's face was. Only the two of them knew about the secret of the Freezing Hell Jail. It wasn't just a simple jail, there were some secrets hidden within. However, no one except them were aware of these secrets.

Even the men from the Yan family were holding their breaths. When they looked at Lee Chang Ming's terrifying situation, they couldn't help but feel a bit frightened. This was incredibly cruel. Luckily, Jiang Chen was on their side. If he was their enemy, their deaths wouldn't be any better than Lee Chang Ming.

"I would think not. Wu Yun is a Peak Saint Master with a strength that you've personally witnessed. We've had 3 Great Saint Masters fight together and that still wasn't enough to defeat him. If we were to go down this well, then our ability to fight as a group would be greatly hindered as well as our line of sight being deeply affected. So entering this well would not only make it impossible for us to grab him, but we would lose many men that way." A middle aged man said. He wore expensive looking clothes with a golden outline, signifying him as a noble.

Jiang Chen asked Guo Shan.

Laughing, Jian Chen spoke, "We are complete strangers. Sire has neither idea if I am a well-doer or an evil-doer. Yet, I am invited in on our very first meeting, does sire truly trust this one that much?"

But right now, the Misty Rain Tower was in a miserable state.

The other three young men's faces had turned pale as well. They tried their best not to vomit, but at the same time, they felt grateful and happy in their minds. The two golden lights that had just killed the Blood Devils were emitting pure Yang auras, and they were obviously from the bright side. The three of them weren't fools, they knew someone had saved them.

Yu Zihan nodded his head. They were confident in Big Yellow. Since they were here with the purpose of rescuing these people, if they ended up just storming in, their enemies would certainly take the most important people of the Yu family hostage, and if that ended up being the case, they would be pinned down.

Li Tianyang shouted out. He had now completely unleashed his aura of a Combat Emperor. He waved his hand and struck out with his palm, intending to destroy the web of swords in his way. Although he knew that there was no way for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow to escape in their current conditions, he was still worried. He didn't want any accidents to occur. But unfortunately, the web of sword was more difficult to destroy than he expected. A strike containing all his strength was unable to destroy the web of sword. Instead, these razor sharp sword beams turned around and began flying toward him.

Everyone were stunned, they didn't expect this old man to be so supercilious. Jiang Chen was addressing him as brother Jiu, and he wanted them to address him as Lord Jiu, this was weird.

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