Sovereign of The Gates Chapter 904

Sovereign of The Gates Chapter 904

Hsss! The broken sword cried out and started violently trembling, as if it was calling for something, or someone.

Jiang Chen said. Both men looked at each other and laughed.

Luo Jian's sense of balance was immediately disrupted, causing him to fall to the ground.


Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and forcefully seized the golden spear from the Third Emperor's grasp.

"We've beaten the Boundless Bandits!"

At the same time, all disciples and elders from the Valley of Happiness felt glad they joined forces with the Black Sect. If they chose the strong side, their destinies might not have been any better than the other two big sects.


The azure and violet Sword Spirits and the Multicolored Stone began to float toward Jian Chen's eyebrows. Slowly descending downward, the Multicolored Stone began to fuse into the space between Jian Chen's eyebrows before disappearing from view.

Big Yellow was very eager to stir things up.

Tie Ta's voice was extremely soft and unclear. Most likely, aside from himself, nobody would have been able to clearly hear what he had whispered, even Jian Chen.

"Understood, senior disciple Jiang!"

Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed together, but just as he was about to speak, a carriage suddenly came traveling forward at high speeds. Right above the carriage was a single banner with the word, "Qin".

Jiang Chen thought as he continued praising Mu Rong Zhan in his mind.£¦You are such a great father.You passed down such great genes to your daughter, and you are also a genius for naming your daughter Xiao Rou££Nothing about her can relate to this name.'

"Let's go, we're all disciples of the Black Sect now, so let's report that we have arrived first."

"It's just a broken sword, but it can still produce such a mighty force, and even cause the magma to boil!"

Jiang Chen nearly coughed out blood. After wasting an entire month waiting for this bastard, the first thing this damn dog did after breaking through was challenge him. This made Jiang Chen feel sad; he suddenly felt that this was a loveless world.

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