Love Cafe: When only memories remains Chapter 2524

Love Cafe: When only memories remains Chapter 2524

Blinking a few times, he said, "Just talk, alright? Tell me what you know, and I'll give you another...."

During the night, after ending his cultivation practice inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui helplessly sighedˇ­ That bottleneck was akin to a huge mountain blocking his path, no matter what he did he was unable to budge it the slightestˇ­ there was no hope of him breaking through!

The next day, Qing Shui gifted them to Cang Wuya, Fei Wuji, Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li each with about fifty jin of it. This medicine was especially effective for external injuries, and was exceptionally mysterious. It was targeted for external injuries!

"Why are you out at this time? You missed me?" Qing Shui pulled Di Chen's hand and smiled.

"Not good! They must know I'm responsible!" That was his initial thought, but he quickly realized that it couldn't be the case. "No. There's no way they could know thatˇ­."

Qing Shui was not merely saying it for show. Increasing ten percent of all abilities and fifty years of life were tempting, but it was more suitable for Luan Luan.

The All Aspect Nourishment Soup!

The only thing he cared about was that afterward, he would finally be able to call himself a Foundation Establishment cultivator of the Blood Stream Sect, and would finally become a Dharma protector of Middle Peak. That would be his first major step toward getting the relic of eternal indestructibility.

Then he blurred into motion. Song Que gave Master God-Diviner another good glare, then let him go and followed. As for Master God-Diviner, he rubbed his nose in embarrassment and joined them.

Qing Shui then walked in to see that the manor was well furnished with artificial mountains, water, and rocks. Qing Shui did not feel much about these furnishings. If he was interested, it wouldn't have been hard for him to get such hands on a similar manor.

It was only after spending about 1,000,000 merit points that he finally reached the point where he had successfully cultivated the third level of the Undying Live Forever Technique from the toes of his left foot all the way up to his calf!


Peony Court again? The top level tooˇ­ was there a difference? Qing Shui wanted to ask Canghai Mingyue about the Peony Court. When he thought of how she left in a huff last night, he knew that with her personality, there was no way that she would come to find him of her own accord.

After sensing Madam Duanmu's strength, he was astonished. He had not thought that their ˇ®cultivation' last time would have made her so much stronger.

A few of the crowd also tried consulting Qing Shui and all of them left with satisfaction. One of them had an incurable disease, and another had been lame for 20 years, but to think that Qing Shui actually managed to cure them.

Wenren Wu-shuang lowered her head lightly, and sneaked a look at Qing Shui's tall and broad back.

In order to prove herself, and to solidify her position within the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, she had come here and taken over the fifth prefecture to prove her loyalty.

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