Football Hero Chapter 1506

Football Hero Chapter 1506

Obviously, the divine skill Jiang Chen was cultivating was really powerful, but it was extremely difficult for him to cultivate it as well, as it would require an enormous amount of energies, and he also needed to form Dragon Marks in his body.

Changyang Hu's attention was extremely concentrated on the Ka Di Yun's Saint Weapon. Quickly retreating before he could get hit, the sword narrowly missed him and only swiped at his clothes. A few strands of his clothes were sent flying through the air as the sword sliced away at the clothes.

And so, Shen Fang and Sans started to live at Changyang Manor for the meanwhile. However, the news that Kendall had died had not been disclosed to Shen Fang and her son.

"You are an idiot! Hurry up and absorb this crystal core, let's see if you can inherit the nine lives ability!"

The green spot was the heart of Lord Nether's poison, and every single drop of poison in his body came from there. Thus, the poison store in there was the true king of all poisons; the one that could frighten both ghosts and gods.

In just a small moment, another Great Saint Master had died by Jian Chen's sword.


"Jiang Wei? This is getting more interesting."

After a moment, there were finally several mercenaries that didn't wish to die. One by one, they slowly walked out of the compound.

"Young fellow, although I didn't manage to eat you today, I did manage to have a good fight."

"Quiet! Let's listen to what it's about!"

Jiang Chen said in a cruel manner, then he made the True Dragon Palm squeeze, killing the middle aged man. After that, he took the man's storage ring.

"Haha, now you're begging me! Too late, I'll let you taste the abilities of a Mid Divine Core warrior! Remember, my name is Liu Hong, and in your next life, think carefully before offending someone!"

Shangguan Sheng turned to Daoist Black and asked.


At this point, Tie Ta being the Kargath Academy's headmaster's apprentice was no longer a secret; all the teachers recognized him. When Tie Ta walked up, the appraising elder could not help but smile as he said, "Tie Ta, I wonder what your profits were like this time?"

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